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Seventh Meeting – Help! I have a Finnish test!

We met at TAMK library this time. I have Finnish test and I need to study so Janica and Getuar will help me 🙂

We talked about colours and adjetives. Most of the words were not new for me but I needed to learn it by heart

This meeting was pretty fun, because we sat in a computer to write all the words and we “played a game”. The game was that Getuar wrote a color in English and I had to say it in Finnish and Janica had to say it in Spanish, so it was kind of a Memory Game. I didn’t remember most of them but Janica has a very good memory and said almost all the colours by heart! It was a very fun way to review our knowledge!

We did a similar thing with the adjectives to describe things. Here are some of the adjectives we talked about:
Finnish, Spanish, English:

Uusi, nuevo, new.
Vanha, viejo, old.
Nuori, joven, Young.
Iso, grande, big.
Pieni, chico/pequeño, small.
Pitkä, alto, tall.
Lyhyt, corto/pequeño, short.
Kallis, caro, expensive.
Halpa, barato, cheap.
Kuuma, caliente, hot.
Kylmä, frío, cold.
Kaunis, linda/hermosa/bonita, beautiful.
Komea, lindo/hermoso/bonito, handsome.
Onnellinen, feliz, happy.
Surullinen, triste, sad.
Hyvä, bueno/bien, good.
Paha/Huono, malo, bad.

Thank you Janica and Getuar for yor help! We also had a very fun time!


Playing billiards at Mallashovi

For the second meeting, on the 18th of September, we met in a bar called Mallashovi.

We had drinks and played two games at the pool. While playing, we thought that it might be a good idea to take advantage of the colors and numbers of the balls to learn the colors and numbers in German, Mandarin and Spanish, so every time it was our turn we had to say the color and number of the ball that we hoped to put into the hole.

We weren’t very good at playing, but anyway we had lots of fun!

After playing, we sat at a table and wrote on a sheet of paper all the words we had learned in all three languages, ​​so that we would not be forget them.

It was a fun meeting!


Studying in Cafe Europa

Our fourth meeting was studying and drinking ice tea in Cafe Europa.
I learned for example good sentences to order in cafe or restaurant.

Can I have ice tea. – Ice tea ju se yo.

I will choose burger and ice tea. – Burger lang ice tea hal ge yo.

Thank you. – Go ma wo yo./Gam sa hab ni da.

I’m sorry. – Jei so hab ni da.

Colour – Sak
Red-Bbal gang
Orange-Ju hawang
Yellow-No lang
Green-Cho lok
Blue-Pa lang
Navy blue-Nam sak
Purple-Bo la

More Dutch basics!


Fourth meeting took again place at Y-campus. Bryan thought me more basic Dutch like numbers, colours, some verbs and personal pronouns. He had again made nice learning sheets for me. 🙂

We also talked about Belgian towns and cities, which ones I should visit when going to Amsterdam for exchange and of course travelling while in there. Seems like everything is right next to each other. So I will deffo visit those recommended places. I also told Bryan that I’m a big fan of films and rock music too, so he gave me few names to listen to as well as some films that he thought are good to watch.


I’ve had a go with the recommended music and I quite like this band called Gorki. I don’t really understand anything yet, obviously but at least my ears get used to Dutch language. 🙂

And here’s also nice video from them with subtitles:

Meeting #3

Our third meeting we had at awesome TAMKO office drinking cacao with Hyun Ssong.
This time we decided to practice colours in Korean and also how to ask: “What colour is this?”, “What colour is that” etc.


So to make it easy to post here, I just made a picture with the colours I’ve learned.


