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Me and Jaimile met at the weekend, we have both been very busy especially with Jaimile travelling, to make up for it we spent a lot of time together the other day!

We first met to go have a look at the market joining onto sokos! Then we went to meet Jaimiles friends from university, it was so nice to meet them and we all went for lunch at the pizza buffet where we got a chance to go over some of the foods available and more that we could think of. We spoke a lot about cultures which I’m very interested in! Jaimile told me about all the folklores Brazil had and I told the ones about Scotland! We also had a look at Jaimiles blog and had a read through that.

Then we went for frozen yoghurt which was very good! It was really nice talking to her friends and getting to hear about their life’s and what not.

Then we went to prisma so Jaimile could get a hat, we went through the days of the week and months on the way and at prisma had a good look around talking about things and objects! Really enjoyed this meeting 🙂

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Hi, everybody :). Our group is not actually a group. There is just two of us, I and SĂĄvio who is from Brazil. Now I’m a bit late with my first post. We met first time last wednesday here at the school’s cafĂ©. It was really enjoyable. We had a good discussion about school systems in both country. One big differnce is in equality and also how much it affects what kind of  elementary school you are going to (public/ private).

At this time we didn’t handled Portuguese language. Our focus was in Finnish language. I taught to SĂĄvio some Finnish question words; mitĂ€, mikĂ€, missĂ€, milloin, mistĂ€, kuka, miten. And also some words about time; aamu, pĂ€ivĂ€, ilta, yö, viikonpĂ€ivĂ€t… I find it really enjoyable to teach altought this kind of situation is new to me. I get some flashback to my own Finnish lessons quite along time ago…

Next time (today afternoon) I think we are going to observation  tower of Pyynikki and café. At the weather like today, it will be really beautifull place and gives some kind of idea of Tampere center.

Now I’m really looking forward to learn some Portuguese.

So, until next time…

Bye 😀