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Our first meeting


My name is Maria and I am from Finland. I made my “Each one teach one” course with Kurumi (who is from Japan) and Eetu (who is from Finland). Our first meeting was in Lielahti’s Wayne’s Coffee because Kurumi and Eetu live in Tesoma and I live in Lentävänniemi.

We got to know each other better and I brought some Finnish sweets (Fazer’s chocolate and salty liquorice). Kurumi prefer chocolate but as she was brave she also tasted salty liquorice!

We also started to study (both Finnish and Japanese) and our first meeting lasted many hours. It was pretty challenging because Eetu was way better in Japanese than me. Anyway, we started from the basics because I knew only a few words in Japanese and Kurumi could only say “moi” in Finnish. We studied basic phrases and numbers.

We really enjoyed our first meeting!

With love,

Maria K


Fifth meeting

This meeting was on 15th of November but because I was on some trips and had quite a lot of stuff to school (and also because I was lazy) I’m writing this post now. On this meeting we talked about Christmas and than we looked at some Christmas items in Lidl. There were many products with Christmas motive. Some products were imported from Germany and they had labels written in German language.

I learned that Christmas is das Weihnachten, chocolate is die Schokolate (this word is  almost same in many languages so it was easy to guess what it means), gingerbread is der Lebkuchen and many other words.


Sweet, sweet chocolate!


This time, Melanie took me to a cafeteria in which I had never been before. I don’t even know the name but I do know that the hot chocolate there is simply amazing. The way they serve it is all new to me, sticking a hard piece of chocolate to the fork and letting it melt in the hot milk… Delicious.

Anyway, we spend our time chatting and practicing different tenses of Spanish verbs following some exercises she got from a training program. There isn’t really anything to highlight from this session, but as always it’s a pleasure spend some time with her!

Watashi no uchi ni koucha wo notte, hanashi wo shimashita.

On Sunday (nichiyoubi) we met at my place in Kissanmaa. I made some tea (koocha) and Yuki brought some japanese green tea chocolate. Oishikatta desu yo!

I had written a letter (tegami) in Japanese to Yuki about my autumn holiday trip (aki no tobi) to Lapland.  We read that through and correct mistakes (machigai). I think this was very effective way of learning.  I had writen stuff I wanted to say as well as I was able to without help. And then Yuki as a native speaker let  me know mistakes and better/more natural ways to say things. I decided to write more letters to Yuki about different topics including as much grammar as possible. 😀

My very short letter to Yuki
A copy of my very short letter to Yuki

I  and Marius had also collected few words and phrases that I wanted to be able to say in Japanese.

thunder = kaminari = ukkonen
to drown = oboreru = hukkua
handycraft = shugee = käsityö
biking = jitensha ni norukoto =pyöräillä
fire! = kajida! = tulipalo!
help! = tasukete! = apua!
thief! = hittakuri! = varas!
come at me! = kakatte koii! = käy päälle!


Next time then!/Jaa mata nee!