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Meeting #7: Talking about typical French Food

So yesterday, Sunday 23th of April Marie and I gather for our 7th meeting.

We decided -since we both liked each others´ typical foods- to learn a little bit more about the Mexican and French food, respectively.

This is what i learned about french people and their food tastes: for the French people, the food is very important. It’s a moment when we are with your family or your friends, when we share our life with the others and they enjoy to eat. They usually start with a starter, after with the main course, after that we are forced to have cheese, because it’s a tradition in France, and at the end a good desert. Obviously, they also have a glass of wine with them every diner.

Marie talked about the typical dishes they eat all around the year:

  1. The first one is the most amazing one and it’s almost the same than the dish we cooked on our session #6. It’s LA TARTIFLETTE. It’s just potatoes, bacon, onions and a loooooot of cheese! This plate came from Savoie who is actually the region in France when you are going to practicing ski.
  2. The second one is LE COQ AU VIN. It’s very simple: a cock marinated in wine with onions, carrots and mushroom.
  3. After, they have LE POT AU FEU. You have to take some vegetables and a little piece of meat. You put everything in a big pot with a lot of water and cook it little by little.
  4. This is the most famous one in Bretagne, a region in the North-East. It’s LA CREPE.
  5. They also have LE CASSOULET. This is actually white beans, duck confit and sausage. It came from the South of France.
  6. The last one is maybe the most traditional plate from France: LE BOEUF BOURGUIGNON. You just have to cook beef inside Bourgogne’s wine. Give some vegetables and potatoes with it and that’s it.

Maybe i´ll try to cook some of this dishes when i get back home in Mexico… They sure sound delicious!!!!

Halloween is coming..

Hello everyone !


I hope your Erasmus time is going great! I finally had my first meeting with my French buddy Ugo for Each One teach one course!

After visiting many countries such as Sweden, Norway, Estonia etc… I finally returned to Tampere!


I chose to do my each one teach one with Ugo because we know each other since the day we arrived. The fact that I already have French knowledge has been a real starting point in our discussion. But I really want to improve my skills and Ugo seems to be the right person!


Today we went buying our Halloween costume for Tuesday party and we really enjoyed that moment. We tried many costume and Ugo selected a Batman costume he’s childhood hero.

Ugo taught me words I forgot such as colours, and parts of the body and clothes translation:


Tête = Head

Chapeau = Hat

Pull = Sweatshirt

T-shirt = T-shirt

Ceinture = Belt

Pantalon = Pants

Chaussures = Shoes


Beside of it I was able to speak again using the different verbs I remembered:

Avoir and Être (To have, to be) and use it in different situation.


Avoir                                          Être

J’ai                                              Je suis

Tu as                                           Tu es

Il a                                              Il est

Nous avons                                 Nous sommes

Vous avez                                   Vous êtes

Ils ont                                         Ils sont

This a picture Ugo took about me wearing my future Halloween costume: I will be a Mexican guy and my mustache will look awesome!


After buying our costumes we went to McDonalds to get a coffee and talk about where exactly we were from and about our childhood.

Ugo was raised in a city 100km south of Paris and moved at the age of 10 to a city called Bordeaux in the south west of France. I already knew where it was because I lived in south of France for 4 months, in Montpellier, which is south too but on the east part of France.


We are looking forward to know more about each other but I already feel confortable again with French. Ugo mentioned me that we were gonna watch some French comedies and listen to some famous French bands and artists and I am very excited about it.