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9th Meeting: FIN-GER Pre-Christmas-Dinner-Party

Yesterday we continued our language learning journey at Hanna’s place. Hanna made a “finntastic” ham-cheese-pie for us which we enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere while there were soft Christmas songs played and us having a good conversation about what has happened over the last week. It’s really nice because meeting on Monday and therefore, starting the week with our EOTO get-together has almost became a tradition over the last couple of weeks.

Bildergebnis für Finland christmas time tampere

Now, that it’s nearly December and the semester is ending soon we decided to give it a go and see how far we have come. Every one of us gave the others in their target language an overview of oneself. It’s great to see that we all managed to learn good pronunciation and some basic language skills as well. I’m really sad, that our time in Tampere is almost over and so is this course. It’s been a good decision to join the course, even if I was a little late. 😀 I met three wonderful people and learned a lot about the Finnish language and about Finland on the way. I will surely continue learning and hopefully coming back to Finland in the future. If I return it’s hopefully not just for holidays but maybe for a lifetime.

Hyvää ruokahalua! Bon appetite!



Our second meeting was on 22nd of October at my place where me and Jocelyn made some traditional Finnish food. We made macaroni casserole ’makaroonilaatikko’ for dinner and blueberry pie ’mustikkapiirakka’ for dessert. It was actually the first time that I made macaroni casserole but it turned out to be very easy to make. There aren’t many spices in traditional Finnish foods except for salt and pepper and those were also the only spices in macaroni casserole.


Makaronilaatikko                   Macaroni casserole

Ainekset                                          Ingredients

5 dl makaronia                            5 dl macaroni

1 sipuli                                            1 onion

1 rkl rypsiöljyä                             1 tbsp rapeseed oil

400 g jauhelihaa                         400 g minced meat

2 kananmunaa                            2 eggs

5 dl maitoa                                    5 dl milk

½ tl suolaa                                     ½ tsp salt

¼ tl mustapippuria                     ¼ tsp black pepper


  1. Keitä makaronit. / Cook the macaroni.
  2. Kuori ja pilko sipuli. / Peel and cut the onion.
  3. Kuullota sipulit öljyssä. / Fry the onions in oil.
  4. Paista jauheliha. / Fry the minced meat.
  5. Lisää sipuli jauhelihan joukkoon. / Add the onions into the minced meat.
  6. Sekoita se makaronien kanssa. / Mix it with macaronis.
  7. Vatkaa kananmunat. / Scramble the eggs.
  8. Lisää mausteet ja maito kananmunan joukkoon. / Add spices and milk into the eggs.
  9. Kaada munamaito vuokaan. / Pour th eggmilk into the pan.
  10. Paista 175°C noin tunti. / Cook at 175°C for about one hour.



Mustikkapiirakka                     Blueberry pie

Taikina                                              Dough

150 g voita                                    150 g butter

1,5 dl sokeria                               1,5 dl sugar

1 kananmuna                              1 egg

3 dl jauhoja                                  3 dl flour

1 tl vanilliinisokeria                    1 tsp vanillin sugar

1 tl leivinjauhetta                       1 tl baking powder

400 g mustikoita                         400 g blueberries

Murutaikina                                 Short pastry

50 g voita                                      50 g butter

½ dl sokeria                                  ½ dl sugar

1 dl jauhoja                                  1 dl flour


  1. Sekoita sokeri ja pehmennyt voi. / Mix sugar and softened butter.
  2. Lisää muut aineet ja sekoita tasaiseksi. / Add rest on the ingredients and mix evenly.
  3. Levitä taikina vuokaan. / Spread the dough into the pan.
  4. Kaada mustikat vuokaan tasaisesti. / Pour the blueberries evenly into the pan.
  5. Valmista murutaikina ja levitä se mustikoiden päälle. / Mix together the ingredients of the short pastry and spread it on the blueberries.
  6. Paista 200°C noin 30 minuuttia. / Cook at 200°C for about 30 minutes.
  7. Tarjoile vaniljajäätelön kanssa. / Serve with vanilla ice cream.



Macaroni casserole and blueberry pie both turned out like they should have and tasted good. Blueberry pie is one of my favourite desserts and it was really nice to share the recipe with Jocelyn. 😊

Cooking a Malaysian typical dish

Last Monday, we met at Loy’s apartment to try the Malaysian typical dish with the ingredients we bought in the last meeting.

When we arrived to his apartment, he had already started cooking, and at finally it was him who cooked everything.

These are the dishes he cooked:

  • 酿豆腐 (yong tau foo) = Meat with aubergine.
  • 炒菜心 (chao cai xin) =  Stir fried vegetable.
  • 米粉汤 (mi fen tang) = Noodles soup with meat.
  • He also made a chili and soy sauce to attach to the dishes.

