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Learning Finnish, 10th meeting


 This is the last meeting of Each one teach one.

First, I want have a Finnish name, that is the plan in my goals and Quang gave one to me via my English name, Sean. My Finnish name is Sami. After that, I learned some basic adjective words so that I can form a sentence. Here are my what I learned:

Basic adjective words:

big = iso
small = pieni
long = pitkä
short = lyhyt
fat = lihava
thin = ohut
shallow = pinnallinen
strong = vahva
weak = heikko

sad = surullinen
happy = iloinen
good = hyvä
bad = huono
hot = kuuma
cold = kylmä

After leaning, Quang Ho gave me some feedback about the whole learning. He said I did really well in this course because Finnish is a kind of language that is hard for foreigners because of the grammar rules and words. It is totally different from English. He said I am a good partner and we can meet again if we have the chance.

Learning Finnish, 9th meeting

29.5.2020, 9th meeting

In this meeting, we reviewed what we learned in previous eight meetings. And today’s topic is local food words. Because when I lived in Finland, I found there are some vegetables and fruits I don’t know. So I wonder what they are.

Local food words:

porkkana = carrot

paprika = paprica

peruna = potato

lanttu = swede

sipuli = onion

Learning Finnish, 8th meeting


Since I have gone back China so the last three meetings will be held online.

Today we are going to talk about the some words about guiding the road with Finnish.

He taught me how to guiding the road with Finnish, here is what I learned:


etelä pohjoinen länsi itä left right suora
south north west east vasen oikea sttaight


After that, Quang told me some Finish holidays and some customs about these holidays

Vappu, the labour’s day

Juhannus, the Midsummer

Itsenäisyyspäivä, the independence day

Learning Finnish, 7th meeting


Today Quang and I are going to have the meeting near his home, Harvanta, where there is a large lake with beautiful scenes and fresh air. We learned some interesting words about culture and I taught him some foreign words in Chinese. I knew how to say “ I love you” in Finnish. It is Minä rakastan sinua. And I showed my self-introduction with Finnish, Quang gave me some advice.

After that, we walked into the forest, talking with something difference between Finland and China, such as the salary of part-time jobs, it is very interesting when we knew that there are something extremely different in two countries.

Learning Finnish, 6th meeting


Originally, I was planning to meet Quang today. But due to my personal issues, we have to change the schedule from contacting to online. And Quang went to the lake near to his home in Hervanta, where there was a very beautiful lake, and a bird was tweeting all the time, looks like a gull. we have a video chatting and the topic of today is talking about what you saw including nature, building , cars, people and animals etc. Here are what we have learned:


Snow Rain Sun Moon Road Tree Forest
Lunta Sade Aurinko Kuu Katu Puu Metsä


Lake Bird Hockey Wood Cloud Stone Ice
Järvi Lintu Jääkiekko Puu Pilvi Kivi Jää


Learning Finnish, 5th meeting


Because of extend of closing time of TAMK, we have to make a meeting online. Today I want to learn some words about buildings in Finnish and Quang wants to learn some word about dating.

That is what I have learned:


Window Roof Wall Floor Inside door Outside door
Ikkuna Katto Seinä Lattia Väliovi Ulko-ovi


Kitchen Sleeping room Bathroom Living room Balcony Toilet
Keittiö Makuuhuone Kylpyhuone Olohuone Parveke Vessa


Besides, Quang introduces some Finnish culture in buildingd which are different from other countries.

  1. In Finland, most of house will have a shelf for putting bowls and dishes in the kitchen. Because the water of faucets in Finland is very good, which needs to dry instead of wiping.
  2. In Finland, there are lots of playgrounds in the residential areas, which are built for children.
  3. In Finland, there is a balcony in the house.
  4. In Finland, most of houses and apartments will have the Sauna rooms.
  5. If there is a people died, the flag in this area will going down to the middle for memorizing this person.