Each colour name ends with syllable 색”saek” which means colour. It was easy to learn some of them, as I could make an association with some of the words from other languages I speak. For example, yellow color is “no-ran-saek” in transcription and I remembered it fast, as there is a Finnish name Nora, so it sounded to me like Nora’s colour in Finnish 🙂 Dark blue “nam-saek” I also remembered very fast, as my favourite Korean singer’s surname is also 남 (Nam TaeHyun from band WINNER).
Sometimes it was very funny, as me and Ssong had different opinions on the colours. When he asked me: “Whats colour is this?” and showed some object I told him for example that it is pink, though he thought it is purple, the same was with blue and dark blue colours as well 🙂

On our second part of meeting, which was our English class, Ssong again practised Past Simple tense. As an average exchange student, he usually travels a lot and this time he just came back from Lapland. So he told me some stories about his trip there. While he spoke English, I corrected him and also we discovered that he has problems with prepositions “in”, “on” and “at”. So we decided that next time we have a grammar lesson I will teach him in which cases we should use those prepositions. He said it is very good for him to practise English with me, as he knows that I correct his mistakes and everytime he learns something new, he writes down everything to remember.



Frutas y verduras (fruit & vegetables)

A lesson in Lidl ? Why not ? Let’s study fruit and vegetables. Both of us love eating them and they seem to be indispensable in Mexican cuisine. While learning their names and choosing the most common ones, we did grocery shopping 🙂 There is no doubt, after this unusual class, I learnt the names of popular fruit and vegetables. Sheli taught me also their shapes and colours. We were also talking about the way they are served in Mexico and popular dishes which are rich in vegetables. I have never before studied vocabulary in a supermarket. This method seems to be practical, because you may choose which words you want to absorb. You select them according to your preferences. Thanks to Sheli, I learnt the names of the fruit and vegetables that I like and buy a lot. I created the list of those words which I want to memorise. It is easier to revise.

Division Week ( 6th & 7th Meeting)

We meet again on the 17th of November in the TAMK’s library. I was busy with my exams. I didnt keep a blog, so, I am keeping the blog today. Sveta taught me and Joonas some adjectives. She also taught us the colours. There is a list of the colours below.

белый = valkoinen

красный = punainen

чёрный = musta

жёлтый = keltainen

зелёный = vihreä

We discussed about food. Me and Joonas taught Sveta “ruoka” words. We talked about fish and fruits. Sveta wanted to learn numbers, so me and Joonas taught her numbers. It seemed to be hard to pronounce , especially long number like “tuhatsataviisikymmentä”. She really tried it.






We also meet on Friday 28th.

We decided to discuss about grammers. Sveta taught me  Russian vowels and how to read them because in different cases such letters as “е,ё,я,ю” are  read and pronounced in different way in the words. Me and Joonas taught Sveta Finnish language’ ” sijapäätteet”. It seemed to be hard for her.  The endings of the word is also quite hard in Russian. There is a gender devision. It seemed to be hard for me. Well, I try to remember some endings for the next meeting.

Hallo, Servus, Guten tag

We had a meeting in Hesburger having Finnish hamburgers and learning German.

I asked Markus to write down all the sentences that just came up to my mind. My goal is to learn some small talk and this is probably the best way for me to learn. Just seeing the sentences and hearing how they sound like usually works. I’m studying German at school so I don’t want to focus on grammar or conjugating verbs too much since that’s what I’m doing on the lessons anyway.

After this meeting I would be able to talk about some weekend plans, school things and work. I also know how to praise a friend for a nice dress or shoes! I could also have a little conversation about cars and Pferdestärken (=horsepower) 🙂

Next time we will focus on the Finnish language.

Was ist deine lieblings Farbe?


Bis bald.

First meeting English/Spanish

My friend Jaimile and I met at Sokos to have a coffee and start on our lessons. I learned basic introductions for example what my name is, how are you, in order to help the learning, Jaimile taught me the alphabet in Spanish, I was surprised how like French some of it is, so was quite easy to pick up from my basic knowledge of French from school, same with numbers as I learned up to 20 in Spanish. I also learned colours, Jaimile gave me some good websites to look at as well.

When learning the numbers, alphabet and colours I found it easier to hear it then write it as I heard it then got the correct spelling to help me remember how the Spanish say some of their letters. It was also interesting because the way I was writing them was mostly the way the Portuguese would spell their words.


I had a good time and really learned a lot from the first lesson 🙂