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Meeting Three

The third session was a lot of fun. Yuiko had her own material which was very neat.

We also have gone through some details about Yuiko coming to Finland. Which is super great!

The meeting was easy-going and informative. And, I have a way better knowledge of the Japanese language.

First Session

The first session was me and Yuiko on Monday. We agreed to meet every Monday or every other Monday.

I have been participating in Japanese language courses by the Japanese Foundation. It was a perfect chance to practice and go through what I learned with Yuiko.

She encouraged me a lot. She is a brilliant motivator and helper. She also taught me about the contexts of when to use each term.  It helped me also have a better image of what I have learned. I  could also read now, as long as I have the characters and the English-letter versions.

Finally, it was a very fun company to talk to Yuiko. She is fun and open-minded, and I love her sense of humor. The session time passed nicely and was really smooth.  I am looking forward to having the following meeting together again!