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Our 5th meeting

Our fifth meeting was on 29th November. We were at school. We started to do triggers together. It was really nice and instructive. We made some memory cards, records and business cards. We meet next week because we want to play our game together.


Our fourth meeting

Our fourth meeting was on 13th November. We were in the restaurant Oksa in Kaleva.

We talked about this course “Each one teach one”. We haven’t understood to some assignments.

We drunk tea and lemonade. We haven’t so much time at this time. It was nice to meet Natalie nevertheless.

We meet next time on 29th November.

Our third meeting

Our third meeting was on 24th October. We were at Natalie’s home. Natalie cooked us some flammkuchen. It was so delicious.

We talked about student exchange. We would want to go student exchange someday.

Our friend joined us and came with us to Kolmiot (student party). We met many other students and we had such a nice evening.

We meet next time on 13th November.

Our first meeting

Our first meeting was on 12th September in Kivenheitto. We drunk tea and discussed.

We talked about what we would want to learn and do together. We thought that we could go to Pyynikki Observation Tower next time.

We did our preliminary plan and sent it to our teacher.

After two hour we walked to school together. We meet next time on October 24th.

Our second meeting

We met in the Pyynikki observation tower on the 19 th September. The weather was so beautiful in Pyynikki. We watched the landscape and bought munks and drinks. Then we walked to the park and talked for example about our hobbies in Finland. Then we went back inside the Cafe and Natalie showed us some German, such as numbers and different letters. Then we went home. We had a nice evening. Maybe next time we will cook some German and Finnish food.