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Prost! Meeting at OKTOBERFEST!

Jacqueline, Maria, Nedas and I discussed the possibility of preparing german food for one of our upcoming meetings, but before that a really important festival in Germany was coming to Tampere, OKTOBER FEST, and we just couldn’t miss it. We decided that our 5th meeting would take place at Pleuvna, the bar that organized this event.

We met at around 7 pm at  Plevna.  When I arrived I noticed that the place was packed. I made my way to our table where I got to speak and drink with people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As for our group, we all drank a jar of beer, I order a traditional German Pretzel and Maria and Jacky order some traditional german dishes (which were not exactly accurate according to Maria),  and we spend the rest of the evening chatting and having fun!

During our meeting we could hear some traditional Folk music played by a live band, I could see that this music brought everyone together, since every single person from a german speaking country was singing along to the lyrics of some of the tunes.

Jacqueline also gave me some insight into the garments that are used by women during Oktoberfest:

This dresses are called dirndl, the marital status of the women wearing it is indicated by the position of the ribbon.

On the right side it means that the woman is taken, on the left side it means single, in the middle it shows she’s a virgin, and on the back it means she is a widow.

Over all it was a fun evening. Now I can cross “Drinking beer with germans” from my bucket list.


Our EOTO group decided to go the Oktoberfest that was celebrated last 5th of October in Tampere.

Tomi, one of the German boys in our group, had suggested it because it’s a very famous beer festival that is held annualy in Bavaria, Germany, and it was also a good idea to immerse ourselves in some Bavarian culture, because it’s celebrated there since 1810.

There are many other cities across the world that also held Oktoberfest Celebrations that are modeled after the original Munich event, and Tampere had its own celebration last 5th of October.

Tomi explained us that in Bavaria, it’s usual for peole to drink between 4 and 5 liters of beer during this festival, because the party is spread throughout the day, and people usually drink the beers in one liter jars.

I tried one small beer that I had never seen before, that contained banana and honey, and it was quite good.

We also ate some German dishes that contained sausages, cheese, meat and pickles.

The pub was decorated with many Bavarian flags, and on the tables there were cookies decorated with the colors of the flag.

We spent the whole evening talking about some traditions in Malasya, Germany and Spain, and had a lot of fun with the Bavarian orchestra that was playing accordions and trumpets in the pub.

Even though some had some other mishap due to drinking too much… It was a very funny evening!


Seventh Meeting – Reviews and Beer

Reviews and Beer
time & place :
12th April, 19:00-22:00, plevna ravintola

It was a shame that we couldn’t meet about a month. We also traveld so many time, and I and Daye were so busy with our courses. Actually, it was time for me to prepare presentations, however I couldn’t do that because of demola project and exams. Thus, we decided to meet for dinner on a whim.

Reviews and Cheers!
Although we met for beers and dinner, we had to do something for each one teach one learning diary! Thus, we reviewed about our learns. Like I again recalled the funny dialogue, and a small city that Guillaume’s mother wants to live after retirement. Also, Guillaume and I talked a lot this time, we talked about politics of each country as we had to vote in Helsinki! France was about to vote, and Korean ex-president got impeachment and went to the jail 🙂 We had a huge victory!!  We talked about French election, and after the conversation he sent us a summary video of their candidates. I hope they could vote for the right person, not.. that woman!! I also said about our candidates but it was difficult as the words are quite jargons. Then he gave us something. His parents came here last week with madeleine and he gave it to us as a gift that I wanted! It was super delicious and we enjoyed it in the restaurant.We arranged our cooking meeting on this Sunday in my house, so it would be fun! I can’t wait.

