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Tenth meeting 30.04

10th / 30.04 finnish appu , sitting at the park, get to know more Finnish people, more Finnish tradition, wearing overalls, wearing a white hat

For 10th meeting, our group met in a park nearby Moomin museum. Our Finnish friends said it’s a tradition to celebrate vappu for going to a picnic to the park to drink, eat and have a good time. And thanks to Kiia, we could meet kiia’s friends and school mate. For me, at first it was a little bit intimidating because there were so many Finnish student drinking at the park. And at the same time, it was pretty interesting to see people wearing all different color of overall depending on what they are studying or their studying department. Another thing that looked so interesting and weird at the same time was the white hat worn by all the Finnish student. Personally, It looked like some kind of hat which is for marine or sailor or sea captain for some reason. Because normally white hat like this is normally worn by marine or navy soldier in Korea. And also for me, it is really funny to see lots of student sitting at the park almost all day long at the same time. Moreover, Kiia explained that the reason why most of Finnish student walking around wearing a white hat. She said that those hats are for Finnish high school graduation caps and they are for May Day tradition.


Nineth meeting 28.04

9th / 28.04 fishing, no fish, meet good Finnish people

For 9th meeting, I also met international friends because one of my friends happen to hear that there would be a small fishing competition. So based on that not so much reliable information, we went to the park nearby Tampere stadium. To be honest, I didn’t expect there was anyone fishing in that park area because it seemed as I was the only one who was carrying the long fishing rod. However, luckily, we found a small group of Finnish and European people on the pier right in front of the residence building. Even much better thing was that generous hosts gave us worm as a bait and small fishing rods to catch the fish. Definitely, it was not something I expected when I heard the word ‘fishing competition’. It was more like pretty relaxed, chilled Sunday afternoon fishing time in a very peaceful area.

When I got there at first, what I thought or what we thought was all about catching as many fishes as we could. But sadly it was my second time fishing in my life and I was not good enough at all to catch any fish at that time. My friends were lucky enough to catch total 2~3 fishes although they were a little bit smaller than I expected us to catch. Overall it was a really interesting experience to try to catch in Finland and also in the lake. Also, it was pretty much fun to use small, cute fishing rod which I have never seen and have never thought about using as the main tool for fishing.


Eighth meeting 21.04

8th / easter , BBQ with international friend

For 8th meeting, I met my international friends from lots of different country such as Greek, Cyprus, Spain, Palestine. Because 21th of April was Easter day which I am not that much familiar. Normally, In Korea there are more than 3 different religion as far as I know and easter is not even a public holiday for us. I was trying to get some time with my Korean-Finnish group but our finnish member Kiia got some family emergency so instead I chose to spend time with international friend and enjoy easter which is still new idea for me. I heard that in easter day

My friends family and relatives normally gather together and enjoy BBQ. So we decided to do some BBQ in rauhaniemi apartment area. Although it was not mainly Korean – Finnish meet up, it was still interesting for me to know about tradition, what people normally do depend on different countries from all over the world.

Seventh meeting 06.04


April, 6th In Kiia’s house , made some finnish bread and try some Korean food, try reindeer meet with soup

For 7th meeting, we decided to make some Finnish food because so far we have tried a lot to cook some Korean food. We met in our lovely finnish member Kiia’s house which is located in a very nice and calm neighborhood area in Hervanta. I brought up some Korean pancake mix which we could try to make altogether. At Kiia’s place, she already prepared reindeer soup which she had to prepared at least for 3 hours before we met. Actually, it was my first time to try reindeer meat in my life. According to her, reindeer meat is a special treat in her hometown which is rovaniemi lapland in the north part of finland. For me, the taste of reindeer is almost the same of beef but the way she cooked the meet is really awesome. Because she cooked that meet in a big pot and basically boiled with water, small pieces of bacon, lots of herb and cream. So thanks to long time cooking, the broth was really rich and intense, the meat was perfect to the broth. After that we tried to make rovaiemi’s traditional bread called ‘kampanisu’ which for me a little bit looked weird shape. And what surprised me more was how easy it was to bake and how simple but good taste it was. Moreover, we also made Korean style pancake called ‘hoddeok’ which is so popular street snack in cold winter in Korea.

Sixth meeting 30.3

3.30 Korean house party

For 6th meeting, our group went to Korean food party hosted by gracious lady called crystal. Actually I happened to know that Korean food party through social interaction website called ‘meet up’ which I used a lot to meet foreigners when I live in NZ and Australia. In that food party, I thought It was great opportunity to introduce some Korean food to my international friends, so I invited not only our each one teach one group but also my friends from Greek and Cyprus. For the food party, I cooked some Korean style hot chilly wings and our group made some potato pancake. In there, our host and the other Korean people made really good Korean food such as Kimchi pancake, 소떡소떡 which is basically sausages and ricecake in a skewer. And we also could meet the nicest people and tried some Korean-style drinking game which I used to do a lots when I was freshman in my university.