To drink, we had a Spanish and a Chilean wine.

Loy  spent a great deal of time cooking the dishes; he studies Hospitality Management, so everything that he cooked was delicious.

While we were eating the food, we talked about the differences between Malaysian, Spanish and German table manners.

We could know that in Malaysian culture it’s not impolite to drink the soup from bowl, something that would be badly seen in the Spanish and German cultures.

Loy also told us that in Malaysia, as in Spain and Germany, it’s impolite making noise when sipping the soup.

It was a funny meeting (it’s always fun meeting with friends, especially if it’s to eat delicious dishes). Looking forward to try new dishes!

Cooking a Chinese dish!!

After a very exciting shopping tour to get the ingredients, we met at Loys place to cook the Chinese dish. When we arrived, Loy had prepared a lot of stuff already and we could start with the cooking right away (or he started cooking, we took care of the wine 😉 ). It was interesting to watch him cooking because he did many things different than I would do. I don’t remember the name of the dish, but it was something Loy usually cooks at home for dinner with his family. There was noodle soup with meat 米粉汤( mi  fen tang ), egg-plant filled with minced meat 酿豆腐 (Yong Tau foo), choy sum vegetables 炒菜心(chao cai xin) and a chili-soy-sauce for dipping. It was delicious!

Of course we also talked about differences in table manners. One example: in Chinese culture it is allowed to drink the soup from the plate / bowl, since they usually don’t use spoons, here it wouldn’t be polite.

Eighth Meeting – Cooking Class!!

Cooking Class
time & place :
16th April, 12:00-15:30, My home

We planned to cook, and we decided to meet soon as we couldn’t see much each other, also after this time. End of April, and beginning of May was super busy with so many assignments and exams! This was the last meeting before May, however, we decorated our fantastic April very well!

Korean Food & Guillaume Style Curry
  We gathered in my house, luckily none of my roommates were in my house, thus we enjoyed the empty free house. Korean girls cooked stir-fried rice cakes and he cooked curry with coconut milk for us. During cooking and eating, we Koreans talked about Korean food a lot, and he again taught us about French politics 🙂 I like this topic, so it was really interesting for me.
The curry was so good even I don’t like neither curry nor coconut! And he also enjoyed the stir-fried rice cakes but they were a bit spicy for him so he had to drink a lot of water. We talked about the new champion in league of legends, talked about our writings and future meetings. After eating, I washed dishes, and he went to my bed and found out that my bed was super warm! He asked me why and I answered it’s because of the electrical heating mat! He said he was shocked because he never considered that, I think he would buy it someday haha. This day was funny and enjoyable day and we will meet next time for my last lecture after the busy week.

Meeting #6: Mexican Tacos

So yesterday (April 16th) Marie and I met at my place to cook some tacos!

It was an easy recipe what i tried to teach Marie, because in Tampere we do not have all we need to make proper tacos. I actually was attonished by finding some real tortillas in Sokos.

We cooked some meat with choped onion in a pan.


Meanwhile we made some “GUACAMOLE”. Guacamole is made in very different ways in Mexico, but i went for the easiest recipe. We choped avocados, tomatoes and onions. Then we mixed everything.  We also cutted a chilli in small slices -but we left it aside in case it was to spicy for Marie, good news… IT WAS NOT!!


Then everything was ready. I warmed a couple of tortillas , but them in the dishes, and then served some meat on top. Then, i told Marie that what we commonly do in Mexico is eat tacos with our bare hands, we add some guacamole and if we have, sauce, and then we  take the tortilla by the sides and bite!!


Truth be told, it is a little bit hard at first to get the trick on how to eat tacos. The first time someone tries to, normally spills all the content of the taco in the plate. By her second taco Marie was doing a lot better and she even put some chilli slice in it!!!!



Salchichon de chocolate

Topic for our 9th meeting was cooking.
We didn’t want to be so boring anymore, so we decided to make some dessert together.
Here you can get a recipe for a delicious spanish dessert:
Recipe = receta
Incredients = ingredientes
Cocoa = cocoa
Butter = manteca
Cookie = galleta
Sugar = azucar
Egg = huevo
Freezer = refrigerator
Spoon = cuchara
Fork = tenedor
Knive = cuchillo
Bowl = bol
Plate = plato
See you next time 🙂

