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On our sixth meeting we went to Cafe europa again. It’s a great place to study. We started the sixth meeting just by talking about how we’re doing. Then we studied the basics of both languages (Italian, Finnish). Frasi elementari (basic sentences) such as:

Come ti chiami?=What’s your name?

Mi chiamo= My name is.

Quanti anni hai= How old are you?

Ho venti  anni= I’m 20 years old.

Non parlo italiano= I don’t speak Italian.

We also studied some of the most common parolacce (curse words) xD Haha it was fun. I just hope weren’t too loud when we taught Davide to say all the curse words correctly…xD It was really fun to see Davide and Roosa again and ofc. to learn more and more italian.

Arrivederci 😉



Quinto Incontro! (Fifth meeting)

Today was our fifth meeting with Roosa and Davide. We saw each other in Cafe Europa and first we just talked about our holiday and more about ourselves in general (just a little bit more each time we see.) But the actual plan for today was to learn numbers and months, but it turned out that learning numbers was enough for this time. xD

I felt really good about this meeting  because I actually started to learn and remember the numbers. Now I just need to use them or I will forget all of them by next time we see. It’s been beneficial that I already know a bit of Spanish. Because Italian is not that far away from it. Especially the numbers were almost the same… But still different of course.

Davide taught us a bunch of Italian hand gestures and different occasions when you can/should use them. I think now we are really getting into the Italian language.


I noticed that it was a bit hard first for Davide to learn numbers from 0 to 10, but after he learned those and the “tenth numbers”( twenty, thirty, etc..). He even  knew how to say 133 or 256 in finnish, just like that (after a while of practicing).

1= Uno=yksi   2= Due= kaksi   3=Tre=kolme   4=Quattro=neljä   5= Cinque=viisi   6=Sei=kuusi 7=Sette=seitsemän   8=Otto=kahdeksan   9=Nove=yhdeksän   10=Dieci=kymmenen …undici,dodici,tredici,quattrodici….Cento x)

Arrivederci 😉


Fourth meeting! (International night)

On our fourth meeting we were at my place having a “pre party” before going out to the Kolmiot. We got to know each other even more and Davide and Roosa met some of my classmates. Davide had few of his exchange friends with him so we all met a bunch of new people. We had really fun night just chilling and talking about one another’s cultures. We discussed about our drinking cultures and how they vary from each other. for example In Italy, consuming alcohol is always revolving around some kind of food or snacks. And in Finland the word drinking is taken more seriously, so we often just drink without any kind of food. But that night one of my friend had made us cake pops and we also had salted nuts and chips with dip.

SO What an international night ;D (Salute = Cheers = Kippis)

Arrivederci 🙂


Third meeting and a new member!

We got a new member- Roosa to join us in our EOTO “group” last week. We saw each other for the first time yesterday (Sunday) when we went to the Sara Hilden art museum to see  Ron Mueck’s exhibition. Yesterday the exhibition was free because of the Tampere days. We had to stand in a gueue for a while to get in (because it was freee xD). But that just gave us time to get to know each other more. We had so much fun there and after the exhibition we went to eat at Friends and brgrs.

Now when there’s two people to teach Finnish to Davide it will be much easier for everybody (for me atleast). And it’s good because Roosa already knows a bit of Italy so we are going to have a super teaching team for now on. 😉

Arrivederci! 😉

Finnish – Italian, Round II

Our second meeting with Davide was on Tuesday. Our meeting was about to name all the stores and stuff while walking throught the Hämeenkatu. We had so much fun while trying to desperately teach each other the names and try to explain why something is what it is. I learned a lot of new words. I think I wrote about three pages just words in my notebook, because you can see and name so much stuff on the way. But now I can read and learn those words at home and try to remember where we were at the time I have written them down. we also went to the grocery store at Sokos and named some basic foods while walking around there.

Words I still remember from what we learned on Tuesday are:

Negozio = kauppa = store,  Ristorante=ravintola=restaurant, Libro= kirja= book, Negozio di vestiti=vaatekauppa=clothing store, Fiore=kukka=flower, Parco=puisto=park, Frutta=hedelmä=fruit, Negozio di alimentari=ruokakauppa= grocery store, Birra= kalja= beer, and my favorite word in Italian so far- Albero (almost like Alberto) and it means tree.:D  But this was so fun way to learn new words and get to know each other. I highly recommend.

Arrivederci! 😉