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Catching up (Meeting 4)

Meeting venue: Online
Date: 23/03/21

Today we met online. A lot of things has happened since our last meeting. The lockdown, Covid Spread, quarantine, lapland trips, Northern Lights, assignment, classes etc. For todays session, we just wanted to talk about where we are and what we were doing.

I heard some devastating news from Enric. He tested positive for COVID-19 and has been in quarantine ever since. He told me that he was fine now but there was a point where he lost his sense of taste. He had to cancel his trip to Lapland and had to stay home to recover. However, on the positive side, he was able to make a lot of assignments, group and individual project also find some time for himself.

Since he’s all better now, he is planning to visit Lapland during his Easter break and hopefully see the Northern lights. I was able to go to Lapland and see the Northern lights. So, I wanted to share my experience with him. Along the way, I also give him a weather check on the areas he was going to visit. He seemed really excited to make this trip and hoped to see the Aurora which makes me wonder if he got to see it or not. I will find out during our next meeting.

For the next meet, we are planning to do some activities together and continue learning more Spanish. He told me that to let him know if he makes mistakes while speaking English because he is very keen to improve his English grammer and vocabulary but I personally think he already speaks good English.

Learning the language (Meeting 3)

Meeting venue: Online
Date: 9th/03/21

Today, Enric taught me some basic Spanish sentence and vocabulary. He taught me how to introduce myself in Spanish and some of the basic things i needed to know if I visited Spain. He also told me that my Spanish pronunciation was better compared to the other people he had taught before (pronunciation wise). I had so much fun during the lesson.

At first i was very shy and insecure to read a sentence out but he kept motivating and praising me. That helped me build up my confidence and I think i was able to speak it well. I promised that I would learn it by heart the next time we meet.

here are some of the things he taught me (The spellings are not correct)


hola, mi nombre es Samantha (hello my is Samantha)

Tengo bentiuno anyos (I am 21 years old)
I esoy de belgica (I am from begium)
Vivo en Belgica pero soy de (dey) Nepal (I live in belgium but I am from Nepal)

Currently, I am studying in Finland as an exchange student
Ac-tual mente, estoy estudiando en Finlandia como estudiante de intercambio.

I am studying int business in TAMK
Estoy estudiando negocios internacionales en la TAMK (Universidad de ciencias aplicadas de tampere)

I: yo (yo tengo bentiuno anyos) soy ( I am )
You: Tu eres (you are)
He : El es
She: Ella (eiya) es
We: Nosotros somos We are
You (pl;) Vosotros sois
(they; M) ellos (eyos) son
(they, f) ellas (eyas) son

De (dey): from

Very nervous for the next meeting but excited!

Spain-Nepal (Travelling) Meeting 2

Meeting Venue: Coffee House
Date: 26/02/21

For our second meeting, we met in the coffee house and we talked about our hobbies. We found out that we both like travelling. Enric told me that travelling to Nepal was in his bucket list and that made me very excited. So, i decided to show him pictures of some places that he should definitely visit.

We talked about the suitable month to make the travel. Seasonal variations decide where you can go at any given time of year, so the best time to visit Nepal corresponds with the activities on the bucket list. Besides that, the nation has a lot to sell throughout the year. We talked about the weather condition and the best time to visit Nepal. While I was adding more domestic destinations to his bucket list, he did the same otherwise.

I had mentioned to him that I never really got a chance to visit to Spain. He gave me some beautiful destinations to visit. He told me that Barcelona is renowned for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine, sandy beaches, delectable cuisine, and colourful, bustling neighbourhoods. The city’s magnificent architecture, however, is perhaps its most striking attribute and not to mention the moderate temperatures during the year, with peak temperatures in July and August. I remember that i told him that I want to be able to speak basic Spanish during my visit in Spain so next time we meet, he has promised me to teach some Spanish vocabulary and introduction.

This way, we decided that next time he will teach me how to introduce myself in Spanish and other important Spanish terms. Looking forward to it!

Spain-Nepal Introduction (Meeting 1)

Meeting venue: Coffee House
Date: 21/02/21

This is our first meeting and we met in the espresso house. We thought meeting each other for introduction was a good idea since it would create closure and enthusiasm than meeting online. We both wanted to learn about eachother’s culture and norms so we immediately started talking about our daily lives. Enric is from Spain and i always thought people only spoke Spanish but i came to find out that his mother tongue was Castilian. I learned that Spain is a culturally diverse nation. While many people identify as Spanish, many more identify as Catalan, Basque, or Galician first.

The family, both nuclear and extended, has traditionally been the foundation of the social system, providing both social and financial support. While extended family living together has become less traditional in recent decades. However, family relations remain a very important feature of Spanish society.

The people in Spain are very open and friendly. They welcome women with a kiss on each cheek in a casual setting, whether with family, close friends, or virtual strangers. In an informal environment, they have no personal space and will often greet or say good-bye with a hug.

I also found it very interesting that the Spaniards take religious pride very seriously. I found many similarities between my culture with the Spanish culture. For instance Dinner in the evening is served after 8pm, lunch is also served around 2pm. They also have a Spanish time like how we have the Nepalese time. It means that if we agreed to meet at 2pm, we will only be seeing each other at 3pm.

Overall, I realised that both our culture can be so similar yet very different. And I’m looking forward our next meeting.