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Чёрный кот/Meeting 8


What the great possibility to continue our Each One Teach One meetings. That time it was our 8 meeting continuations of previous one.  That time we were watching  The Adventures of Buratino (Russian: Приключения Буратино, translit. Priklyucheniya Buratino) is a Soviet children’s musical film. The film was an adaptation of The Golden Key, or the Adventures of Buratino by Alexey Tolstoy, in turn, an adaptation of The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.

The second thing was listening song  “Чёрный кот”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCeG1hy19sg  “Black Cat”.  The song was born in 1963 and very fast become popular and tranclate into germany, english,polish, czech. Song tell a story about a black cat and his unhappy. People don´t like black cats because they bring troubles and unlucky, but until now the only black cat is unhappy. This song lets for us a good topic to discuss superstitions and proverbs in different cultures.
After short review I try to explain for Leila what is the main point of the movie and translate words, funny meanings, also we reiterate vocabulary from classes before. The meeting was successful.