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Ratina’s Shopping center: dinner and hot chocolate

For our fourth meeting we went for a dinner to a restaurant in Ratina’s shopping center called Tratto. There we ate dinner, Junhyeok had pasta, Gayeon had risotto and I had a pizza. I also ordered some bread for us all, that was some kind of oily bread. Gayeon had cold, so I was worried about her slightly.

The restaurant was nice and had minimalistic feeling. We talked a bit about some cultural rules around eating, and there is not so much difference between Finnish and Korean manners around dinner, for example can your elbows be on the table (it does not matter in both cultures). In Finland it is usual to pay while on the table, but in Korea I heard they pay privately.

After eating we went to a different place, not far away from the restaurant, to drink some coffee (or I had hot chocolate) and to study. That was a good idea. I had prepared some words around food and restaurant. This time I remembered to take a copy of the material that I was teaching to myself also! Gayeon and Junhyeok are starting to pronounce Finnish words quite well already, and I was proud of them. This time I emphasized the letter “L” and how short it is in a word.

In my teaching I like to make sure that all the words are pronounced to the letter, because it is rather important in Finnish language, because the meaning of the word can change fairly quickly. I tried to prepare a bit less material to teach to Junhyeok and Gayeon than the last times, so that it would be less tiring and there would be less new words to learn. Also I would not be so tired to learn some Korean afterwards. I may need to be more careful on how I explain words or parts of the words, so that I will not confuse with my teaching.

Junhyeok took the lead in teaching me this time. I had not had time to practice Korean since I had exam that Friday, and I had exams also yesterday and today. It was good that he had prepared some revision, so I had good time learning, even though I did not remember much Korean that day for some reason.

Junhyeok taught me well, and I also copied words in Korean from Gayeons translations. It was fun even though I probably pronounced Korean very interestingly.  Writing Korean is a bit like drawing, and the letters are written in blocks. In the picture above you can see how to combine Korean letters! I think I will not be able to write Korean fluently easily.

At the end of our meeting I gave Gayeon and Junhyeok reflectors, because it is going to get dark and everybody in Finland have reflectors (or should have them) during winter. For our next meeting I will try to memorize the Korean letters and also how to pronounce them, and I am looking forwards seeing Gayeon and Junhyeok after two weeks.


Bavarian dinner at TAMK

Last Thursday, our EOTO group met at TAMK catering studio because there was a Bavarian Party.

Two members of our group, Tomi and Ivan, live in Bavaria, Germany, so it was a good opportunity to learn more about the culture of that region.

When I arrived, there were only German speakers in the room. They were from 3 different countries: Austria, Germany and Switzerland (one of them, Kasimir, another member of the group).

The room was decorated with ornaments with the flag of Bavaria. In the walls, there were posters of the food and drinkings menu.

While we waited for the food and the drinks, I talked with Kasimir about the typical costume of the place where he lives in Switzerland, and he showed me pictures of both man and woman costumes. In most of the pictures people had cows behind them. Kasimir explained me it was because people dress with them in the villages when the summer begins and the cows are lowered from the mountains to the villages and a party is celebrated.

He also told me about Heidi, a children’s anime and book of a child called Heidi, that lives in the Swiss Alps near the border with Austria. It was written by the Swiss writer Johanna Spyri. I told him that I knew her, because she is also famous in Spain, and I’ve read the book when I was a child.

After that, the food arrived. The main plate was an Austrian typical dish, called “Schnitzel with potato salad” (a very thin, breaded and pan fried cutlet made from veal, accompained with a potato salad). In Spain, we call that filet “escalope”.

We had beers to drink, and roasted almonds as an appetizer.

FOOD MENU (German- Spanish- English)

  • Schnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat – Escalope con ensalada de patatas – Schnitzel with potato salad
  • Wurstsalat mit Brezel- Ensalada de salchichas con pretzel – Sausage salad with pretzel
  • Butterbrezel- Pretzel con mantequilla – Buttered pretzel
  • Geröstete Mandeln- Almendras tostadas -Roasted almonds

DRINKINGS MENU (German- Spanish- English)

  • Apfelsaft “Shorle” – Zumo de manzana “Schorle” – Apple juice “Schorle”
  • Spezi, Cola, Orangensoda – Spezi, Cola, soda de naranja – Spezi, coke, orange soda
  • Radlebier – Cerveza Radler – Radle beer.

It was a funny and interesting meeting!

Japanese dinner

Last time we went to Asian restaurant, Izakaya Nomu to have dinner. We had some sushi, okonomiyaki, sashimi, and of course Korean soju! It was really fun to relax, eat and talk together. We learned basic things you say when you have dinner with someone, like “enjoy your meal”, and “cheers”! It was surprising, that in Korea it’s common thing to say, “I will enjoy my meal, thanks” rather than wishing it to other people.

I think next time we are going to meet is in wappufest! Unfortunately I need to work during the EOTO spring party on Wednesday so I can’t take part to that..

Last meeting in Bar Burrito

My time in Finland is nearly over. For our last meeting Mari and I met in Bar Burrito in Tampere. Not the most typical Finnish or German meal, but pretty delicious. Be careful with the hot sauce, as “hot” really means pretty spicy!

I enjoyed my time with the EOTO program a lot and found a Finnish friend. I learnt a lot about the Finnish culture through this and also some helpful words and information.

Dinner together

Today we had a meeting at my place in Hervanta. I wanted to cook some Finnish food, but it was hard to decide what to do. Eventually I made salad, pork meat in food cream and flavored potatoes. Good and easy to make! We made a list of some words according to the dinner, and translated them to Finnish and Korean. After dinner we drank coffee, from Moomin mugs of course 😉


plate – zob-si
fork – pok
knife – cal
drinking glass – cap
Moomin mug – Moomin mug cap
potato – gam-za
pork – doe-zi gogi
salad – salad
cucumber – oi
tomato – tomato
onion – jang – pa
mineral water – tansan-su
coffee – coffee
milk – uju

We talked about table manners and behavior with younger and elder. In Korean, normally the older person starts the dinner. After when she/he has taken the food, younger person can continue. They also appreciate the elders and think highly of them. Or sometimes the elder just expect younger to appreciate them and then they might be a little snobby. In a bus it’s also the same, elder needs to get into the bus first and if they don’t, they get pissed off. Of course it’s understandable, but sometimes the way of doing that is just wrong. Anyway, we should appreciate the elders more, cause people don’t always remember how to act.

I’m really interested in doing an exchange studies and we discussed about that. How is it like to study in foreign language and studying in TAMK, what is the difference with Korean and Finnish studies etc. It’s nice to hear experiences from someone who is doing the exchange right know.

Meeting was great and now I have showed to Hui how I live =) It’s way different to meet at someone’s home than at school. Still a lot of places what would be nice to visit together. We’ll see where the next meeting is going to be 🙂