Exam time! – Italian and German girls’diary pt.10

Here we are! After 3 months, this was our last meeting of “Each one teach one”. We met Monday 10th April in Mallashovi after dinner and after a beer we start our “ORAL EXAM”😱. We decided to do it in this way because write all the sentences in the correct way was too difficult also to remember, so we just check each other if we were able to remember how to pronunce the things that we learned during these 10 meetings. It was funny because my German pronunciation is not so good to hear and sometimes I made some mistakes but at the end I remembered more or less all the things that Anna thaugh us. We made questions about grammar, numbers, day and months, useful sentences, culture and uses  (also how to do pizza and all the typical festivities) and the thing that we better remembered was how to cook our typical dishes😅. Also Anna was very good because she learned very well what we thaugh her and I am very proud of her because Italian language is not so easy because of the grammar and all the exceptions, but she was able to learn a lot in so short time so I am very happy for her.

I will miss do our meetings because I really enjoyed them and everytime we did something different so it was also a good way to spend time having fun and learn new things. I will keep this experience in my mind forever because it was very useful and I am very happy to have met Anna. I hope to have been a good teacher for her because she has been with us, especially with me because Marta studied German in the highschool so she already knew something, but with me was harder because I have never studied it and I know that it hasn’t been easy. Thank you so much Anna and thank you for this wonderful experience!

Goodbye to everyone! Auf Wiedersehen!😘

EPISODE 3: Let’s go for a bit of “cerveceo”

There’s something that Spaniards like more than the sun, a beer under the sun. And this afternoon there was sun in Finland (YES THERE WAS SUN) and we felt a bit thirsty, so we had everything we needed to enjoy a cold, fresh, golden and foamy “cerveza”.

Of course this meeting was the perfect opportunity to compare two of the most famous beers in Spain, Estrella Damm and Mahou. At this point I had to gave to Pablo a piece of my heart, I had to give him one of my last cans of Mahou… anyways, he filled this empty place with one of his Estrella Damm.

Talking about this beers and what we use to do while we drink them, we realized that this two beers have one thing more in common apart from the color and the barley, this beers are the banners of two of the biggest cultures in Spain. Both are the definition of our cultures, and that’s what they transmitted really successfully via their ads.

You should have seen Pablo’s face while he was speaking about Estrella Damm. His eyes reflected all what he felt in Mataró with his friends, each song that they listened at the music fest while they were drinking a Estrella, each minute under the sun in the beach, each dinner in a terrace, each joke and each laugh he has shared with his friends, those that we were sharing that afternoon, and those that will come. Friends that’s the key piece.

This is Pablo thinking about Estrella Damm and his friends.

We can’t forget the Mahou! We don’t have beach and sea but we have thousands of bars, and this time I’m not overreacting, I swear that the Madrilian culture is the bar culture. And wherever you go in Madrid you should order a beer, but not any beer, a Mahou, as my father does and my grandfather did. Mahou represents this tiny things that should never change, like you mother’s “tortilla de patata” recipe, or the afterwork beer with you best friends.

Okay at this point I have to finish with my reflection, I’m crying out loud missing my friends and my mom’s tortilla.

Meeting #7: MIAMI – We are coming!

Today wasn´t the first party we were going together, since we all made very good friends in the time we have been to Finland so far, but it was the first time we did it with some kind of educational purpose. As usual we started with some pre drinking and playing some beerpong, before we head to Miami club.


So our educational aim today was it to talk a bit more about ordering different drinks and do little smalltalks… Maybe also to learn some simple pickup lines 😀 We had a really great time, laughed and also drank a lot.

For everyone who wants to know some more about famous Mexican drinks, here is a little list:

Tequila – the most famous liquor

Tequila Sunrise – 8 cl Tequila / 8 Ice cubes / 5 cl Grenadine syrup / some fresh citron juice / 20 cl Orange juice

Michelada – Beer mix with lime and tabasco, famous as hangover killer

Cervezas – Mexican beer, most famous ones are Corona, Sol and Dos Equis

Meeting #6: O´Zapft is! HANA ON AUKI! Grifo está abierto!

After some very excellent Mexican food the week before, it was now our turn to introduce Oscar to the magnificent german (mostly bavarian) world of meals!

