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First Meeting in Aussie bar

We are a group of 10 people from Finland, France, Russia and Germany.  Everyone wants to learn every language of these four. Our general goal is to receive basic speaking skills in each of these languages.

Our first meeting was on thursday in the Aussie bar. We introduced ourselves and told things about our home countries. So we’ve learned a little bit of the French Culture,  a few Russian expressions, things about Finnish people and something about Germans carnival called Fasnacht.

We decided that every meeting has a different language. We will start on Sunday with our first lesson in French.

Learning Dutch from Belgian guy

hollandflagIt’s been a while since we had our first meeting with Anna and Bryan. Anna is a fellow Finn and Bryan is an exchange master’s student from Belgium who was willing to teach us Dutch language. Not an easy one. belgiumflag

We met back in February or already in Jan, I’m not sure, but anyway we set up some goals (1st meeting) and interest and made some kind of a timetable at and obviously decided to meet for the first lecture. That session was held on 16th of February what was our 2nd meeting.

It was first Bryan’s turn to make some sense to Dutch language for me and Aeoto1nna. He had made these really cool sheets for teaching. We learned Dutch alphabets, how to greet people and of course, pronounciation which is not very easy for a Finn. At least to remember. And to me those hard consonants are quite hard to utter. But it definitely felt like I learned a lot even in that short period of time. In the end of the lesson Bryan told us some facts about Belgium:


* Belgium was founded in 1830
* There are three official languages: Dutch, German and French
* They’re known for chocolate, beer, waffles and French fries (And I’ve tasted all of them when visiting Brussels and they’re the best!)
* A few years ago Belgium had no government for 541 days!
* They have 2 kings and 2 queens


My friend and me having a waffle in Brussels back in the days. I recommend!




Unti next time!

Each One Teach One #1

EOTO n°1!Hi Everyone!


Firstly, just to let you know, I had my first course many days ago and I am quite late to write my first article… Forgive me!

EOTO n°1

I am doing this partnership with Beatrice; she teaches me Italian while I teach her French. We already met us before since we are living  each other in TOAS City.

Beatrice has already studied French before, and she is good, but she is not practicing a lot. As she has to pass an exam when she will come back home, she gave me what she will be supposed to know and I am gonna do my best to help her to success!

As I am concerned, I have never learnt Italian and start as beginner.


For our first meeting, we were really classic and met each other in our common kitchen; I have to admit it was the easiest way for this first time.

In French, we worked the pronunciation; even if Beatrice speaks already French well, we discovered that she had some problems, specifically with the letters Q – U – R. We used a long time with this letters and managed them with different combinations. At the end, it was already really better!

In Italian, logically, to start, we worked about basics things; more precisely Beatrice taught me the alphabet and his pronunciation, the numbers and the verbs to be and to have in present. We finished our meeting with the learning of common expressions as “my names is..”, “I am X years old” and so on.

In one course, I really had the feeling to discover many many things about a completely unknown language, so it is good!