Tea and Apfelstrudel for us! – Italian and German girls’diary pt.8

Tuesday 4th April, Me and Marta went to Anna’s place to cook the typical Viennese sweet (but very common also in Germany) “Apfelstrudel”. I was very happy because is one of my favourite sweets and I use to eat it everytime that I travel to Germany, Austria or Trentino (an Italian region in the north of Italy where is common find typical food from Germany or Austria because they are very close).  Anna was very nice because she gave to us the original receipe so I will try to do it also at home for my mum because it’s also her favourite sweet. We started reading all the ingredients and try to pronounce them also in german:

  Strudel dough: 250g plain flour, 2g salt, 50g eggs, 100g lukewarm water, 20g oil.   Buttered breadcrumbs: 100g breadcrumbs, 50g butter.                                                                      Cinnamon sugar: 140g fine crystal sugar, 10g cinnamon.                                                 Filling: 150g breadcrumbs, 150g cinnamon sugar, 170g raisins, 10g lemon juice, 1kg peeled-cored-sliced apples, one shot of rum.

Me and Marta took care of cut the apple and fill our delicious strudel and Anna made the dough and closed the strudel after that we filled it because is a little bit difficult and like for Pizza, you should know how to do it to make it good! I really enjoyed do the strudel because I like cook, especially sweets, with my friends because is a good moment to share our traditions and show our cooking skills.  While we were waiting that the strudel got ready, we talked about our experience here in Tampere and we are all happy about it because is an amazing city full of things to do like go to the forest tu run or just for a walk, skate or ski on the frozen lake, do shopping in the main street, practice cross-country skiing (so difficult for me because I use to practice  down-hill skiing), meet with your friends for a coffee or a tea and a sweet, go to the disco for parties and a lot of other things.

When the strudel started to become golden-brown, we removed it from the oven and put it to rest a little bit before to eat it. Meanwhile Anna prepared a tea to drink with our delicious and tasty strudel. I really liked it also because we did it with our own hands. I will certainly try to reproduce it in my home country! Thank you Anna for your precious advices and for giving us the original receipe, I will keep it with me for all my life.

Keep in touch, see you! Ciao ciao 🙂


Italian dinner – Italian and German girls´diary pt.7

Hello to everyone!

Saturday evening Anna, Marta and me met in Lapinkaari (mine and Marta´s place) to make the most typical Italian dish……. PIZZA! First of all we bought all the ingredients: flour, yeast, water, salt, oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, oregano and sausages (obviously you can put what you want in your pizza, it depends from your taste); after we mixed them and we left the dough rest to rise for one hour and a half. When it was more or less the double of before, we started to give a shape to our pizza flattening it and we put all the ingredients on the top started from the tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausages, oregano, oil and salt; after we put it into the oven for more or less 30/40 minutes and finally we ate it! It was not perfect because it should rise a little bit more, but Anna liked it so this is the important thing for me.

Make pizza is not so difficult but is not also so easy because you have to know how to mix ingredients, how to flatten it and also how much ingredients put on the top, but I think that the most important thing is the love that you put doing it. For Italian people, pizza is like a religion and when you are going to make it, your mind has to be free from you problems and you have to concentrate only in doing your pizza, just in this way it will be good.

I think that Anna enjoyed a lot make pizza with us and we tried to teach her in the best way possible. Next time she will teach us how to make a typical German food, I am looking forward to do it!

See you soon 🙂
20170401_20554620170401_205555 (1)IMG-20170403-WA0006

Olen lettukokki! ~ Crêpes, s’il vous plaît!

Today is the official crêpe day! Crêpe is a thin pancake type food, which can be eaten savory or sweet, just like a Finnish ‘lettu’. To celebrate this great day, Morgane and Getuar came over to my place to bake crêpes together! Morgane brought a surprise ingredient: goat’s cheese!

Morgane had a recipe ready, and there we listed the ingredients in French, English and Finnish, so everyone could learn something new! Also, we could revise the numbers when reading how many grams of everything we needed for the mix. “Soixsante grams de sucre! – Sixty grams of sugar – Kuusikymmentä grammaa sokeria!” We didn’t really have a scale so we just estimated the amounts with flour and sugar but still the crêpes turned out delicious! We added some chocolate spread on top of it, it was so very delicious. I ate so many my tummy hurt! Morgane also made a crêpe with goat’s cheese, honey, and almonds, I have never tasted something like that, it was quite interesting.IMG-20170202-WA0020

Making crêpes was very fun, the flipping part was scary at first, I was afraid that I would throw the whole damn crêpe to the sink by accident. But everything went better than expected and I succeeded on my first try! I had a great teacher, after all ;)!

To make the evening even more French, welistened to some French music, and I tried to listen to and recognize some words that I would understand, I remembered things like: une fleur – a flower, chercher – to look for, travailler – to work… It was fun and develops your language ear!