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Italian-Vietnamese 5th meeting

Woops! This is our first meeting after nearly one month. The time flew so fast. All of us were too busy with our own schedule and Thank God Sara and I successfully arranged a meeting this week while Duy couldn’t participate due to some personal reasons.

Today, we discussed about our history and maybe a little bit politics. Sara shown me a brief history of Italia which explains why the country is divided into different regions like nowadays and important events in the Italian history. Also, I have got some suggestions from Sara about interesting places to travel accross Italia as well as good things I can expect throughout the trip to the country.

Towards my part, I gave Sara some kind of “base” of the Vietnamese history, “legend” as well as some famous historical people such as the key persons in Vietnam war.

However, history is something complicated and requires much more self-study, both of us will ourselves try to elaborate more on the information we have got from each other.

Throughout the meeting, we exchanged on various fields which come out of our mind. Therefore, I consider this meeting has given us considerable basic knowledge about the two countries.

Italian-Vietnamese Fourth meeting: Food, food and food!!!

Hello-Ciao-Xin chào!!! It was our fourth meeting and the session was full of food, that makes me hungry all the way. Right in the beginning of the meeting, Duy did very well at introducing the most typical and best specilities in Vietname such as: pho, banh trung thu (mid-autumn cake), nem… I was impressed by the way he delivered all the most basic but mostly adequate information about the dishes to Sara; furthermore, he also helped her to distinguish the fake and the real version of distict dishes, he did it very clear, and I admired him at this point. Then we also showed Sara two special food which rarely foreigners can “deal with” are “trung vit lon” and “sau rieng” (durian) and we hope that she can try the two in the near future.

About the Italian food, Sara showed us a huge varieties of her country’s specilities: from the most general like pasta, pizza, lasagna, risotto (including many different types) to the more region-specific ones such as rosotto allo zafferano, pasta al pesto, polenta (in the North) and parmigiana di melanzane, cannoli (in the South). The common thing in Italian dishes is that they are mostly fat in nutrition and provide a large amount of protein and energy (I think it is not suitable to try these before going to bed!!)

We have planned for one cultural exchange day to cook our food and discuss more about our cultures and languages when Duy and me can arrive in Finland. We all hope that day will come soon!

Italiano-Vietnamese third meeting: Welcome our new member, Duy Ha!!!

It’s so surprised when we welcomed a new member to our group, he is my fellow from Vietnam and he is from the North (I’m from the South). It’s good for all of us, Vietnamese people from different regions still have typical differences, and not only Sara I can learn from Duy many other things I has not experienced yet.

Via our meeting, it was an open greetings, as it is definitely “the more the merrier”, we got to know more about each other. Firstly, Sara taught me about the verb tenses (with the “TO BE=essere” and “TO HAVE=avere”) and also a little revision the personal pronouns from the last session; the lesson becomes harder and harder when I learnt how to combine the words in order to express the sentence in the correctly in certain contexts. Italian grammar is getting more complicated at this point and much more efforts must be put into practice if I want to comprehend all of this. On the contrary, verb tenses and plural form in Vietnamese is really simple, it only took us about 15 minutes and there was no challenges for Sara to get through with this part.

Also, after that Duy and me introduced Sara traditional holidays and typical occasions in Vietnam. While Duy were “making his presentation” by speech to Sara, I tried to share the relative images and information from internet on Zoom’s sharing screen space. We thought we all did well at this session (lol).

There is still many interesting things to disscuss in the next meetings (both academic and cultural) and we’re all looking forward to the coming weeks!

Italian-Vietnamese 2nd meeting

At the 2nd meeting, I was taught about the gender of nouns in Italian. It’s so interesting that even the nouns have their genders. For me, it is quite challenging to catch the sign of each word to identify the word’s gender. However, Sara said it would become more familiar when I have more chance to catch more Italians in the future. I also hope so!

For Vietnamese, I showed Sara some basic personal pronouns in Vietnamese. Compared to English, the pronouns in Vietnamese are much more complicated but Sara managed well with those stuff.

We planned to extend more about the culture at the next meeting.

Italian – Vietnamese first meeting

Sara and I has our first meeting on Zoom on 12/9 for 1.5 hour. This is quite an inconvenience as we cannot directly contact with each other which makes the process of learning ( esp. pronunciation which depends on looking at how our mouth looks like when saying the words) more difficult to achieve ( plus the connection was bad and we could not turn on the camera while interacting). However, we were still able to overcome this with all of our efforts.

We both learnt and taught the alphabet. For Italian, I had chance to look over some basic expressions like “Hello”, ” How are you?”, ” Good morning/ afternoon/evenning…”, and some more. I could comperehend a little bit about how to pronounce the words when letters are combined. I love listening and learning the beauty of Italian ( at least until now!!!). Vietnamese as I heard from my foreigners is quite hard to learn, but Sara managed the first process pretty well, she listened to my pronunciation through Zoom and repeated relatively exactly, she is kind of a hard and smart learner, I suppose she will succeed more in the future.

Our meeting was successful, we basically achived what we planned and hope that we will keep this streak going up and be able to do some basic communication soon.