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Tampere Festival–Fireworks!!

We went to the city center to enjoy the fireworks on Friday(26.10.2018) and That was the first time I saw too many persons in Tampere…I was so shocked.

Unfortunately,I was late for the show.There were some singers sang the songs before the fireworks but I didn’t have the chance to enjoy the songs.It also took me a long time to find my friends in the crowded. I had to say the fireworks were so beautiful!This also the first time I saw fireworks in Finland….an unforgettable memory!


It also took us a lot time to find Jenny and her friends in the crowded .After the fireworks,we hang around the city to have a sightseeing of interesting lights which were near the place of fireworks.We also went to the building of Finlayson and a cinema…I really want to watch a movie in it and eat the popcorn,but maybe the ticket is a little expensive.

We also arranged the next time we meet, see my friends next Wednesday:)