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Tenth Meeting – Christmas Party!

We met at Janica’s home to celebrate a Christmas Party!

In the begining she showed us a Photo Album of her Exchange to Argentina. It was very fun to see all the pictures and to listen to the stories she told us! She was staying in Buenos Aires, but also had some time to travel to Uruguay and Brasil- It was very funny because when I saw the picture of her in the beach in Montevideo it happens that I live 2 blocks away from the place the picture was taken!

From her visit to Argentina Janica has a mate, so she had it ready when we arrived. Getuar had never tried mate so I was very excited to see if he would like it or not. The mate had some sugar in it, so it was not the original one (it is very bitter) but it was ok for him.

We spent the evening listening to Christmas songs and telling each other how do we spend Christmas time. We had some Finnish Christmas food: joulutorttu, glögi, ginger breads and chocolate. It was a lovely evening and I didn’t wanted to end!

It was very nice to meet Janica and Getuar so I will be forever thankful to this course of giving me the chance to meet them! I hope we can meet again in the future!

At the end of the meeting Janica was so nice to gave us a ride back home 🙂

First meeting – Coffee and introductions

Our first meet was held at Wayne’s Coffee, after some weeks of deliberation on when to meet. Initially we were a group of 5 people, but in the end just 3 of us remained: Janica, Getuar and me.

I arrived to the Coffee in the exact moment when Janica and Getuar was meeting each other in the line. I was a little bit nervous about the expectations they would have for learning Spanish. But I was relieved after meeting them. They are so nice!

The first thing we did was buying some coffee and sitting to introduce to each other, we have a very nice talk about who we are and what we do.

Janica is from Tampere and last semester she went to Argentina for a exchange, for me that was a relief because she is used to hear people speaking like me (for example uruguayan and argentinian people will pronounce the word ‘Yo’ as “Sho” instead of “Io”).

Getuar is from Espoo but he is studying at Tampere. Getuar is a triplet! so he has 2 sisters. He was born in Finland but his parents are from Albania. I really liked to hear about the story of his parents.

I told them that I am from Uruguay, from a city called Rivera which is located in the border with Brasil. In the other side of the border there is a Brazilian city called Santana do Livramento, and the only things that divide the two cities is a street and a park. You can cross freely from one country to the other whenever you want.

We started to learn basic vocabulary. We learned how to introduce ourselves, how to say hello/goodbye and some other useful phrases:







I really liked this meeting  because I was able to meet Janica and Getuar and also to learn some new vocabulary. I am looking forward for the next meeting.


The last one…

For the last meeting of EOTO, we decided to go for a walk through Tampere! The sun is finally shinning again and is not to cold anymore 🙂

We walk around thinking about all the words and culture we have exchange during this 5 months, and let me tell u…. it was fun doing this each one teach one course.

So we stopped in front of different places around the city and we teach each other the names in Spanish and French.

For example:

Butcher: Carnicero, Boucher

Bakery: Panaderia, Boulangerie

Restaurant: Restaurante, Restaurant

Bridge: Puente, Pont.

Hairdresser: Peluquero (SP), Coiffeur (FR)

Supermarket: Supermercado, Supermarché

Clothing store: Tienda de ropa, Boutique de vetements

If u want to learn more here u can find more places in french-spanish



Thank you to Emilie for being my EOTO partner! 🙂 and see u around!

Argentina-France christmas :)

So after vacations we met in Tamk and talk a lot a about Christmas traditions in France and in Argentina.

We talk about christmas food, decorations and things people do during holidays in our countries and it was very interesting. Is so different mostly because in Argentina is always summer for Christmas so for example we don’t really eat much food…is too hot!

Here u can find some things to do if ur lucky to be in Paris someday for Christmas 🙂


And here something about how we (Argentinians) celebrate Christmas

http://www.whychristmas.com/cultures/argentina.shtmlEl Magni 107 - Caliente Navidad


Anyways was a great meeting like always 😉

Let’s talk about french!

Qué hacén boludos!

