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First meeting, second hand and cafe

Our first meeting started with second hand shop tour in Kyttälän Kirppis. We didn’t find anything that we could buy, but it was nice to look around. After that we went to Café Runo, to have some coffee and tea. I learned a lot of Korean alphabets, how to write it and also about pronunciation, now I just need to try to keep it in my mind! I also learned some words and sentences. For an example:

An nyeong ha se yo = Hello (polite way)
An nyeong = Hello (to your friend)
An nyeong he gae se yo = Bye (if somebody leaves and you stay)
An nyeong hi ga se yo = Bye (if you leave and somebody stays)
Jal jinetso? = How are you?
Jal jinetso. = I’m good.
Ani = No
Ne = Yes
에미나 = Emmiina
김 지 수 = Kim Ji Soo

My task was to try write Jisoo’s name in Korean alphabets, and I found all the right letters, but adjusted them in wrong order. This picture explains how to adjust letters in right way. Not that simple, right? 😀
2016-02-06 12.42.08 1

I taught some words, sentences and pronunciation of our alphabets to Jisoo. We had lot of fun and three hours went really fast, we stayed at the café till it was closed! On our way home we decided that on the next meeting, we are going to cook some Korean food, kimbap and kimchi! Can’t wait for that!