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Online shopping

Our fifth meeting with Ruihai was all about shopping! What would be more perfect subject for a girl! We were comparing about Finnish and Chinese online shopping culture. I had read that the online commerce is a fast growing business in China. Ruihai told that it is true and showed me couple of websites from where people buy different products.

I think the biggest difference between Chinese and Finnish online shopping is that Chinese people buy lots of food online. This is not that common in Finland. Or at least none of the people I know have used Internet to order food.

While watching a Chinese online grocery store we started to talk about different foods and food products. That gave us a new topic for the sixth meeting! Let’s talk about food!

Link for Helsingin Sanomat article about Chinese e-commerce (only in Finnish): Chinese e-commerce

Language for young people

Our fourth meeting with Ruihai was 18.3.

The fourth meeting started as usual. Just basic How are you? and telling about what is going on in our lives. Ruihai taught me again some Chinese words. This time it was all about youngster language in China. I think this will be usefull if I’m planning to go to an exchange to China. All in all I’m going to be there then with young people so using ”their” language, I will fit in more easily.

By going this far, I have noticed that the course has been totally different from what I expected. But to my mind it has been even better than I thought. The teaching and learning comes naturally by discussing with eachother and the learning comes with it. There is no need for pushing one another to learn. Both are very keen on learning and our teamspirit is awesome!