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#10 – Last meeting and Pre-Christmas Party

We’re nearing Christmas, holidays and me leaving Finland.

For our last meeting I invited my students Kaisa and Maija to my own place for having a small Christmas party 🙂 I still have some German Christmas candies, cookies and cakes from my visiting friends so I let them try out these snacks.

As a special treat, I had Glühwein from Germany. It’s flavoured red wine and super typical for Christmas in Germany, they sell it in every store/supermarket during Christmas season and at every Christmas market. It has to be heaten up in a pot since you only drink it warm ;D

While sitting around in the living room of my apartment we were listening to German Christmas songs, read the lyrics, sang along and talked about the meanings. Christmas songs have a wonderfully cozy touch to them, so we had a very relaxing evening with some sweets, wine and good music.

Here you can listen to a nice mix of the most popular German Christmas songs 🙂

>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf_-e9EWPjI

As a little Christmas gift I baked some cookies for Maija and Kaisa like I did for all my exchange study friends, the whole load looked like this 😀

When I asked for feedback they said that all in all, they were able to refresh and expand their German language very well and in a very funny way, which makes me feel glad that I was able to help them out. EOTO was a really new but positive experience to me. I am glad that I chose this course, EOTO is about more than just learning or teaching languages, it’s something that made my stay abroad more valuable.

I even received Christmas presents from my students, thanks a lot, Maija and Kaisa for the chocolate, it was sooo good! ♥ It was very, very fun with you, I could do it again any time! To have all the meetings, to talk and laugh about the German and Finnish language and just to hang out, talk with you about life and universty and walk around in Tampere. It has been a pleasure! I wish you all the best, let’s keep in touch! 😀