Fifth meeting 29.03

Fifth Meeting 3.29 Fri – Moomin museum , pub

For 5th meeting, We went to the Moomin museum where there are free admission on the last week’s Friday in a month. Actually, I only heard quite a lot about Moomin character since I came here, but I’ve never thought about going to moomin Museum despite the fact that museum is really close to the tampere city center. The Moomin museum in tampere is consist of 2 floors. My first impression about first floor in museum was not that good because it looks pretty small and there were not many things to look around. But the more I looked around and read the description, the more interesting that place got. I didn’t watch any moomin video or read cartoon so at first It looked little bit confusing because there are lots of character. But in museum they did really well to display tons of sophisticated model based on moomin books. Especially there is really big moomin house model which is almost much higher than average person’s height. After around one and half our, I looked almost of all small model which looked like they put really good effort, I kind of started to like the moomin characters in the cartoons. So, It was really good experience for me and I totally want to recommend to someone who is not as interested in Moomin as I used to be.

Fourth meeting 12.03

Fourth meeting – 12.03 alias game , cooking together

For the 4th meeting, our group met in lapinkari kitchen for cooking because most of our group member stay in lapinkari for this semester. At first, we tried some game called alias which our finnish member Kiia brought up for the meeting. That alias game is all about learning new word and explain each other the meaning of the word without literally giving the hint about the words. For people like me who didn’t take basic finnnish course, it was really useful game to learn more finnish words at the same time practicing my English speaking because we have to explain the words of card we picked in English.

After that game, we tried to cook some Korean food for Kiia and her friends. I made stir-fried chilly pork dish and the other members cooked fried rice, stir-fried noodle, tuna sashimi.


Third meeting 05.03

05.03 third meeting – lapinkari common room , some finnish song , Korean hip-hop song

For fourth meeting, we gather in lapinkari common room all together and we tried to learn more basic finnish word and few sentences we can use in our daily life in Tampere. And for me who don’t take basic finnish class in this semester, this each one teach one group meeting is the only chance to learn and speak some finnish language. And this time, I also got some notice from TOAS office for my house’s cleaning because my roommate moved out. So, I could learn more stuff about house stuff such as toilet, living room, light bulb, ventilation valve etc.

bathroom – kylpyhuone

light bulb – hehkulamppu

ventilation – ilmanvaitho

kitchen – keittio


Second meeting ( 18.2. 2019) Korean – Finnish

We had our second meeting in a finnish coffee shop called café Puusti at 18th February. Because we heard that café has got really good Finnish cinnamon bread. So I tried one cinnamon bread and cappuccino. Honestly, I am not the big fan of cinnamon flavor (I like the smell of cinnamon though) so it was not that bad, not that good at the same time. After that we meet another finnish friend(yoyi) who is actually studying in Korea as exchange student. I was so surprised that he was pretty good at speaking Korean and also he was passionate to learn more Korean. After that we went to pub to hang out more and in that place we could learn more finnish word

Juon = Drink / Kaljaa = beer / Mina ollen = I am / anteeksi = sorry

huone on kylmä , Kuuma = room is cold / hot

tämä on pieni, iso = this is small / big

teacher = opettaja


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First meeting ( Korean – Finnish)

First meeting (2.2 2019)

We had first meeting 2/2 Saturday. Me and another Korean member in our group went to Hervanta where Kiia’s house is. Because I never been to that area so at first, it was pretty interesting to see a different view of that area. Our group went to Kiia’s house which was surprisingly good and cozy like home considering the fact that the house is also provided by Toas like my apartment. We watched Korean TV show called ‘welcome, is it the first time to come to Korea?’ Personally, I am not a big fan of Korean TV show at the moment, but that show is pretty popular in Korea and it’s normally about introducing Korean culture, food to the foreigner who has never been to Korea before. In this program, one foreigner who actually is living in Korea invites his friends to Korean and makes his friends experience, travel by themselves without help at first. And Finnish people tried some Korea traditional meal which served tons of different side dishes and various vegetables.

I think it’s quite interesting to see foreigner do some different experience in terms of food, activities, etc. And after that, we also went to the dumpling festival in TUT university for celebrating Chinese/Korean new year. It’s quite a memorable experience to try to make, cook hand-made dumpling with lots of foreigners.