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10th meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Privet!

In our last online meeting with Ramona and Cristina, we repeated everything that we taught in 9 meetings and discussed our future plans for life. I really enjoyed learning Romanian with them, they help me to know a lot of new things. Our meetings were always very lively, fun and there were no barriers between us. I will also buy a Russian-Romanian PhraseBook so that I don’t forget what the girls taught me, as well as learn new topics, expressions and words. The EOTO course is very useful and interesting, it really helps to understand the culture, language and traditions of other peoples.In addition to all this, I Invite Ramona and Cristina to visit Russia, as well as to see my city – Yekaterinburg.

Bye! Good luck!

9th meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Privet!

At this meeting we decided that I will cook something tasty and chose that it will be a pancakes. I also told Ramona and Cristina the story of this treat. In Russian this dish called «blini». Pancakes is a national Russian dish, which appeared before the IX century. There are also different fillings, which can be either sweet (berries, jam, condensed milk, cottage cheese) or not sweet (meat, mushroom, fish, with red and black caviar). With this dish we have a holiday Shrovetide in Russian – «Maslenitsa» which lasts a week. Next year we will celebrate this holiday from March 8 to March 14.


  • On the first day of the week, Monday, called “Meeting”. Women begin to bake pancakes and a Scarecrow is installed like a symbol of the past winter.
  • On the second day of Tuesday people go to each other’s houses, tasting the most important dish of the holiday – ruddy, fragrant and hearty pancakes with a variety of fillings.
  • The third day is Wednesday. On this day, the tables on the street and at home were supposed to be full of treats, it was believed that the more people ate pancakes for the whole day, the better!
  • Thursday was supposed to ride in horses, fistfights, various games and of course the increased eating of the main dish-delicious pancakes.
  • Friday – “Mother-in-law’s day”, mothers-in-law bake their most delicious pancakes for guests and their favorite son-in-law.
  • Saturday – girls gathered for fun girls ‘ gatherings or went to visit relatives, again treated to soft, ruddy, incredibly satisfying and delicious pancakes.
  • Sunday is “Forgiven day”, burned an effigy of winter, asked each other for forgiveness for all offenses, meeting a new spring life and celebrating its arrival, having fun and of course eating in huge quantities the main festive dish-Russian pancakes.

8th meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Privet!

This time Ramona and Cristina taught me a new topic about summer in Romanian. Although it’s not possible to travel now because of the coronavirus pandemic, but these words will be useful in the future. I learned that:

Summer = Vară

Flowers = Flori

Ice cream = Inghetata

Sea = Mare

Traveling = Călătorie

Sun = Soare

Swimming = Înot

Sunny = însorit

Beach = Plajă

Sand = Nisip

Wave = Val

Sunbath = A se bronza

June = Iunie

July = Iulie

August = August

By the way, the months of June and July are also pronounced in Russian as well as in Romanian!

7th meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Privet!

These week girls and me called by video to each other because I made a traditional Russian soup «Shchi» from my mom’s recipe. I showed which ingredients you need and also cooking process.

For this soup you will need to take:

  • Beef – 500 g (carne de vită)
  • Cabbage – 300 g (varza)
  • 3 potatoes (cartofi)
  • 1 onion (ceapa)
  • 2 tomatoes (tomate)
  • 1 carrot (morcovi)
  • 2 garlic cloves (usturoi)
  • Dill and sour creme for serving

If the girls try to cook this soup at home, i know that it will be also very tasty!

6th meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Privet!


Today, the girls and me organized an online call with each other, since I left in Russia. Cristina and Ramona are still in Tampere and now we will not be able to see each other live. Today I told them more about my city, I live in Yekaterinburg, also showed my favorite places. By the way, today it was very hot +26 degrees, which is very rare for the Urals. Sometimes we can’t observe such weather even in the summer. Girls in response showed me Tampere, since I miss this city, although I left recently!


Stay safe and be positive! 

The fifth meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

The fifth meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Privet!

That week, Christina and Ramona invited me at home to try their brownies, it was delicious! Now it’s my time to cook something tasty. I chose to cook a dish called in Russian «sirniki», which are made from cottage cheese. In Russia, we eat it for Breakfast, as well as a snack. I presented my dish with sour cream and strawberries. I was very happy to see girls, we repeated the material that we studied last time.

The fourth meeting with the Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Hello!

This week the girls and I met at their home. And they prepared for me the national dishes of Romania. The first is Mamalyga, which is made from corn grits. I tried mamalyga in Russia, but it is not so popular as in Romanian cuisine. Ramona also cooked meat sausages sent by her mother from Romania. Thank you girls for dinner! At dinner, we learned that we have many common national dishes, such as borsch, cabbage rolls with meat and pancakes. With each meeting, we learn more about each other’s countries, cultures, traditions and dishes. Especially with regard to dishes and some products, we believe that our two countries are somewhat similar to each other!

The third meeting with the Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Hello!

In this meeting with the girls, we learned about family members. Now I know how mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, brother, sister will be in Romanian. This time we learned basic verbs such as do, read, teach, know, love, live and others. For me it was not easy, but very interesting. We also told to each other more about our countries, about culture and showed our national money. Ramona and Cristina showed me 1 Leu which depicted the Prime Minister and historian Nicolae Iorga. In turn, I also showed Russian banknotes. The 50 rubles banknote is dedicated to Saint Petersburg, 100 rubles – the city of Moscow, the Bolshoi Theater. And 1000 rubles – the city of Yaroslavl, a monument to Yaroslav the Wise.

The second meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Hello!

At the first meeting, we found out that there are several similar things between our countries: some words, as well as national dishes. This time, the girls and I taught each other the alphabet so that we could pronounce each letter correctly and be able to read correctly. The Romanian alphabet was not that complicated, and I was very interested in this process. In addition, we did not forget about numbers, Ramona and Christina taught me to count to 10. Next time we’ll know more. We also learned basic phrases such as: Hello, how are you? what’s your name? my name is… I live in … and others. It was very exciting! I like that our meetings are very lively and funny!

First meeting Romanian-Russian 🇹🇩🇷🇺


Yesterday, on the 4th of February, we had our first meeting where we got to know each other much better and share our experience about being a student in Finland. Me and Cristina had the chance to teach Yulia some basic greetings in Romanian, and she taught us the baisc greetings in Russian. It is a nice oportunity to learn Russian, also to know more about each country. We found out that we have a lot os similar food and that we have a few similar words such as: yes = Da, mother = mama.