With this entry I want to finish my EOTO blogs, hope you enjoyed it, kiitos for reading! Hope we see each other again sometime, somewhere! 🙂

~~~ Theresa ♥

#8 – Christmas market in Tampere and the German holiday calendar

Recently, Joulutori opened in Tampere and of course we didn’t want to miss it, so our location for the 8th meeting was determined easily 🙂

I went to Joulutori on the opening day with another exchange student (Sanne who also did EOTO :D) and found out that there were some German stalls with German-speaking people and food there, so I decided to introduce them to my students.

Lebkuchennnnn 😀

I started our conversations in German only while we walked around and chatted with the stall owners (in German of course haha), so Maija and Kaisa joined and purchased some goods while talking in German, it was very funny because they had to turn everything into German so suddenly, but they did well! 🙂 There were Lebkuchen, Marzipan, gebrannte Mandeln and Krapfen/Quarkbällchen at Joulutori – pretty normal food you can find on any German Christmas market, well done! 😀 I bought some Quarkbällchen (that’s how we call them in the state where I come from but they actually have many different names that German people call them) and treated Maija and Kaisa to try them and they liked it, I’m so glad 😀

After walking around a lot we decided to sit down in a wooden house, drink some Glögi and talk about the German holiday calendar and compare it to the Finnish holidays. We found out that our calendars are pretty much the same with all the Christian holidays. Exceptions like Independence Day or Thanksgiving exist of course but talking about our different cultures was very interesting and fun 🙂 I learn so much about Finland and Finnish culture despite having this set up as a one-way learning/teaching group only, I like EOTO a lot because of this 😀

See you next time!

Argentina-France christmas :)

So after vacations we met in Tamk and talk a lot a about Christmas traditions in France and in Argentina.

We talk about christmas food, decorations and things people do during holidays in our countries and it was very interesting. Is so different mostly because in Argentina is always summer for Christmas so for example we don’t really eat much food…is too hot!

Here u can find some things to do if ur lucky to be in Paris someday for Christmas 🙂


And here something about how we (Argentinians) celebrate Christmas

http://www.whychristmas.com/cultures/argentina.shtmlEl Magni 107 - Caliente Navidad


Anyways was a great meeting like always 😉

Pre-Christmas Party

We had very nice Pre-Christmas party at Ida’s place. Ida had made some typical Finnish Christmas snacks. We had gingerbread with blue cheese and persimmon, they were so good! And then we had some Glögi and sweets.

We also discussed about typical Christmas foods in Finland and in Latin America. We also discussed about the Christmas habits that we have. In Finland and in Brazil it is common to spend the Christmas with your family, and the celebration starts already at the Christmas eve. This year however Maristella is going to spend the Christmas in Spain with her friends. Me and Ida are going to spend it with our families.


We also listened Spanish Christmas songs “villancicos” which are very popular in Spain. I really enjoy listening and learning about new cultures and habits of different countries. We also thought where Maristella should go for a visit here in Tampere, because it is soon time for her to go. We recommended to go Pyynikki’s tower and Moomin museum.

Christmas traditions and goodbyes

The last meeting was a week before Christmas. So we decided to listen to German Christmas songs, eat Christmas cookies and candies and drink some gluhwein. After listen to few Christmas songs we noticed that quite many were translated to Finnish too. We were listening songs from YouTube so there were music videos with the subtitles. We could easily follow the lyrics. There were a quite lot of words in the songs which no-one uses in real conversations. Theresa told us that it is because the songs are so old or the used forms fits better to the songs.

While eating cookies we talked about Christmas traditions. Some were just the same but there were some totally different. Christmas socks and leaving cookies or a shoe outside were traditions we do not have in Finland or at least not in our family. Weichnachtsmann is Santa Claus but the story behind it was a bit different than our Joulupukki :).

It was time to say goodbye and thank you. I really enjoyed studying German. We had a great teacher, a nice group and interesting lessons. I am happy that I took this course.

24th of December

I invited Yuki to spend Christmas at my parents place so she could experience the (one type of)Finnish Christmas.

On the morning we went to a religious ceremony, sang hymns and listened  the declaration of Christmas peace from radio. After the ceremony we ate some delicious rice porridge! Words Yuki learned: seimi = a manger, riisipuuro = rice porridge, Jumala = God (kami), tähti = a star (hoshi).

Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration

Later we traditionally visited a grave yard and lightened two candles next my relatives graves. The view over the yard was beautiful because of hundreds of candles. Because of wind the weather (-10 degrees) felt bit chilly. 😀

Candles for those, who are buried far away
Candles for those, who have been buried far away

After our freezing trip over dead people we enjoyed lovely Christmas meal including turkey = kalkkuna (shichimenchou), spiced herrings = maustettuja silakoita, Christmas salad = rosolli and carrot/potato/sweet turnip casserole = porkkana/peruna/lanttulaatikko. During our meal Santa Clause = joulupukki had somehow visited us without being noticed and brought presents = lahjoja for all of us!



We spent an autumn afternoon in Pyynikki tower and café. We had both visited there already before but not together. It was a bit cloudy and windy weather but the view was really nice anyway. And there was a tourist group at the same time which made it a bit crowded.  I think this place is really nice to visit because the doughnuts are great!



It was time to brush up my German vocabulary:

Observation tower = Aussichtisturm
Doughnut = Donut
Glögi = Glühwein

I’ve learned that they also have Glögi in Germany, which was a bit surprising to me because I thought people don’t really have it anywhere else than in Finland and Sweden. Last year I was in Australia on Christmas and nobody had ever heard of Glögi and I missed my Christmas drinks! Good to know I wouldn’t have the same problem in Germany;)


Fifth meeting

This meeting was on 15th of November but because I was on some trips and had quite a lot of stuff to school (and also because I was lazy) I’m writing this post now. On this meeting we talked about Christmas and than we looked at some Christmas items in Lidl. There were many products with Christmas motive. Some products were imported from Germany and they had labels written in German language.

I learned that Christmas is das Weihnachten, chocolate is die Schokolate (this word is  almost same in many languages so it was easy to guess what it means), gingerbread is der Lebkuchen and many other words.



Turns out that I had a box with mix for chocolate flavour cupcakes, icing included! Although is was a special product for Halloween, we didn’t care at all and made it look Christmas style 😀


It’s noteworthy the icing wasn’t as good as expected, well, everything possible expected for a bubble gum flavour! But still it was fun baking up with Melanie. Of course we talked about several things, but the interesting matter here were the cupcakes 😀



Christmas shopping

I met with Sebastian in the city centre on 4th. We mostly talked about some christmas traditions of our countries. Sebastian also wated to learn some of the phrases we use in Finland during holidays, like for example “Hyvää Joulua”.

We also discussed about the Finnish tonttu’s again. Sebasyian seems fairly interested in the lore, I think I need to find some info about them in english. Here’s a picture of a tonttu (elf) that is from Tonttukirja.


We didn’t really do any proper language studies during this meeting, it was more about just doing some christmas shopping and learning about each others cultures.