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Kauppahalli the Finnish covered market

For this new meeting we were three, Elina, Tilda and me. As the weather was not so good we decided to stay inside and we chose the Kauppahalli covered market. I really wanted to see this market so I was happy to go there even more because I was with finnish people who were able to explain me many things and comment what we saw.

Covered Market 3

We walked few minutes aroud the market, lot’s of interesting things, lot of food also. I was surprised to see a shop with lot’s of french words on his sign like : poisson (fish), café (coffee)…

We finally decided to sit down in a café to talk about our holiday, I told them about my trip in Russia all in french. I told them about Corsica also, a little island between Italy and France just in front of Nice (my city). I tried to speak as much is possible in French. I need sometimes to explain few words but generally they understand without any problems !

While we were talking Elina and me were eating traditional Finnish food, the karjalanpiirkka (Karelian pie). I confess that I need to copy-paste this name because it’s impossible for me to remember it.. However it was really good and Elina said me that with a litle bit of butter on the top it’s even better so I will try later for sure !

Covered Market 2

Finally we went through “Le passé compose”, a French tense. It’s not really hard but like all the French stuff you have a lot of exceptions (If it was too easy it would be not funny). Tilda was already ok with this tense and Elina got quickly how it works. We finished on this, when I went out it was really dark, rainy..

Finland yes I chose Finland … =)