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1. In a café

Last Friday I went to a café called Runo with my Each One Teach One group. We were supposed to study for 1-2 hours but ended up staying there for 3 hours. First I taught them common Finnish phrases and words, and then they taught me Korean alphabets and some phrases as well. We tried to teach each other similar phrases, but there were differences between these languages so we only went through the ones that are generally used.

In Korean language there is formal and informal way to speak, so in this meeting we focused on the informal way. The words/phrases I learned are:

  • Hi – Annyeong
  • What are you doing? – Mwohae?
  • Good night – Jalja
  • Sorry – Mianhae
  • Thank you – Gomawo
  • Nice to meet you – Mannaseobangawo
  • Yes – Eung/Geurae/Uh
  • No – Ani/Shireo
  • What – Mwo
  • Why – Wae
  • When – Eonjae
  • Who – Nugu
  • Where – Uhdi
  • How – Uhtteokae
  • How old are you? – Myussalesaeyo?

I learned that if a person is older than you, you must use a certain word when speaking to them to show respect. Man to older man it’s hyung, man to older woman it’s nuna, woman to older man it’s oppa and woman to older woman it’s unni.