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Somehow we decided this meeting began at 8.15 am. You know what happened next…

We were all there on time 😀

The learning theme today was direction in German and in Finnish.

The picture was downloaded from the Internet by Tabea. Then we trained to say directions based on that picture in English, German and Finnish and converted them into a table. Pronunciation was a tough task for all of us! At first, we did not expect this task to be that difficult. However, it turned out to be quite challenging. Well a great lesson here, high expectations will get you nowhere.

Then we ended up discussing some basic sayings/greetings in Finnish and German.

More Dutch basics!


Fourth meeting took again place at Y-campus. Bryan thought me more basic Dutch like numbers, colours, some verbs and personal pronouns. He had again made nice learning sheets for me. 🙂

We also talked about Belgian towns and cities, which ones I should visit when going to Amsterdam for exchange and of course travelling while in there. Seems like everything is right next to each other. So I will deffo visit those recommended places. I also told Bryan that I’m a big fan of films and rock music too, so he gave me few names to listen to as well as some films that he thought are good to watch.


I’ve had a go with the recommended music and I quite like this band called Gorki. I don’t really understand anything yet, obviously but at least my ears get used to Dutch language. 🙂

And here’s also nice video from them with subtitles:

Each One Teach One #4

Bienvenue_chez_les_CH'TISThis meeting has been very relaxing an funny because we decided to watch a movie!

We were speaking about this idea since a long time, we had a intense week last week, with many exams, and so, we thought it was time to do it!

We watched a french movie, Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, which is a French Comedy, in French with English subtitles.

You can see a trailer here!

Photo iPhone


To stay in the “French mood”, I brought red wine, cheese and “baguette”, to introduce French food to Beatrice!:)