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Pleasant Afternoon!

This was our first time(Wednesday 12.9.2018) to  play outside. We decided to go to the market together , so we agreed to meet at Tullintori which was close to the TAMK. Although we had a little late because we didn’t catch the bus on time, they still wait for us patiently. At that time ,I really think my partner Jenny was really considerate:)Finally ,we decided to go to the Skybar with Jenny ,her friend Meri and her boyfriend Toni.

When we  got to the Skybar ,I was exciting about the beautiful sightseeing! I can see the panorama of Tampere. We ordered different drinks and then started chatting at Skybar. Jenny taught us the pronunciation of number 1-10 , four seasons and the weekdays in Finnish. It’s very difficult for us to pronounce . And  we were amazing that Toni told us they faced the mirror and  practiced the pronunciation of the letter “R” when they were small children!!!Also,we taught Jenny how to say months,weekdays and number.Besides ,we also taught some simple greeting sentences and “I love you” in Chinese and it’s the same as the pronunciation of “wall eye knee” in English.

It’s really a good afternoon for us. Finally, Toni invited us to take his boat next spring.I was really happy at that time,because I really want to go around Tampere by boat.Besides,we also decided to enjoy the sauna next time and I hope that would also become a wonderful memory in my life!


For the 6th meeting we decided to meet at a bar and learn some free time related vocabulary, like how to order a drink for example. We met at Kivenheitto and we were supposed to play billiard but sadly the bar was really crowded for a Wednesday so we had to settle for a few games of table football. I am writing this post a few months late so I am not sure what the final score was but I am pretty sure I won… Memories grow sweeter with time.

After my supposed victory we went to a different, less crowded, bar called Salhojankadun Pub. I’ve heard that it is the oldest pub in Tampere and it is very conveniently located right downstairs from my apartment. At Salhojankadun Pub we enjoyed a few drinks and talked about vocabulary related to bars and drinks.

I had such a great time and I am looking forward to actually using these phrases someday!


Bar night!

For our 6th meeting, Elisa and I decided to go to a bar. We really wanted to play some pool, so we went to Kivenheitto. It was extremely crowded for a weekday and because of that we couldn’t play pool. But there also was a Soccer table. This was really funny and I think in the end it was a draw.  Because it was really crowded, we decided to go to another bar. This was a really small one and to be honest I don’t know the name of this bar. While enjoying a drink and some live music, we talked about words to do with bar.





Could I have a beer please?

(Yksi) Olut, kiitos.

Mag ik een bier alstublieft?

How much does a beer costs?

Paljonko, oluk maksaa?

Hoeveel kost een biertje?


Olut or Kalja





Long drink


Long drink




















It was a pity that we couldn’t play some pool, but other than that it was a really nice night! I can’t wait till the next meeting.



Meeting #12: Adiós Amigos

After 4 months in a foreign country were we have lived through a bunch of new and crazy, fun and sad, mentionable and better not mentioned situations and experiences we finally stepped on one of our last milestones. The last meeting of each one teach one has come. And what place would be better as location as the bar we had met the first time, even before each one teach one began – Ravintola Mallashovi. During our time here in Tampere this bar has become to one of our favorite places in the city. With its charme, calmness, variety of pub games and cheap drinks it had owned the german title “Stammkneipe”.
And so we went there on this Thursday evening. Talking about the time here, playing games and thinking about our meetings we had. For myself it was really astonishing, how fast the time passed from our first meeting at the football game until today. We also came to some conclusions. One of it was that Spanish is definitely easier to learn and teach than German. Not only grammar and vocabulary are quite difficult but pronunciation as well. You also have think of the fact that spoken German differs a lot, depending on the area were you want to travel to and the several dialects are often very hard to understand. I think that´s something, someone who really wants to learn it has to consider. Another point was the documentation of our meetings. I think it would have helped if we had something like an agenda in the beginning of every meeting that somehow could have given a line for us on which we could a bit orientate. On the other side that maybe would have destroyed our free and collaborative working attitude. Last but not least some words to the planning of the meetings. I guess we all have made the experience that especially in the end of the semester the time for the meetings got less and less. Since everyone was much clamped to his tasks, exams and presentations for university. The arrangement of the last meetings we had was always kind of stressful because it was hard to figure out a good date. So as a conclusion of that we would say, it would have been better if we had started earlier and much more frequent. Netherless we managend it and brought it to an appropriate end. The rest of the evening we spent playing darts – a game that can get very dangerous if you play it with Oscar 😀 (insider joke) and also one game that we all will miss very much cause we don´t have it in Germany – Tablecurling.
So that was my each one teach one experience. And as difficult it is for an author to find a good ending line for his book it is difficult for me to find one for this blog. I just want to thank the whole each one teach one – team because you make it possible for us to get these extraordinary experience. And I also want to thank my team, which in this time here became my friends. I will miss you all guys and I really hope to see you again!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel , only read  a single page of it .”
Augustinus Aurelius

meeting at O’connell’s Bar #8

Last thirsday i met my group in  O’connell’s Bar to see a english comedy. This comedy was for the first part about simple finnish things, like “pikkujoulut” in finland. For example funny thing about pikkujoulut is, that its translation in english is “little christmas” and we don’t why “little”.

