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Russian-German lunchtime

Today we met at Alina’s place to cook after we were grocery shopping yesterday.

The conversation in the K-Market yesterday was the basic of one trigger. We did the trigger for today and started with comparing our words and added some tasks there. After that we prepared lunch. Alina had the receipt and gave instructions what to do. She told me about her family what her mother loves to cook at home and what everyone likes to eat. We compared our favourite foods and had a lot of fun while cooking. The lunch in the end was tasty and something new for me.

The meeting was very nice, but we have to do the last trigger at home till we meet next time. We agreed that this is the more boring part of the course 😀

Groceries in Russia

We decided to cook at Alina’s place tomorrow. Therefore, we went to the K-Market today after our lectures for some groceries. On our way we talked about grocery shopping in Latvia and Germany. Where and what we normally buy and eat. We talked about the common times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, we talked about what our family members like and what the most common restaurants in our hometowns are. In the Market we compared the prices and agreed that Finland is more expensive than both of ours home countries. Alina tried to teach me the Russian names for some fruits and vegetables and I showed her the German translation. It was fun and we spend more than an hour in the small K-Market.

Pre-Christmas Party

The third Meeting was at the Pre-Christmas Party in the Basement of the TAMKO building. We met other groups and shared our experiences we had in the EOTO course so far. We shared some snacks and had an interesting chat with everyone. After a while we started the Finnish part of the evening and drank Glögi and made Finnish pastries. With either plum or apple marmalade on them.


After all we went to the sauna next door. It was a super nice evening.

Russian German Second Meeting

The second meeting of our Russian-German group was on 26th of October. We met in the library of the TAMK again. I was in Russia the week between the meetings, so I had lots of things to tell from St. Petersburg and Moscow. We spoke about the differences between those cities and what we like about them and we spoke about the fact that I was able to read some words in Cyrillic and what the meaning of them was.

Then we continued with our first trigger. We had to draw a mind-map about our home cities. That took me a lot of time because I am not used to write that much in Cyrillic but while we did the trigger, we also had the opportunity to talk about our towns a lot. We looked the cities up in google maps, talked about the different regions around them, compared our universities and the things we like to do in our cities the most.

Russian German First Meeting

Our first meeting was on 10th of October. We met in the Library of the TAMK.

We had a nice chat about our educational backgrounds like what we are studying in Tampere or what we already know about the others language from school or family. We also talked about our home countries, hobbies and stuff. So, we had nice small talk in the beginning to get to know each other better.

The meeting turned then more into a Russian lesson as Alina taught me the Cyrillic alphabet. I learned the names and pronunciation of the letters and practiced how to write them. While that we talked a lot about Russia and Germany and I was able to help Alina with her pronunciation of some words because she already knew some vocabulary from school.