We tried to explain him how important fairs like the Oktoberfest or Cannstatter Wasen, are for our social and cultural life, but also how much they influence our image in the world. So as we have pre-estimated stereotypes of Mexicans, they also have them for us. The most typical might be the one of Lederhosen wearing and Sauerkraut eating, too thick guys that have mostly no sense of humor. But I think we already busted that myth during the several meetings before… at least we hoped so 😀

DSC_0086 DSC_0087
So to experience our very own little Oktoberfest we were going to Plevna restaurant next to Fynlaison, ate some typical German meals and of course enjoyed some very good beer. This time we talked a lot about German culture and tradition, which was really nice since we all had something different from our own areas that we could talk about. I think it was also very interesting for Oscar to see how variable German culture is and I guess it also helped him to decide which places he really should visit during his (almost) planned trip to Germany.

Learning Dutch from Belgian guy

hollandflagIt’s been a while since we had our first meeting with Anna and Bryan. Anna is a fellow Finn and Bryan is an exchange master’s student from Belgium who was willing to teach us Dutch language. Not an easy one. belgiumflag

We met back in February or already in Jan, I’m not sure, but anyway we set up some goals (1st meeting) and interest and made some kind of a timetable at and obviously decided to meet for the first lecture. That session was held on 16th of February what was our 2nd meeting.

It was first Bryan’s turn to make some sense to Dutch language for me and Aeoto1nna. He had made these really cool sheets for teaching. We learned Dutch alphabets, how to greet people and of course, pronounciation which is not very easy for a Finn. At least to remember. And to me those hard consonants are quite hard to utter. But it definitely felt like I learned a lot even in that short period of time. In the end of the lesson Bryan told us some facts about Belgium:


* Belgium was founded in 1830
* There are three official languages: Dutch, German and French
* They’re known for chocolate, beer, waffles and French fries (And I’ve tasted all of them when visiting Brussels and they’re the best!)
* A few years ago Belgium had no government for 541 days!
* They have 2 kings and 2 queens


My friend and me having a waffle in Brussels back in the days. I recommend!




Unti next time!

Soccer night

There was a soccer game on the screen in the sportsbar Krouvi. We went to watch it and had a couple of beers as well. The match was Bayern München and AS Roma. And Germany won, sehr gut!

Soccer is a big thing in Germany but I haven’t really followed it. Last summer when I was in England for a week the World Cup was on. I was in a pub when Germany and Brazil played and there were some german tourists celebrating hard when they got into the final. The people there were so enthusiastic for soccer and the atmosphere was really good. And I was happy when finally Germany won the whole thing! Too bad Finland never plays in the World Cup, would be fun.

lataus gfgsg

So far I feel a bit more confident in speaking German than I was before the EOTO course. I checked the preliminary plan of ours and although we haven’t quite followed the order we have done many of those thing we had planned, like got to know some sports culture and local drinks. And we still have many meetings to go.

Bye for now

Hot wings at Hook!

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On wednesday both me and Yooree had quite a day because of we had a pitching event. Luckily it went well and both of us decided to celebrate it by calling up Shin Hyun and going out to eat. I suggested that  we should try something that Tampere is famous for and I know for a fact that Tampere has so many hot wing restaurants! Many of my friends claim Tampere to be the Finland’s capital for Hot wings! We decided to go to the restaurant ‘Hook’ near Koskikeskus. The style of the place was ‘Peter Pan’ themed and the girls found it rather funny.

In Korea, it is very popular to eat hot wings and chicken in general. usually they are deep fried as well! A popular way to eat it is with beer which becomes the famous Chicken-Beer combo caller “치맥”.

치킨chikin(chicken) + 맥주mekju(beer) = 치맥Chimek

Hot wing = 핫윙

Restaurant= 식당

Need= 필요하다

Receipt= 영수증

Order= 주문하다

Full= 배부르다

 I ate hot wings and drank beer with friends = 친구와 함께 핫윙 먹고 맥주를 마셨다.

Do I have something on my face? = 내 얼굴에 뭐 묻었어?