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Last meeting

So We meet for the last meeting in Stockmann. There we were thinking about what would be the ride thing to eat for the last meeting. After half an hour discussing we bought the delicious Daim cake.

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After the “big” shopping trip, we went to Pinja. There we prepared some tea and talked about all the fun experiences that we had.

In the end, I gave the girls some Information about German culture and some conversation, which they could have in Germany. Because Julia is about to do an internship.

Sadly, there is not more about to say to this meeting. It was a fun time. It’ was really nice to get to know so much about Russian culture.

Meeting number 9

So, we decided to go to the party. We meet in the early evening. Everyone brought some nice snacks and drinks. We heard some Russian and German drinking songs.  Played some typical Russian & German card-games, which are tricky I have to say. Didn´t remember the rules, but it was a lot of fun. After 11 we went to the club that is in Ratina. The location of the club was nice, as well as the music there. They played a lot of songs with a Spanish taste.

It was around 2am when we decided to go home. The sad thing was that the music was repeating. The evening was nice with a clear sky and some beautiful lights. On the way home, we had a nice girly talk.

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Backing Linzer Torte

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So this time we decided to support a Linzer Torte.

It was a sunny afternoon when we met in Pinja. We all brought some stuff for the cake. The recipe was very simple. We just have to throw everything together, wait half an hour and put it in the oven.

During the waiting time we played some card games, met some other Russian people and heard some Russian songs.

In the end the cake was really delicious. The meeting was a lot of fun.


Today we had breakfast with Сырники,

At first, the girls told me it is a pancake. But you can´t describe this as a pancake. It the fluffy little rounder sister of a pancake. Сырники is really light. I didn’t expect it to be so delicious. My best combination this dumpling looking thing with a little bit of jam with a little bit of fruit yogurt. I am impressed.


Besides that, we spoke a little bit about all the special jokes that each country has about each other. As well as the fact that in Russia it is normal to have the combination of blue eyes and black to brown hair. I now only one to two persons who have that fetcher. This country is full of beautiful people.

In the end, I told the girls how to pronounce some German words in the ride way. German is a really hard and precise language. In the end, they did really well, it´s nice that they improve so fast.

All in all, it was a nice breakfast 😊

Nice Burgers at the Cafeteria in Tamk

Today we ate lunch together. When I lost Iuliia, instead of her I found in the separate eating place the veggie burgers. After that I found Iuliia as well of course. At that time, we were hungry and stared loading our plates with food. It looked good. Margo joined us at that time, but she wasn´t that hungry, and took non.

When Margo saw that we liked the burgers, she took one as well.

We talked about our plants for the next weeks. And explored some new dishes as well as cooking recipe. Like fried camembert with a special jam.

small Brunch

This time Margo choose to prepare a Bruch for us on Sunday. Margo served us some self-made wraps with the filling of marmalade, chopped apples with cinnamon and a banana. The apple combination was quite new for me. We talked about our week and I got some question about some German grammar.

All in all, it was a peaceful Sunday morning.

It should supposed to look like this… Our pancakes turned out darker then this picture.

worst food ever

Today we meet at Pispala Cafe,
It´s a really friendly area and the Café has a lovely charm. The café has special serving times so, be prepared if you go there.

In this meeting I explained the girls how some words are built one new one. Like Handschuh, Hand means hand and Schuh means shoes and Handschuh is the shoe for the hand. So Handschuh means Gloves. There exists many of those words.

And we talked about, what makes German women different from Russian women. Mostly I recordnise Russian in a way they are moving, which is kind of more cautiously. And they have ha typical kind of face shape.

Then it was time to order… We all ordered the cheapest stuff we could get. It was spring rolls.
They were served which a small salad and a sauce. By far it was the unflavoured food that I have ever eaten. And the sauce was definitely not in my thing. When you think now with a salat, there is now way that it could taste that wrong. So, the salat was even worse than the spring rolls. But in this moment, we were so hungry, that we ate everything.

All in all, we had fun. And the area there is worth it to see, but I suggest don´t try the spring rolls. Maybe they will do something different when you are there maybe not, maybe you will be stronger than we were at this meal. So, I wish you luck with this 😉

Learning about Russian history,

This meeting was very interesting. Margo prepared a presentation for me.
Julia and Margo told me about the history of Russia. Mostly about how the last Emperor of Russia and How the Family died. It is a tragic Story with many rumours and speculation.

About this History part exist a Childs movie called “Anastasia”. It´s a rumour that one of the kids of the Emperor has survived, because they couldn’t find the dead body.

In connection to that we saw the beginning of the movie. There were so many relations to the real story and such a love in detail. We stopped the movie so many times because there was always something interesting facts to tell about. Some persons or locations were very well hit.


During the movie Margo showed me some Russian sweets. They were really delicious I have to say 😊

All in all it was a nice time, I loved to hear about so many thing from Russia.

a delightful talk during the lunch

The plan for the second meeting ended out to be dinner at the Canteen in Tamk.

Julia and I were quite late, so Margo almost finished her lunch when we arrived. Which I am sorry for. The food was eatable, but I think that’s normal for the Canteen in Tamk.

We talked about the differences in Job possibilities of Russia and Germany. And I was shocked to hear that it is hard to get a job in Russia. Of course, it depends on the Counties interest what kind of field is needed.

The other topic was about the Chernobyl accident in Russian. It´s creasy how far and in with kind of impact the radiation spreads. In Germany for example are still areas where u can´t eat mushrooms. Margo pointed out that in Chernobyl it was normal that spruce needles are as long as it could function for a sword for a Child. Which by the way were used like that according to her. Try to google Chernobyl Mutants… I still get nightmares from the pictures.

After that we talked a bit about the history of Russian. It is really bloody I have to say. I
didn´t knew that it is like that. And at that point we figured out, what we wanted to do for our next meeting. Russian was governed by the Romanov family. They we all killed by the Bolschewiki. But there have been some rumours that one child has survived. About this also exist some Movies (Anastasia) which we would like to see in the next meeting.

so, the first meeting is done.

I must say this group is really nice together

We had to bake an apple strudel for this meeting. It a common dish for Germany, that we eat on Sunday. we could find most of the ingredients in the supermarket. But for an Apfelstrudel you need puff pastry. We couldn´t find it in one big pick only in small pieces. So, we started the Apfelstudel was not an Apfelstrudel anymore it was many little Apfeltaschen.

In the end we had so much filling left that we have to make new dough buy ourselves. The next one looked like a real Apfelstrudel. We added some stuff because it looked a little bit like a cellar rattle. Later we added vanilla ice-cream to the cake. I was very delicious.


In the end of the meeting we picked out some more vocabulary.