This meeting took place in UTA’s cafeteria and we had coffee & tea there.

I like this lesson, we finally had some french!
Emilie teach me how to say Hello and Bye in french, both formal and informal ways.  And also she try to teach me some pronunciation because even if you know the word in french if u can’t pronunce it is almost as if u didn’t know it at all, cause people won’t understand you anyways :P.


  • AI, É, È, Ë, Ê = slightly different Finnish E sound
  • E, EU = pronounced same way as Finnish Ö
  • AN – EN = similar sound not existing in Finnish language but kind of “Awww” sound
  • ge, gi, gy = g as j sound
  • ga, go, gu = hard g sound

Then I learn some basic french sentences such as “What time is it?” “How much does this cost?” “Where is….?” “Where are…?” 🙂 totally important if I want to visit France, hopefully soon!

Also we had some time to talk a bit more about Argentina’s foods ( we eat mostly italian, and spanish foods) and when did we change the original spanish to “our” spanish (18th century).

And saw some of Dustin Luke’s Youtube Videos, he’s a gringo (from USA) but lives in Buenos Aires. He posted this videos about him talking argentinian and is amazing how can he imitate the argentinian accent.

Ah! Important note: almost all latin americans hate when people say “Americans” to people from USA, America is a continent, we are all Americans! 🙂

Once again…great lesson!

Third One!

We meet this time at Stockmann´s coffee shop, after fall break.

We didnt have chance to talk much about French language beacause Emilie told me shes considering Argentina, Buenos Aires to do her exchage in 2015 so we had tons of stuff to talk about.

First we talked about climate in Argentina (more about my country: www.roughguides.com/destinations/south-america/argentina)and then we play to find diffrerences between Costarican spanish &Argentinian spanish. For example:

Tu/Usted : Vos                             Hola: Che              La Goma: La resaca

Tonto/tonta (in a friendly way): Boludo/Boluda        Borracho/a: En pedo                           Como esta/Pura Vida? : Qué onda?                                 El Autobus: El Bondi                                Piña: Anana(s)                  Melocoton: Durazno                        Maiz: Choclo                   Aguacate: Palta        Fresa: Frutilla                    Coger: Agarrar              Follar: Coger

Qué onda? Nada, al pedo -> What’s up? Nothing much (pedo=fart)                                      Pedo is very much used in all cases,

en pedo: drunk

al pedo: with anything to do, in vain

ni en pedo: no way!

de pedo: no me cai de pedo (i didnt fall luckly)

a los pedos: really quickly

cagado a pedos: to call atention, reprimand

Estoy echo mierda -> I feel like crap

To say “there are a lot of cars”, I would use “Hay muchos coches” but Argentinians would say “Hay une bocha de coches!”

To ignore: Cortar el rostro                         It sucks!:  Es un bajón!photo-2-300x223

2nd Meeting!

Our second meeting was just before the Fall break. We set it up in Emilie´s apartment and we had coffee to warm up this cold day.

We watch a lot of videos in Youtube and internet about Argentinian accent, latin music and French culture.

Emilie was stunned how difefrent we talk to the rest of spanish speakers, but I think our accent is the coolest of all! (sorry other spanish speakers!)

Great videos we watch:


Great time again! Next meeting: different words or meaning of spanish words.


France-Argentina first meeting

Hello everyone! Finally posting about my meetings with Emilie 🙂 Gonna post about the first one now cause I didnt have time to do it before but here it goes…

On our first meeting we had lunch at school and we talked moslty about culture, Argentinian and French. Mainly about that you need to use Argentinian spanish when in Argentina (cause some words can have different meanings and also because our especial spanish- we use vos instead of ) and french in France cause people dont like english or are really bad at talking it there.

I discover Emilie is actually half finnish, I thought she was just full french XD so we had also a talk about how important bilingüism is and how good is for kids to learn both of the parents languages. I asked a lot about how her mom made her not give up her finnish while living in France because I have a little boy and she gave me great tips to make my son love spanish as much as his finnish.

Was a great meeting and it was great to meet Emilie.

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