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10th Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting

This is our final meeting and the topics of this meeting were the social life and the education system in China and Cypriot. What I’m surprised is that we have much in common 6 years for primary school, 3 years for middle-high school and then 3 years for junior high school. After junior high school, China has the gaokao which is a College Entrance Examination that is an important means to select the talents. Finally, because this was our last meeting, we expressed our feeling that thanks to EOTO  we have a good chance to learn each other.

9th Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting


We had our 9th online meeting. The topic of this meeting was a Chinese poet that I studed in primary school. I tried to explain every sentence in English. This poet  mainly  talks  about  fall.  Yellow leaves as if yellow birds  are dancing in the air and red leaves as through red butterflies  are flying in the wind, which tells us the fall is coming.  It uses the metaphors to make it to be lively and vivid. They can pronouce it well by the pinyin on the top of Chinese characters.

8th online Chinese and Cypriot meeting


In this meeting, we focused on Chinese pintins’ study. I found an electric book which is a Chinese book in the my first grade of primary school and reviewed the pinyin by this book. They make a great progress although there still were some problems about four tones. I demanded them to read the tones right because it may make some mistakes if you read it in wrong tones like shuì jiào(睡觉)which means sleep and shuǐ jiǎo(水饺)which means dumpling.

7th online Chinese and Cypriot meeting


This was an English lesson. First, l learnt that they came back to Cyprus and must stay at the hotel for 2 weeks beacause of the Corona Virus. Then we talked about our plans of summer vacation. They said they’re going to go to the beach swimming because they’re very near beach.  Furthermore, we talked about curren situation of our own countries. The situation of China is better than before but we still have strict rules to provent new patient appearing. I also learned that Cyprus is paying much attention to Virus.

6th Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting


This is our sixth meeting. We still used the zoom to have online lessons because of this unnormal situation. We tried to make the lesson fun so we played a game for learning. There are various categories such as food colors. We chose one category and a model from easy, medium, and hard. The idea of this game was we choose one letter person by person in turn and we have limited turns if we can finish the unknown word in limited turns then we win the game. That’s funny and I like this game.

5th Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting


In this meeting, we focused on English speaking which I  want to learn from this class. First, we shared the movies we watched. I tied to share a Japanese movie and I found it a little difficult for me to describe the plots of this movie and understand their story, but I learned some new words from this sharing.  Then we read English conversations from the “English Speaking Practice” application. I chose different topics and we acted the role. There were some words that I didn’t know so they explained the words and also showed pictures from Google.

2nd Chinese and Cypriot Meeting!


The Chinese pinyin had been taught in the second meeting. I invited my friends to join our class. I showed them all pinyin and told them how to pronounce it. I found that some they can learn very quickly and some were very difficult for them to pronounce because there is not this pronunciation in their own language. I thought the most difficult pinyin was ü.  Another big change is tones because there are four tones in each pinyin and each tone have own mean. But don’t worry! Practice makes perfect!

4th Online Chinese and Cypriot Meeting


We changed our class online because of the unnormal situation in this Monday. It’s a new and funny way to study languages. I can share my screen and type some Chinese characters and pinyin, which is easy for me because I’m not good at handwriting although I studied Chinese characters from primary school. I taught them several basic sentences like “I am…”, ” My name is…”, “Nice to meet you.”. I think something I didn’t talk clearly and it should be improved. It’s an interesting experience in general.

3rd Meeting- LIDL supermarket -Chinese and English


We had our third class in Ratina at 5 p.m. last Thursday. First, we talked about skiing holidays. I learned that they went to Berlin on skiing holidays. When we arrived, I began to teach them the Chinese words of bread and vegetables. I thought it would be very easy, but I found that I was wrong. Because I seldom buy food and bread in China, I couldn’t name different vegetables and bread. At the same time, I learned the English words of different vegetables and bread. Then I taught them the words of meat and dairy products. I found that it is not easy for them to pronounce the Chinese words correctly. overall, I think it’s a good experience because It’s a direct way that I can learn English words according to the objects rather than Chinese words.

First meeting- Chinese culture and Cypriot culture


Yesterday afternoon we met at TAMK. I invited my two Chinese friends to join this meeting. In the beginning, we introduced ourselves so that we can know each other better and they learned some information about my major. Then we talked about Chinese traditional festivals and Chinese food. They really wanted to try Chinese seafood and some food cannot accept. After that, they introduced Cypriot food and scenery. They also showed some landscapes that I never saw, so we’d like to travel to Cyprus.