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Hi guys,

Well well well, it has been quite a loooong time since my last blog post. Guess what, Hang is back with her crew GFV.

Today, we had a food tour in Lidl in Finlaysonkatu. It was my first time there for 14 months living in Tampere, Finland. It was good. We decided to buy needed ingredients for baking tomorrow. Tabea and Tuuli introduced to me many interesting things of Christmas, which I never knew before. Such included the chocolate calendar, candles, Christmas chocolate, and Cool Santa. It took us around an hour inside the supermarket.

After that, Tiger was our next destination. We had A LOT OF FUN there. Everything was so cute that we wanted to buy them all. Seriously, EVERYTHING!!! It felt like I was living my childhood again with all sparkling items and cute decoration things. Tuuli told me one joke from her psychological teacher that is to MARRY MONEY. If I got a guy who would like to buy me the whole shop, I would get married to him XD. Yeah we all know it is a joke, don’t we?

It was pretty much for today tour. I loved it and I also enjoyed spending time with these two lovely girls. Looking forward for tomorrow baking!!!

A lovely quote for such a rainy day:

When life gives you rainy days, wear cute boots and jump in the puddles!


Ice Hockey in May the 1st

The last time before this I suggested to Bryan that he should definitely watch ice hockey while World Championships are going on as Finland is known its enthusiastics towards ice hockey. And as I happened to work in a bar they show it from a big screen, we went there. It also happened to be May Day aka Vappu in Finnish and there were a lot of people recovering from last night’s partying. More about Vappu: Walpurgis Night in Finland.

Ice hockey. Finnish national sport. On May 1st the tournament started against USA who beat us 5 to 1. Nothing more to say about that.  During the game we talked about Finnish traditions and ice hockey in general.

Each One Teach One #7

Hi Everyone!


After have worked “language” skills last time, for our 7th meeting, we decided to work more about cultural aspects. Both of us, we are listening music all the time, when we are happy, sad, anxious, to wake up, to fall asleep.. and it seemed us, as an evidence, to exchange about music!

Bea and me prepared this course by selecting typical French & Italian musics, and for each of them, we listened it, spoke about the melody, the feelings given by those songs, and then, we worked on the lyrics. Just for Bea, who is more advanced in French, than me in English, we paid attention to the original lyrics as well.

Variété française!I chose 2 very known “french variety” (= variété française) singers, who are Jean-Jacques Goldman, and Claude François. For me, they are typical french variety singers. However, it was difficult to select specific songs, I like many of them… Finally, we listen “Puisque tu pars” and “Au bout de mes rêves”, from Jean-Jacques Goldman, and “Comme d’Habitude” and “Alexandrie Alexandra” from Claude Francois.

Laura_pausini_1993About Italian songs, Bea introduced me her favorite singer, who is Laura Pausini. She selected 3 songs, “Come se non fosse stato mai amore”, “La solitudine” and “Strani amori”. I knew already “La solitudine”, that I find really very beautiful, but I discovered the 2 others. I cannot say which one I preferred.., I enjoyed listening all of them; they are a lot of emotion.

I have been lucky and really happy, because Bea prepared us an Italian desert with chocolate! I’m not able to show a picture; I thought about it after we finished it! 😋