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Chinese meals experiencing (in theory :D)

Our next lesson with Ethan happened on Thursday, previous week when we spent some time in a classroom. Before this lesson we spent some time together besides E1T1 course, taking lunch, playing badminton, but to be honest- I surely missed regular lesson presenting by teacher Ethan :D.
Topic for Thurday was chinese regional cuisines. You might wonder why not national, but I was told, there is not united special meal for China in whole. There are 8 different cuisines based on number of regions. Each one distinguishes from another with ingredients and way of preparation, but some meals do have the exact same essence.
Ethan was speaking throughout the lesson about Chuan (Ethan´s hometown region) cuisine, Beijing cuisine and HongKong cuisine. At the end he showed national Malaysian dish (looked very poor in comparison to chinese ones) and distinguished them.
Chuan region is characterized by spicy flavour (in everything). People believe that´s because of cold and moisty weather, so they try to keep “the fire” inside thanks to meals. They have Hotpot- pot filled with boiling cow fat, water, peppers.. and people put there whatever they want.. different types of meats, vegetable etc. I really like this because it seems as a social event.. hanging with friends, family, chatting.. while meal is preparing, great! 🙂 Similar dish is in Beijing, only so less spicy than this. I would love to try it sometime in my life! then I was told about different grilled meals which you can buy on the streets for few cents.. I asked Ethan about rumour, if chinese people really eat almost whatever animal, and he said yes (dogs, snakes, frogs…)… it was pretty funny but true 😀

Beijing is little less spicy than Ethan´s hometown. They also eat Hotpot a lot, and a speciality is duck meat and sugar coated haw apples. They used to sell it on the streets, but nowadays this kind of purchasing is seen less as air pollution increases.

When Ethan spoke about Malaysian cuisine I saw very poor meals, even with not so logic combination of ingredients and he nodded and agreed. In fact, Malaysian don´t care so much about eating :D. You can see their national meals on the pictures below.

I had great time, and I really liked it. I am a big fan of eating :D, so it was very useful for me to know what people eat in different part of the world. Actually, this was pretty much the best presentating lesson! Thanks! See ya.

Nasi Lemak Nasi Goreng