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EPISODE 8: Back to our childhood!

This time we met at my place, the plan was to order some pizzas, make some popcorns and stay all night long watching cartoons of our childhood. Irene and Rosalia came with us and we all had a lot of fun. Animated cartoons, fantastic stories, beautiful drawings are influencing our today work in terms of design and scripts that’s why we considered it a topic to include in our meetings. When we put together our childhood TV series, we realized that 3 of the most important were the same in Cataluña and in Madrid, but with a tiny big difference, his TV series were dubbed in Catalan.

Anyways, even if Doraemon, spoken in catalan or in French at this age what you wanted to see was just colors and funny cartoons but watching them that night we realized that this cartoons had a different meaning from a mature(?) point of view. Pablo showed me one of the most influential TV show in Catalan, it was such influential that nowadays nobody sings the happy birthday in Cataluña, they sing the theme song of this TV show!

Popcorns and pizzas apart, that night was full of laughs and memories. New perspectives appeared in our minds thanks to our maturity(?) and the discussions about the cartoons.

P.S.: Pablo can say whatever he wants, but Shin Chan opening is better in Spanish than in Catalan

Gummibears and cartoons – cultural meeting

We had a cultural session today and we studied it through cartoons and broadcast for kids from our own cultures.



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Somehow our discussions lead to Moomins, we decided to watch one episode called “Spring in the Moomin Valley” ( = Muumilaakson kevät). It was a good idea because we found some nice cultural content in it. It tells little something about our lives here. Moomin mamma seemed like a Finnish woman as a character, being all calm, unambiguous and rational when family is being a mess. Also Finnish people sort of wakes up in the spring time like Moomins after sleeping through the winter. Snufkin (Nuuskamuikkunen) comes in the spring playing his “huuliharppu” ( = harmonica?) like the early birds bringing the spring to Finland by singing their songs. I realized that Moomin stories are really nice still even as an adult.



Then we saw a episode of  German ” Die sendung mit der maus” and it was about how the fruit candy gummibears were made. We watched it in German and I was thrilled that I understood most of it! Also I was very impressed by the German that there is a broadcast like this for children (and adults.) I always like to know the origin of things and how they’re made. So it was very interesting and teaching. Also this “sendung” (= broadcast) seemed really German in a way, clear, it had a target and step by step it went clearly forward, really easy to follow, no extra fuzz about anything.


Last but not least we saw an episode of a Croatian cartoon, Professor Balthazar. Mediterranean very much! All the colors and the way it was drawn showed it’s origin. Story was flamboyant and artistic, resembles of  the history of Roman Empire maybe?! Cartoon was different from the Finnish and the German shows, lively and colorful!!