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6th Meeting Spanish & Finnish

As I mentioned on the fifth blog post we were having a salsa night out as our sixth meeting but unfortunately I had to go to work that night and could not join others. I heard they had a really good evening dancing a lot to all these Latino songs. I always try to do some extra Spanish on my own when I cant join these meetings and also during this time I did a bit of my own studying. Also, I went on a holiday to the Dominican Republic at the end of February and had my own Latin dance lesson there.


Last meeting Spanish-Finnish


We had our last meeting today but we talked that whenever we want to learn more Spanish or Finnish we can still contact each other. During our last session, we were learning how to interact in a restaurant and order your food or how to ask from a stranger some help to find your way to somewhere in Spanish and Finnish. This was very useful as you never know if a local person can speak English or not it is good to be able to use Spanish when asking for help.

Hopefully we will be having our meeting again sometimes!

Spanish – Finnish 9th meeting

It has been a long time since our last session because of the current situation it was hard to find a time that was good for all of us but, we finally managed to have our second last session!

This time we learned to make sentences in the future and past.  for ” example Yo voy a hablar con mi madre ” which means I will talk to my mother and ” yo fui a vivir en Inglaterra”  which means I was living in England.

I hope we will have our next and last meeting soon again and learn something new.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Spanish – Finnish 8th meeting

Buenos Dias

Today we started our online meeting early in the morning. We have been having a long break since the last meeting. This morning we learned how to say what we did in the morning before the lesson in Spanish and Finnish. Also, some new verbs like Desayuno and Cena.

For the homework, Fabian Asked as to read an article in Spanish and to find all the verbs from it and also the words we recognize. This is a good way to learn new words we wouldn’t maybe think about.




Spanish – Finnish 7th


Because of the situation going on we obviously couldn’t have a proper meeting so instead we had an online meeting. This time we went through everything we have learned previously just to see if we can remember them all. We did remember most of the words we have been learning but still need to go through them more often. We will be doing these video calls from now on and try to learn more new words.  this time i we weren’t able to take a picture .

Spanish – Finnish

This week I wasn’t able to join our Spanish lesson because of being sick which was sad but, I decided that I will still study Spanish on my own. I started using Duolingo and doing the exercises there. After that, I chose my favorite Spanish song and translated the lyrics and learned words through that. Also having a Spanish speaking boyfriend is useful in this situation because I could ask when I didn’t understand something 😀

Considering the situation that school has been canceled I don’t know if we will skip the lesson for this week or if we will do an online meeting to go through everything. But For now, I will be focusing at least learning Spanish on my own until everything goes back to normal again.

fifht meeting Spanish-finnish

Hola and welcome back!

Our sixth meeting was different this time. We had a Spanish cooking evening with our team and few visitors also. We went to Fabians and Hennas home to cook Tortillas. We learned the names of the foods and all the things we are going to be using while making the food. We had SO MUCH fun! After learning the names of foods we started to cook all together and then sat down to eat and enjoy the company. We will go out tonight also for the salsa night! We thought it would be a great idea to learn also some Latin rhythms while studying Spanish 😉

4th Meeting

Bienvenido de nuevo a la Blog!

We had our fourth meeting on Friday before starting our skiing holiday from school. During this meeting, we were focusing on Spanish songs and learning the words through them. It was an actually good way to learn because we had been hearing the words so many times previously and now to really learn what they were singing in the songs.  We will have a week’s holiday now and a break from Spanish studies. I will be going to a Latin country so I will be practicing my Spanish there. After the break, we will have a meeting and also we will go out to a salsa night! We are all very excited about that!

Hasta la proxima vez!

Third meeting and our visiting Mini teacher Spanish-Finnish

Hola !

This morning we met at ABC for coffee and some breakfast. We were missing two group members this morning but it didn’t affect us because Fabian brought his son Diego to join our meeting and help us to teach Spanish.  I think this was the best study session we had because of Diego. Today’s session we went through the body parts, colors and weekdays again with also some new words Diego taught us! Diego also taught us the Piñata song, which made us come up with an idea for our last meeting! We will make our own Piñata so that way we will learn new words again!

Pictures from this morning!

Second Meeting

Buenos Dios!

We started our week with our second Spanish/Finnish lesson meeting. This morning we were going through the colors, body parts and fruits. Every lesson we start by saying the 7 days of the week. After a couple days, I noticed that if you just repeat them for 5 minutes every day you start to remember them easily.  This learning method has worked for me.  During our lessons, we talk about the differences in Finnish and Spanish language and cultural differences which have been nice because we learn new things every time.

Our next meeting will be on Monday and this time we will be meeting somewhere else than the school premises.

The picture was taken after our lesson.