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Be indecisive over two opinion in Korean


3rd meeting in the cafe Europa, 15 March 2015

me and Olha met in cafe Europa. the first thing I asked to Olha was how can say ‘can you speeak in english?’ in Suomi since I had some problem asking that expression before. and added with that she taught me some expression be able to use in shop . And I taught her about direction by simple dialogue language. I want to sum up some expression I taught and learned at the day.

Miten pääsen kirjasto.

도서관 가려면 어떻게 가요?

Milla bussilla pääsen Hermiaan.

어떤 버스 타야 헤르미아 가요?


Kuinka paljon se maksaa? : how much is it? 이거 얼마에요?

tämä on niin kallis : this is expensive 이거 엄청 비싸다.

tämä on halpa: this is cheap 이거 싸다.

and the main studyin point of that day was expressions for present hesitations between two opinion. it would be helpful to express her thinking and feeling precisely. (especially  doing shopping) and also it is good for studying negative and affirmative statement.

앞으로 쭉 가다가 오른쪽으로 꺾으시면 되요./ go straight and turn right.

*고민돼/ I’m hesitating.

살까 말까 고민돼. whether buy or not

먹을까 말까 고민돼. whether eat or not

갈까 말까 고민돼. whether go or not

맛 없는 건 아닌데 맛 있지도 않아. it’s not so tasty but not so bad.

귀엽게 생긴건 아닌데 잘 생겼어 not cut but handsome.

똑똑하지는 않은데 재밌어. not smart but funny.

잘못 했어 안 했어 are you did wrong or not?

*relationship/ ” 무슨 사이야? ”

사귀는 사이 we’re having relationship.

일하는 사이 for work

연인 사이 in love

깨진 사이 we were having relationship.


#7 – German music at Café Europa

At request of my students Kaisa and Maija, I turned our 7th session into a meeting that involves German music, to be more specific: German POPular music .(Including German lyrics of course :D)

To be honest, I am not a big fan of German music myself, not at all, but thanks to some German friends and mass media, I know that I definetely had to pick a song by Helene Fischer for this meeting 😀 She’s a famous and pretty good singer within the German “Schlager” genre.

I picked the song “Atemlos durch die Nacht” (means: breathless through the night) because it has been her most popular song and the most played Schlager song during Oktoberfest that year. We listened to her singing and read the lyrics that I printed out. It was a very cheesy and simple-minded song, so Kaisa and Maija could understand it very well with a few word translations by me. Of course lyrics use different words than spoken German to make it sound more artistic, beautiful etc. but with some simplifying, the content was pretty clear to them.

We found out that we don’t like these cheesy love songs that much haha XD Nevertheless, we talked about other German music which is mostly with English lyrics and about Finnish music and Finnish bands (or: How I didn’t know some of them were Finnish until I came here). This time, they showed me a new location: Café Europa 🙂 The interiors were fancy and cozy with furnitures fitting to the “Europe” theme a lot. I guess it was a little bit noisy in a lively and well-visited place like that and we had to wait a while until we could sit down but it was worth it! 😀 Definetely going to visit it again!


Finnish and cappuccinos

Time goes really fast and we have only few meetings left. This time we went to cafe europa like on our very first meeting. Since it was relatively early afternoon when we arrived, the place was half empty so we were able to get good seats next to the window to enjoy our cappuccinos.

It was my turn to teach Finnish again. As repetition we went through the weekdays and some other things from the past weeks. I decided to focus more on going over the same things then starting new subjects. Finnish is not easy and like in every language, repetition is the key to learning!

I think it nice that Erwan is making the effort to learn some Finnish, after all he’s not going to stay here for very long and let’s face it, Finnish is not exactly the most useful language to learn. Some one might argue that it’s always useful to know languages but in reality it’s very unlikely you’ll need Finnish anywhere outside Finland. Even in Finland you can survive fine with english.

Our last two meeting will have to wait for a while since we’ll both be travelling for the next weeks but we should still have enough time to have them before Erwan leaves Finland.

Double time!

I guess I’m going to have to cover two meetings in one post again, I’ve been so busy with my exams that I haven’t had the time to do this.

On 9th of November, we met in Cafe Europa. During this meeting we mostly talked about things like Christmas and Christmas foods. I learned that in Germany, there are some traditional foods for Christmas holidays, but not all German eat them each year. It depends on their families. Whereas in Finland, I think most people do eat the traditional foods every year. We also talked about some children’s programs and stories that we have in Finland and Germany, and about Gnomes that we have a lot of old beliefs about here in Finland. Sebastian also helped me to study how to form command sentences in a polite way in German.

My next meeting was just with Sebastian. We met on 21st of November and went to the main library, Metso. We had some discussions about historical things like World war II. I thought it was interesting to talk about history with someone else than a Finn. I have studied history quite a lot and it is a subject that I enjoy.

Sebastian also helped me with my homework which was about conjugating verbs in past tense. After this meeting I have a feeling that I’m starting to understand how the verbs in German language work.

Voisin ottaa capuccinon ?

Hello all !
New post on this blog to speak about my 8th meeting with Elina. We hadn’t a lot of time but we wanted a cosy place so with went to Café Europa, common but really cool place.


As usual we spoke about us, I told her how was my « Survival Weekend » in the middle of the woods and how I enjoyed it ! She told me that she went to her parent’s place and she really enjoyed her weekend as well. A good weekend is primordial to begin well the week !
We spoke about her favourite sport the Pole Dance, even if I knew this sport she taught me few things I didn’t know ! There are a lot of different metal bare, different diameter, different textures and different methods of attachment. She felt her progression in the last times so I was glad for her.

