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4th meeting – construction

On meeting at 5th of November, our teacher Michel told us something about construction. He also told us story how his father build their house. And how his father injured during building their house. But unfortunately there were quite many words I can’t understand. At least one word was almost same in Czech. It was digger – in German der Bagger – in Czech bagr. We were behind TAMKO where was street in construction so Michel could show us everything.

These are vocabularies I learned:

  • Das Dach – Roof
  • Der Bagger – Digger
  • Der Zaun – fence
  • Die Leiter – ladder
  • Der Stein – stone



Construction and office

We had a meeting at Solu where my tutor Michel quizzed me about my upcoming German exam. I had some materials with me and we began. I was asked words in Finnish and I did my best to reply in German.  After this we had a little chat about office materials and then he took us outside for a walk and explained construction vocabulary and told a little story in German about that. Happy to see I’m understanding more and more each time =)

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

p.s I remembered all those words in my quiz so thanks!