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Italian – Vietnamese first meeting

Sara and I has our first meeting on Zoom on 12/9 for 1.5 hour. This is quite an inconvenience as we cannot directly contact with each other which makes the process of learning ( esp. pronunciation which depends on looking at how our mouth looks like when saying the words) more difficult to achieve ( plus the connection was bad and we could not turn on the camera while interacting). However, we were still able to overcome this with all of our efforts.

We both learnt and taught the alphabet. For Italian, I had chance to look over some basic expressions like “Hello”, ” How are you?”, ” Good morning/ afternoon/evenning…”, and some more. I could comperehend a little bit about how to pronounce the words when letters are combined. I love listening and learning the beauty of Italian ( at least until now!!!). Vietnamese as I heard from my foreigners is quite hard to learn, but Sara managed the first process pretty well, she listened to my pronunciation through Zoom and repeated relatively exactly, she is kind of a hard and smart learner, I suppose she will succeed more in the future.

Our meeting was successful, we basically achived what we planned and hope that we will keep this streak going up and be able to do some basic communication soon.


Finnish-German first meeting

Kira and me met yesterday for the first time! We went to Cafe Puisto, which is a really nice cafe/restaraunt right in the centre of Tampere. First we got to know each other a little bit in English but soon switched to Finnish and German.

Kira understood almost everything I said in Finnish and also spoke Finnish really well! Me on the other hand had problems remembering even basic words, but lucky for me I have a good teacher. We went through some basic words, like animals, family, countries and means of transportation. She only had a couple of words that I had to help her with. I was happy and quite surprised that I remembered even a few words in German since it’s been some time since I last studied German and was never very good at it. Kira also taught me many new words but I’ve already forgotten them since I only heard them and didn’t see them written down.

I had fun and I’m already looking forward to meeting her again!

1st meeting: Finnish – German

Sofia and me had our first meeting in Café Puisto in Tampere yesterday evening. Luckily we are both in Finland, so we were able to meet in real life. It was really nice to meet her and we had a lot of fun together!
First we talked in english to get to know each other. We had many topics to talk about, for example our studies, especially starting to study in this “corona time”.

Then we talked about some basic topics like introducing ourselves, talking about family, animals and countries in german and finnish.
I already know the basics of finnish, so my goal is to speak finnish a bit more fluently and it definitely helped to talk to Sofia.
I feel quite confident when speaking finnish with Sofia, because she understands me well and speaks really clear and understandable! 🙂
It has been a while since Sofia last studied german, so it was a bit hard for her to remember some words. Nevertheless she still managed well, for example in describing her family in german!

We both figured out that it’s quite hard/almost impossible to remember new words without seeing them written down, so next time we will write down new vocabularies for sure!

First meeting, first laughs!

It’s time for our first lesson!

Danh and me met online in a zoom meeting on Saturday 12.09. It was our first official meeting and it lasted 1,5 h, each of us was teaching for about 45 minutes .

Danh is in Vietnam so the only possibility of meeting for us is through Zoom. The first lesson was really exciting! In italian we went through the alphabet and some basic words and expressions. In Vietnamese we went through the alphabet and the different sounds that are formed with more letters. Vietnamese is hard!

The pronunciation for Danh in italian is quite easy, he’s very good at it. For me it was a bit more challenging because the sounds in Vietnamese are very different than in any other language that I speak. I am still very motivated and aiming for an A2 level!

We will meet every week and also go through the things we did on our own at home. It was really fun to have this first lesson with Danh and I am looking forward to learning more and getting better!








– Sara Di Giovanni

Final meeting Spanish-Finnish


Like all good things this as well had to come to an end. This lesson we wanted everybody to think of a scenario that they would like to play out with another person. For me It was a scenario of from a mexican restaurant where I had to go through the whole situation in Spanish. With heavy struggles and quite a bit of help from Fabian I was able to order 3 course meal and even pay for it in the end.

This was a really useful lesson as these scenarios were realistic and thorough.

Have a great summer and enjoy the warmth!

9th meeting Spanish-Finnish

After a long brake we were able to jump back on the figurative horse, even though the lesson was probably the hardest one we have had so far it turned out great once again.

The main goal was to create sentences in future and past tense. This caused me a lot of headache but managed to get it right eventually. In the end the headache did prove to be worthy as I learned some really useful ways to building new phrases.

Spanish-Finnish 8th meeting


The eight meeting was once again a online meeting but it did not slow us down, we started the lesson early in the morning and we were focusing on telling about our day in Spanish. This proved to be rather difficult and finding the right vocabulary on the spot was really challenging.

This session Fabian gave us some homework as well, we had to read an news article in Spanish and find all the verbs from it. The homework was excellent because I had to actually understand everything I read to find the verbs.

7th meeting Spanish-Finnish


For the 7th meeting we unfortunately were not able to meet face to face due to the current pandemic. Although meeting was online we were able to have plenty of fun while learning. On learning part we were focusing on rehearsing the knowledge we had gathered so far. The main points being body parts, weekdays and using verbs.

Going through the subjects again was a really good method to strengthen the language and vocabulary.

Sixth meeting Spanish-Finnish


For the sixth meeting we were once again gathering to Fabian´s place for some wine and cheeses. Again getting deeper to the culture and food part of Mexico we were enjoying the learning through good food and company.

Once again I was surprised at how much easier it was to learn the language while just having fun with friends. During the meeting we were learning some Spanish songs and  cultural aspects behind them, we also had Diego rehearse some children’s songs with us .

Fifth meeting spanish-finnish

For the fifth meeting we decided to have a Mexican dinner Fabian´s place. During the cooking and food preparations we were studying the names of the foods in Spanish and some history behind how they became part of the Mexican culture.

Learning through cooking great food was a lot of fun and it was easy to mesmerize the words when you are able to see the actual ingredient.