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Last meeting

Our 10th and last meeting!!!

Few days ago we had our last each one teach one meeting. I cant believe how the just flew by. Our first meeting is still as fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday!

We started our meeting with a little flashback. Before Ninni, Tessa and me started our EachOneTeach meetings we barely knew each other but it is so nice to see that through this course we became close friends!

As we were having our meeting and the sun was shining on our faces we only had one topic for this very last meeting: S U M M E R☀️

Ninni told us everything about Juhannus in Finnland. She told us about endless summer nights at cottages far away from civilization but close to lakes  No need to mention that sauna is a must!
What really is special is the Juhannuskko – bonfire. This makes this long summer night even more fun.
Especially if you have some foreigners around and can try to teach them the fire tongue-twister – which Ninni made us say very fast. I can tell you that we were laughing and cursing at the same time 🤪

You can try it for yourselves: Kokoo koko kokko! Koko kokkoko? Koko kokko.
For those of you think that those words are all the same: I agree but this sentence those actually make sense to Fins and means: Assemle the bonfire! The whole bonfire? Yes, the whole bonfire!🔥

For the last time in this course the Finnish language has made us smile one more time.

It has been such a nice time so Ninni, Tessa and me decided to continue having weekly meetings to catch up and teach each other bits and pieces of German and Finnish.

Have a nice summer!🌞

9th meeting

Hi there!

For our 9th meeting we had quite a nice location change! Tessa and I are moving together and she FaceTimed Ninni and me from our new apartment.

I told both of them that I will need to buy quite a lot of furniture and that its probably gonna be quite expensive..

Ninni told us that we can look for furniture at Unfortunately (or fortunately for Tessa‘s and my Finnish skills) the website is only in Finnish. Ninni showed us how to even get to the furniture part which is to be honest quite a challenge for foreigners!

This got us into talking and Ninni taught us the most important furniture‘s names in Finnish.

Now I can browse for some new tuoli, sänky or pöytä which are having student friendly prices 😉


And in case I can’t find what I need on Tori I am thanks to Ninni’s “furniture lesson“ now well prepared for the next trip to IKEA. Knowing this vocabulary instead of googling every single word makes life so much easier.

The next time is already our last meeting but we will continue having those calls even after that! And after all we still have to teach Ninni to cook dumplings (a traditional German dish) when all this is over!!


Stay healthy!


8th meeting


Hei there!

It became a nice routine to talk to the girls every week even though nothing has really changed. It is just nice to see Ninnis face and hear her answering “Ich weiß nicht“ to my question what she had been doing all day. Since school is getting to an end quite soon it is getting harder to find something to do, find something to talk about.

Actually, there has been a change: Tessa is now back in Finland. She was telling us how people in supermarkets were not keeping the required distance and how nobody seemed to care. Ninni helped her out by teaching us some more some less polite ways to tell somebody to just go away. (Really useful phrases for Fins anyways ;))

Tiedätkö mikä on hajurako?
Voisitko siirtyä kauemmas?
Onko Pakki Tula iholle?

Feel free to use them XD




We also talked about the many events that cancelled one of them being the famous Tampere Blockfest. This lead us to talking about our favourite artists. We realised that actually we are all interested in similar kind of music. Tessa taught Ninni about her favourite German artist seed. We have been listening to quite a few of their songs and tried to make Ninni teach a few lines so she could sing along. In return Ninni told us about her favourite Finnish artist Mouhous and made us listen to it and of course practice a few lines. It was quite interesting to learn those song lines since we actually have heard most of them already in the radio or bars but had never bothered to think about what they actually mean.
So we basically had our own virtual Blockfest XD

stay healthy!


hei hei!

7th meeting

7th meeting

Hei there!

