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8th Meeting: Independence Day


Our ninth meeting took place in the Keskustori. We walked through the people and wandered around the Christmas market. We talked about Christmas traditions in our countries.

The main reason for the meeting of course was the independence day’s festivities. We listened to the music and talked about my feelings and Daniel’s knowledge of Finland’s independence. Because Daniel had gone through the independence day vocabulary in his Finnish course we had the conversation in German. The event got a nice ending with the Finlandia hymn and amazing fireworks.


Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää Suomi! Happy Independence Day Finland!

10th meeting: Comparing Christmas markets


This was our last meeting and it took a place in Klubi where was hold a Design Market and in Tampere-talo where was hold a Christmas market sponsored by the local newspaper Aamulehti. The aim was to talk a little  about Finnish design, but also charity work as the market hold in Tampere-talo was a kind of a platform for different kind of common-good and non-profit organizations and hobby groups to talk about their agenda, but also to collect money to keep the activity going on.


We did talk about it how it is to be a designer or an artist in Finland and Hungary, how to make your living and if there is a possibility for grants. The way it works in both countries sounded quite a lot the same, even if it seemed that in Finland we have more small scale design brands – of which some are also known in Hungary, as I have learnt.

We did talk about form, shape and color of the design objects we saw, and we did agree that what we saw was not Finnish design, but kind of universal. Just something that is popular now and therefore produced.

I also learnt that in Finland we probably have more this kind of common-good organizations than in Hungary.


Thank you Fruzsi and Boti! Because of you this Each One Teach One -course was such a nice experience to me! I got this feeling that agreeing on what to do, scheduling the meetings, meeting, teaching & learning did work so well with you! And more importantly, with you learning was fun! It was a pleasure!



8th meeting: Christmas traditions


This time around we decided to go to see the opening of the Christmas market with Fruzsi and Boti in Keskustori and talk about our Christmas traditions.


We did not have any bigger plans for this meeting, just to meet up, walk around the market and see where the conversation would end up. Actually, meeting in the Christmas market was a good idea in a sense that we were able to see the things we were talking about in real and we also found new topics to talk about when seeing things.


However, ones again we realized that our cultures are rather similar to each other. There are no so many differences when it comes to the decorations, food or giving presents. It seems that those traditions are either Christian or European, and therefore common for us all.

The biggest differences we were able to name was that in Hungary it is not Santa Claus, who brings the presents on 24th of December, but baby Jesus. Even so, also kids in Hungary do believe to Santa Claus. He visits on 6th of December.

Another difference, though a very small one, is that in Hungary it is normal to hung candies to the Christmas tree whereas in Finland it is rather rare according to me.

#8 – Christmas market in Tampere and the German holiday calendar

Recently, Joulutori opened in Tampere and of course we didn’t want to miss it, so our location for the 8th meeting was determined easily 🙂

I went to Joulutori on the opening day with another exchange student (Sanne who also did EOTO :D) and found out that there were some German stalls with German-speaking people and food there, so I decided to introduce them to my students.

Lebkuchennnnn 😀

I started our conversations in German only while we walked around and chatted with the stall owners (in German of course haha), so Maija and Kaisa joined and purchased some goods while talking in German, it was very funny because they had to turn everything into German so suddenly, but they did well! 🙂 There were Lebkuchen, Marzipan, gebrannte Mandeln and Krapfen/Quarkbällchen at Joulutori – pretty normal food you can find on any German Christmas market, well done! 😀 I bought some Quarkbällchen (that’s how we call them in the state where I come from but they actually have many different names that German people call them) and treated Maija and Kaisa to try them and they liked it, I’m so glad 😀

After walking around a lot we decided to sit down in a wooden house, drink some Glögi and talk about the German holiday calendar and compare it to the Finnish holidays. We found out that our calendars are pretty much the same with all the Christian holidays. Exceptions like Independence Day or Thanksgiving exist of course but talking about our different cultures was very interesting and fun 🙂 I learn so much about Finland and Finnish culture despite having this set up as a one-way learning/teaching group only, I like EOTO a lot because of this 😀

See you next time!

Smoky cottage and German holidays

This time we met at the Christmas market. Our teacher had already met some of the sellers which had come from German. Theresa spoke German to a man who sold different kind of chocolate bars. I bought one and the man asked if I wanted to eat it now or later. If later he would put it to a paper bag.  He spoke German all the time and I was really happy that I understood the question and could answer right..Später, danke! 🙂

After walking around at the Christmas market we went to a little cottage where real fireplace inside were. We sat down and while drinking some glögi Theresa told us about German holidays. Those holidays were almost the same as we have. Father’s day wasn’t in November like in Finland and Juhannus (Festival at the end of June) was something which is not in German calendar.


Christmas market

Next stop was Christmas market in Tampere keskustori. There we compared different holidays season cultures and so on. After checking the market out, we headed to the tent where some glögi was offered and continued our discussions there.

This time the focus was mainly on the culture and not so much on German as a language.


Our Last EOTO Meeting


Our last meeting was on 19th of December and it took place at keskustori.  The weather was quite cold and it was raining there. Despite of raining we roamed at Christmas market in keskustori. The view was amazing there. We could feel  the coming of Christmas. We tasted chocolates while having a look at the places. We tried to talk both in Russian and Finnish. I asked Sveta words in Russian which came along there. There is a list of a few words,

шоколад = suklaa

сыр = juusto

ёлка = joulukuusi









After roaming a while at Christmas market, we decided to go and have a coffee in coffee shop. We were there for a while. Me and Joonas taught Svetlana how to apply for a job in Tampere.  Each One Teach One course was great. I met new people via that course. I am going to miss you guys.

Ps. Let’s stay in touch guys.

9th Meeting : Christmas market & Cafe

It is 9th meeting and we have only one more meeting in this semester!!! Time flows really fast!!

Tuija and I met in Tamk and We determined to go X-mas market in Keskustori.  It was quiet awful weather, but we still tried to do many things! Market was smaller than that I imagined, but saler was really kind and we ate some chocolate sample! There are a lot of things from Lapland and something is made from reindeer.

250547_1523567987893093_8420844227182323343_n 10849956_1523567981226427_9133284441932318348_n

Then we visited to ‘Siperia’ which has shopping places, restaurants, and theater. Actually we tried to find some nice cafe, but it was quiet difficult!! There is spy museum, but I don’t know what they exhibit.

Finally we found nice cafe located in opposite site to Anttila. Cafe’s name is Ståhlbergs café.  It was really nice and cheaper!  I ate cake set which is 3.9 euro including kahvi and  Cake and kahvi both are quiet nice and sweet~ If you have a chance to go there, just order anything!:D.


Nowadays, Christmas is coming. We said about our own X-mas culture. In Korea, we didn’t make any special food for X-mas.  It’s not big event and we have another two big events.


Anyway we have only one more meeting, and I will really miss Tuijaㅜㅜ

It’s raining… where’s the snow?

On 11th of December, we met in Keskustori and then headed to the Christmas market. The weather was not on our side, since it was raining and windy. We walked around in the market are for a bit, but no one felt like buying anything or spending much time there since the weather was so horrible. We did manage to find a booth that was selling traditional eastern German pastries. They were a bit like the Finnish munkki, except they used quark in the doe and they were flavored with lemon. I was listening to Sebastian talking with the seller in German and was positively surprised how much I could understand

So after all of us were nice and cold, we ended up going to Munkkikahvila, which is also located at Keskustori. There we had some hot drinks and simply talked about things. This was probably our last meeting with the (almost) full group, but I’m hoping I could continue the course with some Skype meetings later on.

We also took a picture of us, although one member of our group was missing.