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#8 Making Tteokbboki and curry

[8] 16.4 Sun, 12:00-15:30 Making Tteokbboki and curry


We went to Jieun’s home for lunch. Jieun had gotten a parcel from her boyfriend and she wanted to share one of it for us, especially for Guillaume to experience Korean foods. Tteokbboki is a simple cuisine which uses ricecake and Gochujang(Korean red pepper sauce). And Hyunsoo and me took noodle, eggs and cheese to make it better. Guillaume cooked French curry in his way putting some coconut milk in it. Both of them were awesome and I was nearly crying to have them. We tried Mammi there, too. I got some piece of Mammi from my other friends and wanted Guillaume, Hyunsoo and Jieun to taste it for Easter. We ate it with milk but we thought we needed some other ingredient to feel it in real Finnish way. After that, we had a bus in 40 min to leave and took some rest. Hyunsoo, Jieun and me chatted for a while and Guillaume not being there for some time just appeared and said that he had fell asleep because Jieun’s bed was nicely warm to do that due to her electric blanket. We laughed to see him look so excited with it.

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5th double EOTO meeting at Ada’s place

After school on 10.11, we gathered at Ada’s place to share some Japanese culture. While we were waiting for other members, Ada and I were playing/studying Japanese learning purposed Nintendo game. Ada remembers Kanji very well although she was so generous.

We spoke sometime  in Finnish as well. We cooked Japanese curry together with Nao. When the food is ready Toni arrived to Ada’s place. We were talking about how Japanese people are interested in Finnish culture and  I gave some tips for visiting Japan.

This was not for learning language but for sharing culture thus it was good for fun I thought. Maybe next time I would like to study Finnish more. Time flies! We have only 5 times left 😮

Num num curry...
Num num curry…
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.

Cooking Japanese Food

On the 10th and last EOTO meeting with Yuki we cooked Japanese food at her place. The first plan was to cook Japanese rice curry but we also made some (instant :D) soup and drank Japanese ginger chai tea. Itadakimasu!

Curry rice was delicious!
Curry rice was delicious!

riisi = rice = gohan
curry = curry = karee
peruna = potato = jagaimo
porkkana = carrot = ninjin
sipuli = onion = tamanegi

Instant but tasty and handy (got six of these as a gift) :3
Instant (soup) but tasty and handy (got six of these as a gift) :3
Cute tea package! Need to find Lupicia shop in Japan. :D
Cute tea package! Need to find Lupicia shop in Japan. 😀

After our feast I helped Yuki to translate old Finnish exam.

The exam with some trick questions
The exam with some trick questions

I enjoyed our EOTO time with both Yuki and Marius. I learned much more Japanese and were able to teach some Finnish also. Our preliminary plan was quite pretentious so was not a surprise that we did not achieve all our goals. 😀 The best part of this course was to meet new awesome people!