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#3 Aregala Gala Evening

All in all the first day was already an amazing experience for me and Hanna and her teacher invited me to the Gala Event the next day which took place at the Kauppahalli.

I walked around the whole evening and watched the different chefs cooking their dishes – and of course took a lot of pictures from everything. The chefs decorated their stall with things from the country and some also brought some souvenirs and give aways.

There were a lot of nicely dressed guests to taste the international food and wine, served by the chefs and their assistants/students from TAMK. But you couldn’t only experience food but also Jazz Music and Capoeira.

I didn’t learn much Swedish the two days but it was a great experience to get to know different countries, their food and the chefs. And thanks to the international chefs I heard a lot of French, Spanish and German – so I definitely had some language experiences there. And I prepared a vocabulary list for Hanna in french, with a lot of food and kitchen vocabulary which we tried to learn and learn to pronounce them during we met at the events.

Thanks again to Hanna and her teachers, that they made this possible for me! I can just recommend this event to everybody who wants to experience an international flair and amazing food!

#2 International get-together at Aregala

Hanna and her teacher Leila invited me to the Aregala Event which took place the last two days (02.-04.10.) at TAMK.

I got a short tour around the area from Hanna, to get to know every place, of course the whole event and how it was organised, because Hanna was one of the organisers from TAMK. I was also introduced to many people and felt very welcomed there. And it was also very impressive to see, what students and teachers can mount together.

After the tour I discovered the event by myself to make some pictures. I was a while in the auditorium to watch the Canadian Team cooking. The canadian chef did it very well and I almost felt like watching a TV show. But when I went outside the auditorium again, I realised that this was real, because the food was already waiting beneath the warming lamps to be served. I stayed outside near the warming lamps to take some pictures of the food, or maybe better the artwork they did!

I was also invited to take part of a Masterclass,  get inside the kitchen and cook with the chefs. I went to the Nicaraguan Masterclass and learned a lot about the country and the food they serve there. Their food is very simple, but very very tasty:

  • Pork stuffed Cassava fritters, avocado mousse and Pico de callo.
  • Chicken skewer with vegetables and smoked potato, garnished with northern salad
  • Pie of Pitaya