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Clothes & Golden Unicorn

After a weeks break, we could arrange our schedules and meeted at Ratina Shopping Center. This time the agenda was to learn clothes, colours and accessories. We had prepared short papers for each other with most common clothes and colors in english-finnish and english-chinese.

I learned that colors forms describing word +sè. Like grey is “dirty color”, so it’s Huī sè. Same goes for many clothes, example pants and shirts. Duǎnkù (=shorts),  “Duǎn-“ is short and “-kù” at the end means pants, so short pants.

After a long visit in Kappahl, we were all so hungry that we went for lunch in Golden Unicorn (Li’s and Huang’s workplace). Food was so delicious! I really loved fried chicken and ice cream with fried banana.



Shopping mall and Chinese food!

The day before yesterday(20.10.2018) we went to Ratina shopping center and we learned colors and the names of different clothes.Jenny also printed the paper of the things we need to learn…love her very much~

After that was the time we need to have lunch,so we went to Golden Unicorn which was near to the Ratina. At that place,we enjoyed some traditional Chinese dishes and I thought all of us liked the food in this restaurant.Besides,Toni said he would come again because of the good food…maybe I will also come again and I love the food there.At that day,I was very full when I finished eating.What a delicious food!

Finally,Toni send Li and me chocolates as the gifts,so nice!!! Unfortunately,I had to go early because of the part-time job..or I  would stay with them longer.

Chinese food with friends

Our third meeting was at Li’s home near Lukonmäki.

Li, Cui, Huang and Sisi had made some traditional chinese food because of their friends 20th birthday! Me and my boyfriend were invited to join also and it was so much fun! I was suprised how birthday party starts: first you sing, then birthday girl/boy blows away candle and then do somekind of prayer.

It was my first time eating chinese food; there were sushi, põ, tomatoes with sugar, pumpkin…  I feared they would be very spicy but suprisingly they were not. I really liked pumpkin and põ.

We discussed some table manners and differences between China-Finland. In China, the oldest person/-s start the dining, then the younger ones (grandparents->parents->you->your younger siblings). It’s done so to show respect to your elders. Dinners are also very lively in China while in Finland, you eat in silence because Ruokarauha (food peace?).

We also discussed dinners in diffrent holidays, traditional foods, table wear’s in finnish and chinese. I love how observant they are: they make good points that made me laugh when I realized how anti-social and shy we finnish people are.

Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: teksti

Our Chinese friends made some very good questions I have to think through for our next meeting (like why finnish food is usually so salty, finnish small talk..)

It’s great to be back in the classroom again!


20th Nov 2014, today, Erik and I had our lesson back to the traditional venue – Tamk’s classroom. We utilized the class room at H0-27, and I believe that both of us had a nice time there. Before this lesson we’ve already met up quite a few times in some more casual settings, like café, canteen, badminton and so on. I could see that Erik was knee to be back in the classroom again!

Our topic today was Chinese regional cuisines. As the topic of food, I was quite excited and confident in teaching, as this is the major I have already been studying for 2 years. (My major is Culinary Arts) I have learnt different Asian cuisines back in my Uni, so talking about the major Chinese cuisines was at ease for me. There are in fact 8 different Chinese cuisines, and they are distinguished by their unique ‘using of ingredients’ and ‘methods of cooking’. However I felt introducing him all the 8 different Chinese cuisines was way too much for him to enjoy and absorb our lesson, so I decided to shortlist down 3 major Chinese cuisines, they are Chuan cuisine, Beijing cuisine, and Yue (HongKong) cuisine. One is my hometown, one is my current residence in China, and one is the place I have traveled to.  As a bonus in the end, I have also introduced him some specialties from Malaysia.

I have to admit that, it was quite a personal sort of proud out of my hometown’s food that I talked lengths on Chuan cuisine. But as a chili lover, I could tell that Eric was pretty much fascinated and surprised by the signature dish out of my hometown – hotpot! His eyes went sparking and saliva formed a waterfall, while we were looking at some videos about foreigners trying hotpot in Chongqing.


What I have delivered to him in this lesson were certainly:

  1. The differences btw hotpots in Chuan regions and Beijing.
  2. Chinese don’t eat bugs as much as southeastern Asians do, however we are the ultimate winner for eating animal inner organs and some other weird parts.
  3. The signature dish of Chongqing – Hotpot.
  4. The signature dish of Beijing – Beijing duck.
  5. The signature dish of HongKong – Dim Sum.
  6. The signature dish of Malaysia – Nasi Lemak.
  7. China as a country doesn’t really have a national dish, if there has to be some; I guess probably they must consist of the signature dishes out of each and every 8 regional cuisines.
  8. How some parts of China could eat food at the craziest spicy level, and how some parts couldn’t take it at all.
  9. Hotpot meal is a social meal.