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Our third Finnish/Korean meeting


Meeting time: 4 hours

We went to Cafe Konditoria where are a lot of comfy sofas and when ordering coffee, you can get one extra coffee for free! This warms my cheap student heart!

This time we talked a lot about all kinds of stuff but what really stuck to mind was South-Korea’s traditional clothes. In South-Korea, they have this absolutely gorgeous dress called ‘Hanbok’ = 한복. It is still worn by people while participating special occasions such as weddings. There are so many colors and variations of hanboks:

I prefer really lightly pastel colored ones or dark deep colors in hanboks:

Men have their own as well but nowadays it is not popularly worn by young men.

Then there are the modernized versions of hanboks. These tend to be shorter, trendier and combined with modern accessories and shoes. The dresses look a lot livelier and brighter. I prefer the more traditional design but these are definitely very pretty! There’s a lot more variation with the modern versions as well in regarding the length of the hemline, colors, patterns and the little jackets.

I was told that even though Hanboks are not that popular these days, their popularity is growing amongst the younger generation now after Korea’s economical growth. I Really want to try one on!


#2 – How to go shopping in German! – An adventure in Sokos

Language-addicts, how are you? 😀 I hope you survived your autumn break and are ready for the 2nd period! 😉

Sorry for the delay of this entry for above mentioned reasons ghehe ;D

Our second EOTO meeting was in the week before the break, I wanted do something practical and useful, so I took my students Maija and Kaisa to Sokos (always go somewhere inside now. always. so cold outside, brrr!) for practicing shopping phrases and some vocabulary for the things you can buy there.

For that I prepared a sheet with phrases to use, vocabulary and colours, you can find it here in case you’re interested:

>>> SHOPPING in German.pdf

We walked trhough the floors and talked about trying clothes on and I learned that “Sovitus” is the Finnish word for the changing room 😀 Now I can find it in every store hehe. It’s so funny that I also learn about Finnish things even though we’re supposed to be a one-way-learning group 🙂

On our way to the top floor we were talking about various products from clothes to shoes and finally we talked about lamps and decoration materials. While walking around they could ask me more questions about phrases and words which were not on the sheet.


They are pretty good in German already but need to get used to actually using some grammar and  vocabulary! 🙂 I think that’s important in every language! 8D Let’s keep talking and talking, it’s the best way to practice!

I am looking forward to next time, I think it’s going pretty well already and I even learn a little bit Finnish thanks to Kaisa and Maija, it’s so fun! ♥

See you again!

#7. Well done, Have fun!

Good afternoon, dear EOTO family! Our city is getting more beautiful. This autumn charms drive me crazy… Besides school work and EOTO programme, me and Sebastjan are like fellow traveler who share week-day activities. Those pictures were taken together with my teacher. We always practice our language skills.


The last lecture was pretty intensive and informative. We started from checking my Finnish homework I mentioned in my previous blog post. I accurately translated 27 sentences at home and changed them from positive past tense to a negative one. Guess what? Sebastjan likes challenging me. He asked me to say the same phrase in Present Tense, Present Tense negative, Past Tense and Past Tense negative (which was my initial home task). It took me a long time but this was an excellent exercise where I got a chance to think and speak, rather than write and read. After all we moved to a text which was also a part of my homework. Currently, I can say without any doubt that I have lots of useful tools in my Finnish Grammar “suitcase”. I know Present and Past tenses, Personal Pronoun, Possessive Suffixes, Noun Cases, Consonant Gradation, Vowel Harmony and other small things which polished my language skills. It’s time to move on, isn’t it?! From now on we leave grammar behind and focus on speaking. Terrifying part is coming…

As for the Russian lecture, we covered quite a few topics because Sebastjan was in a mood! Autumn break made us more relaxed, or, to be honest, atmosphere was not hectic. (not a single soul in the building). We discussed following topics: Where and when you were born? Where have you been living/working? How old are you? Greetings. Time. Location. Let’s go to… and so on. It was a pure pleasure to build an entire conversation with my student who made a tremendous progress. After all we just kept talking in Russian like we used to have a common language. It was amazing!

I’m full of new ideas! Let’s see what’s on the agenda next time!

Cheers! Yuliya.


Simple but enjoyable first meeting!

For our first eoto session we decided to take the easy way out and go to Wayne’s coffee, a small talk in a nice place never disappoints! Once we were there with a coffee mug, we started to talk about our languages. Turns out that Melanie actually knows a bit of Spanish and she speaks it very well! On the other hand, Ishell and I know nothing [like Jon Snow (Game of Thrones reference lol)] about German. Considering the situation we decided to start with the basics of German and it went pretty well in my opinion.

  • Zwanzig
  • Wie gehts?
  • Ich komme aus Spanien

Those are just some stuff I can remember without looking at my notes! As a learning experience I’m comfortable because the Q&A way works very well for the first time.

After the coffee session we went for a “walk-about” in which we compared some aspects related to our countries’ culture. Also, we noticed that Austrians and Germans have the same problem as Mexicans and Spanish when it comes to different words or expressions using the same language. While we walked around, we came across with a secondary school and it’s beautiful autumn scenery.