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9th meeting: Suomi100


For our 9th meeting we decided to go to see fireworks to the centrum in 6th of December and talk about the history of Finland whereas relevant to the theme of independence.


Before meeting Fruzsi and Boti I had to think what to tell and how, because I knew that I would need to talk about such events as getting independence from Soviet Union in 1917, ending up to a civil war in 1918, defending the independence first in Winter War in years 1939-1940 and then in Continuation War in years 1941-1944. However, I found this topic a rather political – as those times in Europe were rather confusing by all means – so, I started to feel a bit hesitant to talk about any of this not to say anything wrong or be one-sided. Luckily my friend wanted to share his experiences of his military service, so there was at least something  to teach.


 History was one of my favorite subjects in primary school. However, for me as a teacher the biggest learning outcome this time was probably realizing that even if I’m a Finn, I don’t remember the history of my own country. I remember events mentioned above roughly, but not in detail. I found myself thinking what happened, but especially why it happened and what would be a neutral way to talk about it.


Mexican traditions.

That meeting was dedicated to Mexican culture. It reminded me a lecture. Sheli was describing me a significant number of Mexican customs. She made me aware of the fact that Mexico is so rich in national traditions. After that session I am able to describe how Mexicans celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve. I know how important national ceremonies are for them. I am conscious how they celebrate wedding receptions and birthday parties. I think that a participation in one of a Mexican festival would be unforgettable experience. Even though it was only an oral description supported with some online movies, I could imagine being in Mexico and celebrating together with the people. That meeting was conducted in a way that we have not planned. I was not much active during a lesson. I was just listening to my tutor and trying to imagine the description she delivered.