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Kick-off Finnish lesson

Our first meeting was through MS-Teams and we had agreed that Heini and Elina would teach Daria and me some basics of the Finnish language and culture.

At the beginning, the two of them taught us general phrases of greeting. Fortunately, Heini has some documents from an acquaintance who taught immigrants the Finnish language. However, we noticed that the language taught in the textbooks often differs from the actual spoken language. For example, in the teaching material there are various Finnish greetings such as:

Hey! Mitä kuuluu? – Hey! How are you?

The two of them then taught us that, especially among younger people, the greeting:

Hei! Miten menee? – Hey! How is it going?

is much more common. When I reflect on this, it shows me the positive sides of this course, because you teach the language from student to student and so you can teach exactly the language you need in everyday life.

Furthermore, in our first lesson we focused on intonation and pronunciation. This was not difficult for me, as it is very similar to the German language. What I find difficult, however, is the Finnish grammar, as the words change depending on the context in which they are used. Heini and Elina also taught us the names of numbers, days of the week, months, and times.

We agreed that we want to teach every lesson a different language, so Daria will teach us the basics of Russian in the next lesson. In the following lesson, it will be my turn to teach German.