After this we went through Finnish stuff, I have to recognize that even after several meetings I don’t know a lot of Finnish words, it’s not because she is a bad teacher, it’s because I often, really often, teach French to her. I know that this will be useful for her and I really like to teach French. So yes I know few things but not a lot. This time so I was my turn to learn, we reviewed the numbers, a little bit the verb “to be” and the weekdays. We did few new things like how the open, close a door for example because I needed to know “Open” and “Close” because I’m always asking myself when the stores are open and I’m never able to read the Finnish on the front doors.
Then I learnt how to order a cappuccino or a beer (I will need this for sure !).

At the end I shown her a video on youtube about an amazing girl in an American TV Show “American Ninja Warrior”, she went through all the track easily, even better than a man !

We will meet each other only in two weeks because she is going to London on Thursday and then it will be me going to Lapland. We have planned to meet again at least twice and we should make something all together with Michèl and Tilda to remember our EOTO experience ! Surprise…

Meeting at Cafe Europa

We met at the Café Europa on Friday. It was really  nice and glad to meeat and t each other, after busy week with many assignments.

We ordered some sweet drinks and drank them! I ordered non-alchol blueberry cider. It’s only 3 euro. (Sangria bottle is 18 euro)  And after drink our own, we tasted sangria which is mixed with fruits and alchol. It was so sweet and great, even for light drinker like me.




While drinking, we talked a lot using English. Actually Fernando is really nice english teacher for Tuija and me.  When I had wrong grammar or pronunciation, he always corrected my errors.

Also we talked about Halloween, because it was Halloween!!!!   Fernando said USA people really enjoy Halloween! It’s really diffrent from Korean culture. Actually Korean including me don’t enjoy Halloween a lot.  But American can have blockparties, where the whole family is all together and have fun.  I think Finnish people enjoy more than Korean:D So, this  was my first time enjoying Halloween party.  After meeting, I went to miami halloween party and I saw so many people decorating themselves with scary things.

Anyway, this day was so nice day for me. And I am looking forward to next meetings.


First meeting in café Europa, enter in the void of Finnish language

For our first meeting with Elina, my future Finnish teacher we decided to go to Café Europa in the city center. It’s a cool place, really cosy, and warm that is the most important I think in Finland…

For this first meeting we started to speak about us, to present our-self because for this course it’s good to be close with your pair. We talked about our studies, where we are living and why did we choose to learn Finnish and French. This way I discovered that TAMK has lots of study field other than Business and engineering like computer’s science because it’s what Elina is studying.

My level in Finnish is actually close zero so I asked her to teach me during our meetings the really basics in Finnish and lots about the Finnish culture because I’m aware that is impossible to learn properly a language in ten or fifteen meetings. But counter me, her level is already good, she knows the basics and she is already able to talk in French a little bit and that is quite good because I hope we will be able to speak more and more fluently in French as one goes along our meetings.

Consequently we begin with the easier things like the Finnish alphabet for me with really different pronunciations than in French, after we made the numbers until ninety-nine and then the basics words like goodnight, good morning, thanks you, please etc.. The words are totally different than “latin languages” so I have nothing similar to compare, it’s just discover a totally new language. Nevertheless something really good is that for the number it’s always regular, it’s logic without any exceptions and this is really much easier ! She already prepared these words on a bloc-note so at the end I took the sheets to review it at home.For each part she told me in French the correspondents words and she was right !We talked a little about the Finnish education system and the University and we left. It was a good first meeting and I’m satisfied about my pair. We don’t already know what we will do the next meeting but we have few ideas.


Meeting # 1

Hi everyone!

Two days ago my Greek counterpart, Ioannis and I met for our first EOTO meeting at Café Europa. We have met before after the kick off at TAMK where we right away talked about what we want to learn and teach each other and how we are going do it. But for our first meeting we decided to hang out at a comfortable sofa at the café, which is a lovely and lively place to stay and to get to know other people.

We decided that we try to both, teach and learn each language at every meeting. So Ioannis started to teach me Greek. Due to the fact that some part of my family is of Greek ancestry I understand a bit Greek but cannot talk as much as I want to. Therefore, we started with the alphabet, which you probably know is totally different than the Romance one. I already knew some letters but it is still difficult for me to say the whole alphabet and to remember all the characters, especially in capital and small letters… We proceeded with some useful sentences and numbers as well as the days of the week and the months. Ioannis wrote everything down and explained it to me whereas I tried to speak out loud what he just taught me. It was really fun to practice it this way and the atmosphere in the café made everything easy-going.

However, after an hour or so my head almost exploded of so many new things that we decided to switch. I promised him that I am going to practice what we learned together, which I of course really want to. I guess learning something that you want is much easier than learning something that you have to.

So, it was my turn and Ioannis wanted to first of all practice his German speaking skills. I was really surprised how many words he knew and that his sentence building was quite good. We were talking almost an hour, asking us questions and gave answers and he tried to build every time new sentences and used words he just learned from me. His understanding was already really good and if we practice more often like that I am pretty sure that he will soon understand a simple German conversation and will be able to respond quickly to questions.

What I realized is that, because I am from Switzerland and we usually speak Swiss-German outside of the school, which is by the way quite different than German, I sometimes have to think what that word in German is or how I build that sentence now. However, I just have to get used to speak more German with him and that little problem will solve itself I guess.

So far, our first meeting went really good and it made lot of fun. I realized it because the two hours passed so quickly and there was no second where it was boring! I cannot figure out any problems that will arise during out meetings so far and I think that Ioannis is a really easy-going and interested person, which will make our meetings fascinating and lively.

Definitely looking for the next one! 🙂

Oh, and we totally forgot to take any picture… what a shame, but we will do some next time! 😉