Just a few hours ago we had our 7th meeting. It has already been almost one moth without seeing, well seeing each other face to face and time has passed so fast. Still we cant wait for the time after Corona to come.
With all of my friends I have noticed the same change in conversations and discussions. After half an hour there is nothing left to talk about, all the conversations are circling around the same topics as usual and nobody has anything new to tell. What else then Corona related stuff is there to talk about anyways? It is getting frustrating to be inside most of the time, annoying not to be able to see your grandparents and other family members, not able to visit and hang out with your friends. I believe its getting on all our nerves but we just gotta hang in there a little while longer.
Luckily there is still other stuff to talk about also thanks to this course! Of course we talked about favourite topic: food. Shared new receipts and informed each other about our favourite Easter food! We told Ninni about the German Osterbrot, which translates to easterbread but is actually sweet. Tessa and me already knew about Mämmi but to be honest we don’t like it that much 😉 But we also talked about Vappu. Ninni told us that she and probably most Finns are really sad that they are not gonna be able to celebrate it this year. Ninni told us that the best part about Vappu is the getting together with family and friends and having a picnic. Tessa and me learned how to pronounce Tippaleipä which can be translated as funnel cake and is a typical pastry for the Vappu party. We were quite surprised that Tessa and me knew the pastery just under a different name and not connected to the first of May. We taught Ninni that tippaleipä is Schneeball in German. It doesn’t translate to funnel cake at all but simply means snowball. 😉 Ninni also told us about her favourite drink: Sima. A lemonade which is only served at the first of May (the Vappu Day).
Tessa and me told Ninni that also people in Germany celebrate the first of the May as a day for the workers. But people do not have special food or activities to do for that day and there are (sadly) no parties unlike the legendary Vappu parties Ninni told us about. XD
I am sure people will find creative ways to celebrate Vappu anyways! So just be creative try to bake your own tippaleipä. Good thing being is that there is still a lot of time to practice and improve your tippaleipä or Osterbrot baking skills 🙂

Until next week!

Stay save and hei hei!!


6th meeting



We just finished our third online meeting. It is actually quite nice to catch up with each other on a weekly basis and know that you’re not alone with all the mixed feelings!
While we were having our meeting Tessa baked the brownies according to the receipt Ninni shared last time and made us all quite jealous!!!

We started talking about the summer and how spring is finally here – at least here in Germany , Ninni told us that it has just been snowing in Tampere! But she also taught us that takkatalvi is actually a good sign and needed for spring to come! All of us are craving for summer and a time when we are allowed to go out again.
Ninni also taught us that terassikausi is the best part of the year. It is the time when restaurants are opening their porches and you can come and hang out with your friends there. At least we have something to look forward to!

Without actually being in the country is quite hard for Tessa and me to keep up with studying Finish so Ninni quizzed us with some easy words. Of course we could remembered the word irtokarkki and immediately missed them since unfortunately you can’t buy candies that way in supermarkets in Germany. 🙁
Let’s see what we will come up with for our next meeting!

Stay healthy and heipa!

5th meeting


Yesterday we had our second online meeting via FaceTime. I have to admit and we probably all feeling the same it is strange seeing your friends only virtually but I‘m also sure we will get used it to it! For Tessa and me it is the second week in quartine and we were talking that all of us have difficulties keeping up with our normal daily routine. We were joking that the only way to structure our day is the food. What to eat next, what to cook or bake later or when was actually the last time I ate and is it time to eat again??? 😉

Accordingly, the only way to keep us going is food. And what makes you happier than some delicious fresh-baked brownies. Luckily for you, Ninni shared her recipe for the best brownies with us and we spent our time translating it into German and English! Tessa and I had already learned some of the ingredients in language course and Ninni helped us out with the rest and vice versa. It was quite a lot of fun pronouncing all the stuff probably terribly wrong. 😉

Let’s see what we will come up with next time and in the meanwhile enjoy the brownies!!!



4th meeting

Yesterday we had our first meeting in quite a long time. Due to the current situation this was held online also because Tessa and me decided to fly home to Germany.

