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Spain – Nepal [nineth meeting]

In the second last meeting, we played is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game. It is an online version of Pictionary. Each game has multiple timed rounds. In every round, one of the players draws a chosen word while others guess what the word is for points. The player with the most points at the end of all the rounds wins!

It is a very interesting and fun game. From this game I have been able to teach Samantha different words in Spanish. She learns very fast and her pronunciation improves every day.

Spain – Nepal [eighth meeting]

Today, for a change of scenery, we decided to watch an episode of one of my favorite series; “La casa de papel”.

La casa de papel is a Spanish television series created by Álex Pina and produced by Atresmedia and later on Netflix. Starring Úrsula Corberó, Itziar Ituño and Álvaro Morte, it was presented at the III Spring Television Festival in Burgos in March 2017.

The series is inspired by the protocol of bank robber Willie Sutton,2 who devised more than 100 heists through disguises and deception and without the need to shoot anyone. This earned him 2 million in the 1920s-1950s.34

Throughout the series we learned different vocabulary. We were listening and trying to pick up different words, translate them, and understand them. It has been a good way.
Spanish is a very fast language, and this makes it a little difficult to learn, but Samantha has done very well.

Spain – Nepal [Seventh meeting]

Today, to not lose the tradition, we decided to go to lunch at the university (TAMK). This time, two of my Catalan friends (who live in my city) joined us, but I met them here. I introduced them to Samantha, and from the beginning they were very nice to her. 

In order not to stop learning Spanish, Samantha had the idea of bringing the game UNO, to learn the colors and numbers in Spanish.

In order to learn the numbers and colors, we decided that every time we threw the card on the table, we had to say the color and number out loud, so she could correct, help and teach Samantha.

We had a very interesting afternoon and at the same time we have been learning, and getting to know each other even more


Spain – Nepal [Sixth meeting]

Today, we had lunch at the university. This time, I introduced Samantha to one of my best friends from the dorm. Hannes. A 28 year old German, whom I met the first day I arrived in Finland as an exchange student.

We talked about our countries, our culture and our way of doing things. It has been very interesting. Between the three of us we have great differences and at the same time great similarities.

We have also learned words in German, Nepalese, Belgian and Spanish. It was funny to hear the different pronunciations.


Spain – Nepal [Fifth Meeting]

Today, we took advantage of the fact that I was on the ferry heading back to Spain to learn different vocabulary in Spanish. We took advantage of the fact that we were doing the online meeting to take a tour of the ferry and show her different things we were seeing and translate them into Spanish.

From time to time, it’s a little difficult with the Spanish pronunciation, but after two or three attempts, Samantha always gets it right, she’s almost Spanish now! 😉

We have noticed that there are some words that are similar to English, and that are easier for her to remember.

From time to time, I also take the opportunity to teach her some words in Catalan (which is similar but at the same time very different from Spanish). The important thing is to learn and discover new words.

At the end of the meeting, as in every meeting, we decide what we will do in the next meeting.

Spain – Nepal [Forth Meeting]

This time we did the meeting online. This time, it was more of an update meeting, to update us on how we were doing.

Unfortunately, we have had to live through a somewhat complicated time. My building has been quarantined with coronavirus, many university assignments, among others. In addition, I was infected with Covid-19, and I had to be in quarantine and recovering for about three weeks or so.

It has been a bit of a complicated time, as it is not nice to be sick away from home, but I always try to take the positive side of things and fortunately it has not been anything too hard. I lost my taste and smell, but the recovery was very quick.

We also explained to each other what we were going to do after the recovery as well as planning the different activities we were going to do to continue learning Spanish and English.

Final Meeting

Venue: TAMK canteen
Date: 27th May 21

This is the last time we meet. We decided to grab lunch together in school and talk. I left for Belgium in the evening already. It was a bitter-sweet moment because we both knew we wouldn’t be seeing each other anymore. For the last meeting, we summarized everything we learned in the past 9 meetings. We talked about the activities we did together also the ones we did in our individual time such as the trip to Lapland along with the struggles we faced because our schedules would often overlap.

We talked about future plans and what we would do after this exchange. I learned that Enric has plans to move in with the Spanish friends he made in Tampere and I think that’s very precious because he was able to build meaningful friendships and was also able to connect to a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds. He said that he will be sad to leave and also to see people leaving but that is part of this whole experience. I also told him my plans to visit Spain someday in the future and put everything I learned from him into practice.

lessons German 2

For our last meeting we wanted to do something fun, and a meeting at the coffee house seemed like a good place for that. We all ordered a large coffee (großer Kaffee in German) from the espresso house and had a chat.
We saw that they sold a lot of pastries at the espresso house and decided that it was worth learning the german words for some of them.
some of the words we learned:

  • keks – cookies
  • Dessert-dessert
  • Schokolade – chocolate
  • Kuchen – pie
  • Ich hätte gerne etwas dessert. – I would like some dessert
  • Ich möchte einen kuchen kaufen. – I want to buy a pie
  • joghurt – Yoghurt

lessons German

I started these lessons to learn a little German, for Belgians it’s always interesting to learn and for industrial engineers even more so. I study automotive engineering so all the main big companies are in Germany. Because I have no basis at all in German I decided to start with the very basics.
We didn’t really do a lot of conjugation because I first wanted to know some sentences and because German is similar to Dutch I already can use a part of my knowledge to do it myself. Below are some typical examples of what we did. After the lessons we said bye in German.

What’s your name? – Wie heisst du?
My name is – Ich heiße.
How are you? – Wie geht’s
Good and you? – Gut. Und dir?
Very good. – sehr gut.
Where are you from? – Woher kommst du?
I’m from Belgium. – Ich komme aus Belgie.
Very nice. – sehr schön
Thank you. – danke
See you – tschüss.


For Vappu we went to the park next to the river that goes through Tampere. It was a bit strange to see people everywhere you walked because normally it’s much calmer on the street. Also a lot of them had overalls on from their faculty and there were ones with hats (Ylioppilaslakki) on too .
It was said that there were also traditional beverages called sima and munkki. The first one we’d tried already the day before from some friends who had a company and which we helped with a food truck.
That was probably the best traditional Finnish thing I had, sadly I didn’t get to try Munkki.
There were a lot of people in the park with some party boxes and everyone brought drinks so this tradition was something I (and I think every student) liked.