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Second lesson/Spanish

In the second lesson, we met live at Espresso House Ratina. It was good to see each other face to face and get to know each other better.

During this meeting, Omar was teaching us about his own country, Ecuador. I really liked to learn things about Ecuador. The Powerpoint presentation was in Spanish and our task was to translate it in English. There were some new words for me but Omar explained everything very well and we got many great conversations and laughs.

This meeting was very useful and interesting. I am looking forward to meet again face to face. Next time we are trying to meet face to face if possible but also Zoom is an option if we cannot meet live.

First meeting (Finnish/Spanish)

Our first meeting happened via Zoom on last Thursday. We were planning to make meeting on face-to-face at some cafés, but schedules were very different on each of us so we used Zoom during our first meeting.

On this first meeting, we mainly focused on teaching Omar some Finnish with Veli-Matti and Ioana. Omar is already a quite good at Finnish so there is no need of starting from the basics. On this first lecture we went through how to introduce ourselves and then checked different accents from different sides of Finland, as well as some easy topics for the first lecture, although he had something new and interesting words to learn about Finnish language, also some of the words were new for some of us finnish speakers too because we have different accents.

From now on, we are going to make a little bit more challenging topics to Omar and he will start teaching us Spanish. I am really looking forward to our next lesson since the main focus will be on Omar teaching us Spanish.