Learning Finnish, 4th meeting


Quang Ho gave an advice that we can meet at the Prisma and we could teach some words about what we had bought in Prisma for each other.

After we met in Prisma, Quang Ho taught me some words, here is what I have learned:


riisi puuro peruna naudan minuutti kana
rice porridge potato beef minute chicken


And he also told me something about the education in Finland. In Finland, students can stop their studying and go for working. Universities can reserve your ID for most 10 years. It was really shocked me because the situation is the same as in China but we can only leave school for most 2 years.

Learning Finnish, 3rd meeting


Because of the COVID-19 situation, the campus was closed and we have to move the meeting online. Today we had the third meeting via ZOOM. In this meeting, we talked about some questions about cultures. One asked several questions that he was interested in and the other one gave the answers. Here are our questions and answers.


Q: When did children move out from their parents’ house in China?

A: After marriage or working. In China, most of people still live with their parents when they are studying in universities. After they find their jobs, they will move out of their parents’ house, but it still depends on which cities they work in. If the place is close to their parents, they may still live with their parents.


Q: Does the big market sell the whole raw meat instead of package meat in Finland?

A: No, actually considering the problem of health, the meat will be package fully so there is no raw meat selling in the market.


Q: Do people generally have Taichi every day in China?

A: Actually, people will do a kind of activity but not Taichi, we called it “Square dancing”. People especially the old, they will do this in the square at night. This kind of activity will make them bodies stronger and healthier. At the same time, there will be a leader in the crews, who shows how to do the dance correctly.


Q: What do Finnish do after working?

A: In summer, people will go to the bars for fun. In winter, people will go Sunna, and at the weekend, people often do sports such as snow skating, hockey and build bodies.


Q: What do you think of the difficulty of Finnish?

A: I think the most difficult part is the length of the Finnish words, as you know, some words like porridge rice, it is Riisipuuro in Finnish, you can see it is a word so you have to spend more time to remember these words. Another part is the grammar; it is not a easy part for the basic learner.


Q: How many different Chinese languages do you have?

A: In general, there are 56 nations in China and some nations they have their own languages. For the different accents of Chinese languages, we have 5-6; the most famous one is Cantonese. In north of China, we have the similar accents, the standard Chinese pronunciation is based on north accent.


Q: Can you make an example for different Accents of Finnish?

A: Yes, for example, there are different accents between Helsinki and Tampere. For example, Minä, we say Mie in Helsinki and Mi in Tampere.

Learning Finnish, 2nd meeting


Today I had the second meeting with Quang Ho, we met in the library. And in this meeting, our topic was about food, I learned some Finnish words about food that I was interested in. Here is what I learned:

-Raskalaiset perunat  =  French fries

-Hampurilainen  =  Hamburger

-Salaatti  =  Salad

-Possun liha  =  Pork (meat)

-Kanan liha  =  Chicken (meat)

-Miulla on nälkä  =  I am hungry

-Miulla on jano  =  I am thirsty.

-Minä halvan juoda vettä  =  I want to drink water.

-Minä haluan juoda pullollollista vettä = I want to drink a bottle of water.

Learning Finnish, 1st meeting


The first meeting we met at the restaurant of TAMK, we set a goal before we started to learn. And we want to meet at different places in these ten meetings. Also, we decided to last one hour in each meeting.

First class, Quang Ho taught me some Finnish words and sentences about greetings and the basis of pronunciation of Finnish.

Moi ! >>>> Moi!
Mitä kuulu? >>>> Hyvää kiitos!
Hauska tavata >>>> Kiitos samoin!
Mikä sinun nimesion >>>> Minä olen Sami
Mitä olet kotosin >>>> Mina olen kiina

Before we ended the meeting, he taught me how to say 2.6 euros in Finnish because 2.6 euros is the price of the lunch in TAMK’s restaurant.

2.6 euros = Kksi ruro j 60 senttiä / Kaksi pilkku kuusi euroa