The second part of the comedy was made by improvisers, they were five and to find a subject they used hashtag on twitter according to “pikkujoulut”. So we had #blackout #hats #petroleum(strange) … so we choose in these hashtag one random and they made an impovision on that. i was really impressed by their performances because whatever the subject their ideas was good and they plays good too.

Otherwise we talk with the group about our Christmas in our countries and it was interesting to see that for everyone Christamas remains a family event where we eat too much. we talk about our christmas food specialities, and we see that we eat quite the same things, apart for the dessert which remains different for everyone.




Ice Hockey game

A couple of weeks ago the national ice hockey competition ended with Tampere in the finals. It was too bad because our city lost from Oulu and it has been like this for a couple of years in a row now.

After our last meeting we talked a bit about this topic and my partner suggested to watch a game of the World Championships in an authentic Finnish bar. So we went to a pub called Amadeus because they were showing the game between Finland and USA on big screen.

We arrived a bit earlier so we could order our beers and discuss the rules of ice hockey.

  • There are six players of each team. Five on the ice and one in the goal.
  • There are three periods of 20 minutes.
  • If a team commits a penalty, the game continues with one player less of that team for a couple of minutes.
  • It is allowed to touch the puck with your hands or skates on condition that it is for your own benefit.

The game started slowly, but it was obvious that the team from USA led the game. They made the first two goals in the first period. In the second period Finland made one goal. When USA scored their third goal, Finland was losing hope. They changed tactics and even the goalkeeper played on ice for a while. At the end we lost the game with 5-1.


We are Family~!


Okay so tonight me and my German partner decided so go to a pub to discus some German, not sure where but it had a great atmosphere!

Anyway, so Tom had a couple of questions that had been on his mind, such as tenses of words such as “drove” and “drive” and also “drink” and “drank” so I tried my best to explain however it proved to be very difficult because I just know it. It’s strange how we just accept it in English but don’t really ask “why is it not … instead?” But I guess it’s because I’ve been learning English for the past 20 years (and I’m still not great at it!)

Anyway, after discussing Tom’s questions I had one of my own. I know in the UK it’s common to call red head “gingers” but I didn’t know if any other countries had nicknames for red heads. Turns out in Germany they have rotkopf or rotschopf meaning redhead.

We discussed the German and English for family members and friends as well, some of which in German has a male and female version of the words. The list is below.

Mother- Mutter

Father- Vater

Brother- Bruder

Sister- Schwester

Cousin- Cousine (f)/ … (m)

Aunt- Tante

Uncle- Onkel

Nephew- Neffe

Niece- Nichte

Grandfather- Opa

Grandmother- Oma

We also discussed the word Friend- Freund (m) and Freundin (f)- however Tom described that a context would need to be given depending on where I would use these. Such as if I would mean a male friend or my partner/ boyfriend.

As always it was really interesting learning with Tom, I really enjoyed it. We’ll meet again tomorrow so expect more posts soon!


Second Meeting -> Leningrad Cowboys

After our first successful meeting, we decided to go to the movies (in korean ‘movies’: = 영화) the next time. Yooree suggested that we should go to see a Aki Kaurismäki movie. We noticed that the movie ‘Leningrad Cowboys’ is being shown in Niagara theater and both of the girls were interested to see a concert-footage movie so we decided to go see the movie.

After the movie we were all more or less dumbfounded because it was a rather random concert with all the spiky shoes and pompadours combined with some Russian veteran choir! After that we went to Passion to grab a beer (in Korean ‘beer’ = 맥주, “One bottle of beer please!” = 맥주 한 병주세요!)

For some reason, we started to discuss about the gay-culture in Korea and in Finland. I found out that in Korea, being openly gay is extremely rare. In such a big country there are only a handful of celebrities that are know to be gay. Male and female same-sex sexual activity is legal in South-Korea, but same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples are currently not entitled to the same legal protections available to heterosexuals and both of the girls hoped that the situation will change near in the future. After further reading about this at home, I also found a following passage about Homosexuality and the Korean army:

“Enlistees are drafted through the Military Manpower Administration (MMA; Korean: 병무청) which administers a “psychology test” at the time of enlistment that includes several questions regarding the enlistee’s sexual preferences. Homosexual military members in active duty are categorized as having a “personality disorder” or “behavioral disability” and can either be institutionalized or dishonorably discharged, although this was recently ruled illegal by a military court. The issue has been appealed to Korea’s constitutional court.

Dishonorable discharges for gay soldiers are a problem since South Korea does not allow for conscientious objection and a dishonorable discharge bears with it significant social pressure, as many South Korean companies will request a complete military service profile at the time of a job application. On military records, the applicants can appear as having been dishonorably discharged either due to their homosexuality or for being “mentally handicapped””

As an active gay-rights supporter, who has attended numerous demonstrations and protests etc., I think it’s sad that in such culturally rich and developed country, it’s still so backwards about LGBT-rights and equality.