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After intense learning, we decided to do some relaxing topic related to facts and fun facts about 2 cultures: German and Finnish.

Here are the lists of facts that we discussed so far:

1, German culture:

  • In German, “thanks” means no. If someone asks you “Would you like a drink?” and you say “Danke”. That actually means “No, thank you.” But if you say, “Bitte” or “Please,” that means yes. So, to recap: “Thanks” means no thanks, and “please” means no. Wish I had known this before my trip to Germany 🙁
  • The middle finger is ILLEGAL. A driver can even report your license plate if they see you throwing up the one-finger salute, resulting in a lovely police letter and a fine.
  • Drinking alcohol in public is illegal.
  • October festival does not start on October.
  • On the first day of first grade, every child gets a giant cone filled with toys and candy.
  • People do not sing the whole national anthem.
  • People from the north will not understand people from the south fully due to dialects.
  • Other countries speak German as well.
  • Different names of same food in different parts of Germany.

2, Finnish culture:

  • There are more saunas than whole national population.
  • Finns love coffee.
  • People have to wave hands for the bus to stop.
  • Avanto-ice diving is very popular.
  • Skiing, ski, iceskating, snowboarding and icefishing are popular hobbies in winter.
  • Personal space: 1 meter from each other please!
  • It gets colder up north.

Karelian Pies

I invited Bryan and his girlfriend who were visiting in Tampere to my home to cook one traditional Finnish food; Karelian Pies (in Finnish Karjalan piirakka) with eggbutter. I’m actually from South Karelia that these days belongs mostly to Russia (after WW II); information on Karelia in Wikipedia. Well, anyway, I made this tiny booklet of Finnish foods to Bryan and gave him a recipe for Karelian pies and he started to work. Very professionally, I must say.

It takes about 1,5 hours to prepare pies or probably less if you are a professional. I’ve made them now three times during my adulthood but I’m already getting better and faster.

Bryan and his girlfriend had just visited Tallinn, the beautiful capital of Estonia, and brought some cheap spirits from there and they were kind enough to bring some with them. So, obviously, we had some Finnish Minttu-viina with pies (not really obvious, we, here in Finland like to keep our alcohol separated from food :D).

Bryan buttering the pies.
Bryan buttering the pies.
Dinner time!
Dinner time!

Each One Teach One #5

Second relaxing time with a second movie!

(We did eat many days ago, I’m quite late to write this article.., forgive me!)

NORD_SUD_bisAfter having watched the french comedy Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, and eaten French food, we decided to watch “the same movie”, but from Italy, and to eat Italian food.

We watched Benvenuti al Sud, in Italian with English subtitles. When I’m saying “the same movie”, the film is a remake of Bienvenue chez les Ch’ti, but Italian version. It was really funny to compare the same subject, from France and then from Italy.


You can see a trailer here!

Like the last time, to be in “the mood”, we ate Italian food, we ate Tiramisù! But before that, Bea tried to teach me how to make it! Basically I’m really a bad cook, and in addition, Bea taught me how to make it in Italian.., imagine…! Finally, we did it together, ate it before and during the movie, and it was really good!