We have been talking a lot about the virus, how it affects our school life and our private life. We told Ninni how significantly our lives had changed once we arrived in Germany. We are not allowed to see our friends, distant relatives or grandparents. Although the situation is bit more relaxed in Finland as Ninni told us also she is not supposed to go out that much anymore. We all agreed that not being in school nor meeting your friends face to face is quite hard and difficult to deal with. But we are also glad we have the possibility to still see us through FaceTime and exchange our thoughts and feelings. It’s nice to know you’re not alone!

It is quite difficult to practice and get used to a new language through online teaching or online meetings. Nevertheless we figured that our online finish and German classes work well and we just have to get used to those changes. We taught Ninni many different ways to say “I don‘t know“ in German. So in her next Zoom German class she can impress her teacher with some good answers even if she doesn’t know what’s going on 😉

We talked that maybe in the next meeting we can play Alias or some other games to learn some other words and also to just talk about the situation because that’s the main thing on our all minds right now.

Stay healthy and stay home!!

Third Meeting

Third Meeting

Hei! Hallo!

This time we decided to go to Tessa‘s place and play Monopoly. The original plan was to study numbers and also eventually street names.

After playing for a short time we discovered that from Monopoly we can learn much more than that. The board game and its instructions were in Finnish so every time we stepped on the “sattuma” field Tessa and me tried to read the card out loud and Ninni corrected us and taught us how to improve our pronunciation. In the beginning, it was really hard reading the cards especially since there were really difficult words but after a while, Tessa and I got better and it became easier!

Every time Ninni stepped on of Tessa’s or mine streets we asked the to be paid sum in German. In the beginning, this was easy for Ninni but got harder when the sums increased.. but Tessa and I were there to help!

As Monopoly is not known to be one of the calmest and friendliest games we got to teach Ninni some very useful curse words and vice versa. To sum up we had a very funny but intense afternoon!

Luckily for us to calm our nerves we had gone to buy ice-cream beforehand!

Happy holidays! Schöne Ferien!

Second Meeting

Hallo! Hei!

For our second meeting, we decided to go to Le Momento in Ratina. Our plan for this day was to talk about food in Germany and in Finland. But before we got to order our own food Tessa and I had to face the difficulty of a Finnish menu. We already knew view dishes in Finnish and Ninni helped us with the rest.

We talked about the differences in restaurants. For example, self-service is very common in Finland whereas in Germany it is used only in cheaper places. Also, that water is free in restaurants was new to Tessa and me.

After having finished our meals we went (like real fins would do it) for ice cream. Tessa and I were quite surprised by the big selection. But after Ninni told us that Fins are eating the most ice cream of all European countries it does not seem so surprising anymore!

For our next meeting, we want to play Monopoly. Let’s see maybe what we can learn from this!

Tschüß!Hei Hei!




First meeting

Hallo! Hei!

Tessa, Ninni and me (Christina) decided to teach each other Finnish and German. Tessa and I are going to teach German to Ninni and she is going to teach us bits and pieces of Finnish. For us, it is not important to perfectly learn the language but rather to get in touch with it and the culture coming with it.

Tessa, Ninni and me decided to go the Fazer Caffe for our first meeting. Our initial and very ambitious plan was for Tessa and me to order in Finnish and teach Ninni how the same order would look like in German.

Once we arrived at the café the courage to actually speak finish left Tessa and me and we had to order in English. Ninni taught us how we have to order our coffee the next time and we practised how to say it properly.

“yks kahvi – kiitos “

However, the real difficulty in ordering is as we figured out later how to respond to any surprising questions of the cashier. So, for our next meeting, we are going to order the coffee in finish but have Ninni as our backup in case for surprising questions about bills, customer loyalty cards, type of milk etc.

We learned that in general when ordering a coffee, the contact with the cashier is held to a minimum. Whereas we taught Ninni that in Germany it is considered rather rude to keep it that short and straight forward.

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