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Eight meeting…let’s talk about drinks

Spontaneous meeting in cafeteria, so we started talking and end up in food related themes.

I told Emilie I had to create a website for one of my courses, and I created one about Argentinian food.  I showed her my website and I told her the pint was to introduce people a bit about what argentinians eat…cause we don’t eat for example spicy foods.

In the website u can see everyday dishes, some sweets stuff (like dulce de leche)and drinks.


I told her people drink beer but we have this other beverage Fernet con coca, that everyone loves and is super popular in argentina. Its coca cola with fernet mixed together.Cant be pepsi, or light or zero coke…it has to be norma coca-cola! If not it taste terrible 😛


Argentinians love Fernet con coca 🙂

And Emilie told about this tradicional french beverage, mostly for woman. It has lemonade,beer and pomegranate sirup. The sirup can be of different flavors like raspberry, peach, etc But the tradicional one is done with pomegranate one.

monaco1-224x300Of course is a girl/woman drink, it looks pretty and yummy! 🙂 A must try!


Role playing in 7th meeting

7 th meeting with Emilie in Flowork (Tamk), because Emilie has access there, so we 6 th meeting with Emilie in Flowork (Tamk), because Emilie has access there, so we thought is great place to be in peace and have some free coffee. We met there an hour before the EOTO pre-christmas party in Tamko. Nice meeting u all by the way :)The first thing we did was to talk about our plans for the holidays and how are we doing with all the finals going on…all this in spanish 🙂
As Emilie said in her post, we do speak more english that we should. For me is weird to meet someone and start talking one language and then switch to other language. So I guess we should have talk spanish since he beginning so my brain would think as Emilie as spanish speaker for ever ;D
But anyway we do manage to speak other languages…but for some reason the explanations are always in english.After this we have this game, role play, Emilie just randomly said:“Emilce, now you are in Paris, sitting at a coffee place. You are the client I am the waitress. I do not speak English, neither Spanish.”’So I didn’t have much option but ordering a coffee in french 😀 we talk about random stuff and then we run to the party because we didn’t want to be late!

Meeting number 6!

This meeting was at Emilie’s apartment 🙂

We thought about practicing pronunciation and what better (and funny) way to do it saying tongue twisters!

First we taught each other tongue twister we knew like

Erre con erre, guitarra;
erre con erre, carril:
rápido ruedan los carros,
rápido el ferrocarril.


Tres tristes tigres comen trigo en un trigal…but couldn’t remember the rest so we decided to google and we end up watching some cool tongue twisted videos on Youtube.

Spanish tongue twisters: http://www.educar.org/lengua/trabalenguas.asp

French tongue twisters:http://michel.buze.perso.neuf.fr/lavache/virelangues.htm