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Pre-Christmas party


In December we had a little pre-Christmas party at my place. We taught Kurumi to bake finnish Christmas pastries. We put plum and apple jams to the pastries. That was the first time Kurumi made christmas pastries and I think she was very good at it!

A month before this meeting Kurumi taught us to make Japanese food. That means both of these meetings  were very similar to each other. Only difference was that a month before this meeting I was learning and now I was teaching. The most challenging thing in teaching was English and especially vocabulary. Luckily Eetu helped me if I didn’t know some words in English!

Of course we had gingerbreads and glogg, too!

When we were finished eating we started to study colors (both in Japanese and Finnish). Before this meeting only color I knew in Japanese was shiro (which means white). During this meeting I learnt eleven more!

With love,


X-mas delicacy pt 1

This sessions topic was a traditional Finnish Christmas delicacy, “Joulutorttu”. It is a pie made of puff pastry. In my childhood, with my grandma, we used to do the dough ourselves but that needs quite much time and energy.

When the Christmas is closing, there are frozen puff pastry sold in every shop and market. Easy way – my way 🙂

After rolling the dough, we cut the dough into squares and then we made little cuts from corner to center. In the middle of the square we put a spoonful of plum jam. Traditionally the plum jam is used but of course you can use other jams as well. If you want to play wild, you can fill the pie with marmalade or even chocolate.


Then we folded every other “triangle” to the center. Remember not to make tight folds, it makes the pie stay too flat. Keep it airy.

Traditionally the powder sugar is spread on the top of the pies but this time we didn’t have powder sugar.