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EST – GER, 5th meeting

In our fifth meeting we decided to meet up at the library to actually get some work done – trigger time. So instead of chatting we looked up a few triggers that seemed to be appealing to us and started to work on them.

We exchanged about our working life cultures and typical working conditions and it turned out that they are not all that different since both our origins are in Europe. I also learned to pronounce and write a lot more Estonian words than before and also again were able to teach a few new German words to my partner. One of the trigger of my partner was about literature and she had to give me an overview of one of her favourite books but completely in German. After the meeting she did sent me her work and it turned out to be really good. Only minor mistakes in the word endings, but since this is the hardest part about German grammar, she was already able to write a whole essay in German with perfectly understandable sentences.

This was a nice and productive meeting and afterwards we even decided to go on a small nature walk around Tampere to get some sunlight as well! Therefore, we met up at the lake Iidesjärvi and walked up towards the city centre while exploring some bird watching towers and parks. For the last bit we climbed up a small hill to walk along a nice-looking stone wall that is built around the graveyard.




Really nice, productive day. Perfect end to our each one teach one meetings!

EST – GER, 4th meeting

This time we met up at her place and it was my turn to cook something. Therefore, I showed her a traditional German meal called Strammer Max. It’s basically just bread with fried ham and a fried egg on top. Really simple and liked around German people and I she enjoyed it as well!

While cooking she showed me all her favorite travel destinations in Germany and I was actually really surprised by not only the amount of locations but also by the nice looks of some places. It seems like I have to start travelling around Germany more as well… But still, I was able to add a few places to her list as well, especially some from further up north since this is my origin.

But she also showed me a few places from Estonia such as the incredible high number of islands and even an ice road that is supposed to be the biggest in Europe or I guess pretty much the whole world except Antarctica and a few places in northern America. Still really impressive, considering Estonia is, compared to the other countries, really far south and much smaller.

Again, a really pleasant atmosphere and I learned a lot more about Estonia!

EST – GER, The 3rd meeting

For this meeting we decided to meet up at a local coffee place and decided to go to one of the Espresso Houses in the city centre. Firstly, we just talked a lot about our lifes and travels we’ve made in the past. We then completed another trigger for her in which ten sentences had to translated into German and my partner actually already did a really good job at speaking and writing German, so I really had to focus at sometimes to be able to still improve her sentences.

In this meeting I already tried to only speak German and it worked out pretty well as it was a great training for my partner. Furthermore, I learned how to introduce myself in Estonian. Luckily, I already know a few Finnish words and Estonian has got a few similarities.

I had a great meeting and lots of fun!

EST – GER, The 2nd meeting

Today we decided to cook together. Therefore, we met at my place and she introduced me and my flatmates to some typical Estonian foods. While she was preparing the main course, I prepared a cappuccino with coffee beans that I brought from a coffee roast house in Germany. We even had some Estonian sweets that also tasted really good. Whilst cooking we listened to a lot of different music from both our countries. Because both my flatmates are German as well she was able to practice a lot of German, although everyone of us spoke English to help sometimes as well. We also practiced some basic phrases and numbers in Estonian and will continue practicing those on the following meetings. After a rather long meetup we planned what to do next and agreed to change roles next time. So, I’ll be at her place cooking some traditional German food.

EST – GER, The 1st meeting

On our first meeting we sat down in the cafeteria of the TAMK and got to know each other. We introduced ourselves and talked a lot about experiences in Finland that we made so far. I told her everything that I did know so far about Estonia and she told me everything she knew so far about Germany. We also discussed our expectations for the future meet ups and how to achieve it. It turns out that she is already able to speak a few words in German and understands nearly everything. From then on we agreed that I will only try to talk German to her so she can improve her language skills. We also came up with the idea to watch a movie on one of the next meetings that she already knows but that got translated into German and I could help her if she is missing a few words. This is a great opportunity since there is nearly everything synchronized in Germany. At the end we compared our schedules to find a new opportunity for the next meetups and talked about what we could do.